An All-Powerful Connection

ascension33For the most part we humans don’t recognize our energetic effect on our environment and, therefore, we tend not to take responsibility for it. We can see the effect that littering has on an area, so we’ve stopped tossing our trash around. But our judgments, our silent criticisms, our unkind thoughts create just such trash in the energy worlds. If we could see its effect, we would likely stop immediately – yet even if the transfer is unconscious, it is received by the person we project it onto. It is at such a level that we truly should “do no harm.” (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I’ve been having trouble sitting in my meditation dream, but finally what I’m realizing that I’m able to do is, I can’t hold this kind of vibration in the heart without there being a type of doingness to it. But if I allow the sound to be there and the vibration to the heart behind that, then I go somewhere. But if I conceptually go and try to work with the vibration to the heart and then the sound is secondary, I can’t go anywhere. You know, there’s too much cognition in all of that, that keeps one from going into a greater space.

So anyway, I eventually have this meditation dream, in that the mental mannerisms, in which a person throws away direct, inner connections, extends to all of essence. If you throw something away, or you let go of something, you’re affecting everything else in the outer. It’s not just giving the thing that you might think that you’re affecting.

In the dream, I am in an area where humanity is present. I’m not alone. There’s others around. There just being however people be, like the collective. But I carry the title of grand champion for an outer practice, or an outer experience. And I’m trying to bring that expression into the present.

The matters that I am called to address, or whatever the issue, or whatever it is, that I’m called to address, is announced. They’re bringing this through and I have to make this a type of competition against the woman who has her way in terms of the way it’s currently occurring, in other words, amongst the people. And I’m bringing something more as a champion of an understanding of something.

And so, to do this, I have to slow something down, or make it simple enough, so that instead of it being as it appears in the way everyone is doing things, that they see that something else is going on. And that what I am doing as the grand champion of something, which means that I have reached a certain acuity with something, is part of keeping things at a maintenance level.

What is possible is apparent from each event. For example, a person who doesn’t know how to access the inner depth is called to come forward against me. So we step onto a podium. The match doesn’t last but a few seconds. I easily jar the person off the stand.

This is like a vibrational thing. They come to the podium and the podium is up in the air and it’s narrow. And you can move, and shake, or act vibrationally in a way, but they have to be solid in what they have to communicate or they’ll fall off the podium.

And I can easily do that. I can make that happen. I am able to do this, though I have no formal training in terms of how to do this. And this is seen on a DVD that I have of the event. The other person looks like they don’t have the foggiest idea.

And my friend appears to be a person who is fairly grounded and conscious. This person is oriented to the interconnectivity connection that goes to the essence. Even other players are aware of this as an energetic effect. In other words, one could see that it’s not necessarily the appearances.

And the meaning is, is that we all carry an all-powerful connection that is able to affect all of creation. The effect is so natural that we tend to ignore recognizing the power. We need to take responsibility for this. That is what this dream is showing.

The dream has me realizing that I am not as innocent or naïve as I appear. I didn’t get the memo, because my attention is askew from where it needs to be in order to consciously touch life. I held a note and when I went up onto a podium, by holding the note, it destabilized something that was still wafting and hadn’t come together.

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Working Out the Details

AwakeningImage1888When we awaken it’s not all at once – it’s a gradual process. At each stage we need to incorporate what has been opened up in us. That requires us to see where we have resistance and then work on releasing that. It could show up as anxiety, stress, or even anger, in our waking life, which is one reason why the guidance of dreams can ease what we process during the day. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I seemed to mostly have one long, involved dream. And in this dream, it’s like I’m in a schoolhouse, but several stories tall. And when I go up in the schoolhouse and get up in the top story, although there’s still a slanted roof there, it’s divided from the room across from it. So there’s like six feet or so of just air space there.

It’s like there’s been something going on where I’ve gotten up there. I’ve been looking at the scenario and what I’m trying to do now is for the school kids that have come up, I’m trying to get them down from there, or out from there, because of this split in the roof.

And about the time that I’m figuring out ways to try to get them down, I realize there may be some curtains that are hooked at the top of some windows and if I use the sashes on the curtains to swing across and then drop, that if I could land on the other roof, that might be a way down. But then I realize there’s someone who’s in opposition to this that’s standing on the other roof.

So, I’m trying to figure out all my options. And then this one teacher does manage to come up and communicate to me that she has a classroom in the building on the other roof. And, if I can get some people to her class room, that there’s a way down from where we are.

Now, I could swing across in this, but I see that the person who’s in opposition on the other side is starting to call on their side to start come swarming up, and they would try to overpower us, or block us, or maybe even throw us off the roof.

John: So, what you dreamt is a schoolhouse is something that’s catalytic again, in which there’s a process that’s happening that’s educating or awakening you. And that you’ve become more aware of what is taking place when you start to awaken up.

You start to realize that there’s the gaps or the airspace between things. And then you go ahead and, instead of describing it as a type of airspace, you describe it as a curtain, which is like a veil. And then you point out that you then have to figure out how to come down.

And so then it becomes the process of how do you play with the veil in order to come down. How do you go across from inner into outer, or from one side to the other. You’ve discovered something that you didn’t know existed when you went to the upper floors of the schoolhouse, and then you realized that you had a curtain that you could work with, that you could swing back and forth with, but at the same time then you had to go across a gap or something.

And then all of a sudden you complicated it some more, with there being opposition, or other things that were going on, or greater confusion that was happening, so it wasn’t as succinctly visible. And you could have taken this into wondering, okay, how do you get your students down? And maybe you could down and maybe you figured out that means, but then again how do you connect it and bring it across and communicate it so it’s even and equal, so that everybody gets it?

So you’re dreaming in an awakening process; that doesn’t mean that everything around you is awakened. And you’re realizing that you’re being forced or compelled to confront the veils of things. And I could have had a similar dream, except I might have been more irritated by it all because it shouldn’t have to be like that, where you have to somehow or another, figure out how to untangle or untwang it.

You look like your source of the irritation was that you were starting to bring in forces from the other side that were opposition now or something, as opposed to starting to see it as a flow that went up and then comes down.

In terms of coming down, you are going to have some issues about that. That’s where you were starting to go off. You’re going to have issues about coming down, even though the coming down was a matter of swinging back and forth with the veils.

Jeane: The only other thing that continued to go on from there, like you said, that one of the issues that then came up is that there may be some little students that I had to try to figure out how to get down, now that the teacher had pointed out to me there was a way.

Once I could get over to the other side, if I could get them over to the other side, and get them to our classroom, then we could figure out what the way down was, but some of them are pretty little.

So, I found some cardboard cutout scenes, like you know, when you go to the movie theater you see those big cutouts of scenes from the movies, but these were maybe like fairytale scenes. And like a book, you’d read out of in the classroom, except they’re big. And if I put that against the wall I figured that, for a short period of time, I could hide some of the younger students behind them until we could get them.

But right now, mostly what I’m trying to do is try to figure out how do we get either some on the way down or get some help up to us, before the opposition kind of would figure out where we were and start to overpower us.

John: So what you added, at some point, you apparently even understood the dream, because in understanding the dream, as you were dreaming it, you did something to earmark it for future memory. And, you may not realize this, when you were hiding students behind cutouts you were creating a symbolic aspect. Kind of like putting something in suspense, so that it could be brought forward later.

A dream brings one information reflectively. Well, you had this dream, you understood what this dream was; you realized that it was an unfoldment. It was an awakening – it had an experience aspect built into it. In order to not lose that, you created a symbolism within the symbolism of the dream: the cutouts for the kids to hide around. So that as time progresses and as things unfold, and as there’s still some sorting out that needs to happen, when it’s all said and done, they could be brought down then.

I thought that was cute. I’ve never seen you do something like that. Understanding a dream and then you put in a symbolism within the dream itself, as an earmarker to help you follow the experientiality of what the dream is all about. Wow! Knowing that there’s some nits and grits that might still have to yet be worked out. That’s interesting!

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Magnifying the Possibility

energy2This dream scenario brings up the significance of people of like beliefs gathering together. Like any group dynamic, more people create more energy – for good or for ill. But when done in the name of higher purpose, supportive energies can then join the group. If we think about the difference between the light of one candle or many candles, we can understand how a stronger signal makes it easier for the universe to find us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in this dream, a person asks to use a phone because their phone has some problem. I do not want to start this as a bad habit. I could allow this to happen. I can tell that what they already did caused the problem. I can see that they caused the problem by a certain mannerism that they had adopted.

In other words, they were leaning and it was almost like when they tried to call out, and they were in more of a weakened mannerism, so they put in the numbers in caps instead of in low print or something, which would have been fine. So, I helped them make the call with their phone. That way they learn, and this keeps them functioning or taking responsibility for their process and not being dependent upon me.

It also keeps me free and clear, because when there is a dependency that comes up, that takes away from the flow or the natural unfoldment of each of us. Now there’s a reason why this sort of thing is handed out or whatever so that it becomes part of each person in their consciousness, as opposed to everything being dependent upon a dependency, in which something is weakened as a consequence of that. Because we are complete in and of ourselves. We have to find that completeness and not the dependency.

And the reason is is we augment and further each other’s consciousness when we access our own inner guidance, on our own, responsibly. When we plug in to the oneness with our own focus and attention, this awakens the whole.

And, as it says in the Bible, the connection is a connection that’s called “in My name.” And the statement is, when one or more are gathered in my name, I am there [ed: Matthew 18:20 – “For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst.”] And “there” has a meaning, too. And the “there” we are talking about is on an order of magnification in terms of the intertwining power and flow of the overall wholeness.

When two people hold a consciousness, and it quickens and flashes back and forth, it magnifies itself so much more than if a person is sitting there on their own. And so that’s the reason why you don’t want to have the dependency that exists, or you want things to be clicking and connective, but clicking with each person coming from their own knowingness or consciousness within. If their consciousness is still weak, from the standpoint that there’s a dependency, or a leaning, then you don’t have this other dynamic that brings through so much more.

And so the dreaming last night intended to show, initially, a feminine process where it opens up the drug and alcohol center of things, and it also tended to show the masculine process, which has to do with gaining more power to access more of the spirit energy, to where it can go back and forth with a freedom and not just be the victim of consequences that it then has the energetic in order to know.

And then the dream progressed to the point where the masculine that you find inside yourself has to be a type of knowingness, so that you pull things all the way through and complete a oneness in terms of yourself. And for the masculine, the masculine has to access that, and in accessing that, that energetic communicates across, as if a memo, as if it’s a guidance, like from a phone. But that is all assimilated by the feminine which, in her mutability, easily takes that sort of thing in.

And so what you have is aspects of wholeness. It’s all whole. It’s just that instead of them being a dependency of one to the other, they work in an intertwined way, which magnifies the possibility of what can occur.

And this is something that a human being does not like to have happen, because a human being likes to have control over things. But they have no control when there is just this oneness and it’s just one body of things, and you have to work with all of the component parts of this one body.

And a human being has gotten off on this tangent where they are trying to see themselves distinguished, as opposed to intertwined; and if you’re intertwined, then this is how all of this becomes possible.

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