A Conscious Transition

Consciousness - Lynda Lehmann
Consciousness – Lynda Lehmann

We have all experienced those times when we feel we are in the flow of life: everything falls into place, there’s an ease to how things unfold, and we feel good about it. For the most part, this happens through an unconscious combination of elements coming together. Still, knowing what it feels like is important to being able to reach such a state consciously. And to become conscious means to let go of our personalized, separate viewpoint, and use our awareness to operate as part of a wholeness. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, my main dream last night, I’m in Florida and I’m looking at a tract of land that’s usually sold like as a complete tract. I suddenly see that one can kind of draw a circle and make a scoop that kind of swirls, and then you can sell that piece of the land, just whatever is on that piece. And I’m looking at the ramifications of that.

I’m not sure that’s as good as when they used to sell things whole. It seems to me like if you can start selling pieces of something rather than the whole, that things just get immensely complicated.

John: That’s probably, I guess, an initial start to a sequence of having to look at how it is that a fabric in society gets broken down, is when you start to mess with it in a way in which you create alterations that aren’t consistent with the whole.

Jeane: Yeah, because it felt like I just looked at that dream a fair amount last night and I was of that opinion, it wasn’t as good. It created aberrations or something. Then it feels like I woke up and then when I went back to sleep, I think my mind was just obsessed with trying to figure out the flight time to Israel, because with a family wedding going on and the time differences, it’s really tight, and then my mind got tripping off on that.

John: So, whenever one has an issue or complexity that occurs in their life in which the flow is compromised, that’s when you’re challenged to have to maintain, or know how to hold onto, the overall fabric of it all.

What happens is people try to rearrange, or adjust, or to alter, as if they can run a flow into each other, and this doesn’t always work and can lead to creating greater confusion because then you lose the cadence of a design.

Everything is designed in a particular way and the awkwardnesses is that, with freedom of choice and such, how is it that you keep from losing track of the flow in the design? You have a sense of the design already inside. How something needs to flow. And in your first image, you take and go off and realize that, that can be compromised in a myriad of ways, which breaks away from the fabric of the whole.

And then in your second dream, you take and you—that which you’re wavering with, or sorting out, or trying to come into cadence with on the inner—you then have an example, a reflective example, to contend with in the outer. And the whole thing, though, will pull itself together, as one takes and settles back and feels what they need to feel in terms of how something is meant to be. In other words, some part of you knows that, it’s part of the whole, that’s in the flow of the fabric of the whole.

So, you’re looking at it in a micro way and the theme of the dreaming has to do with finding this cadence or balance from which everything ensues, and to know how to be in accord with that. You’re working on it in a kind of literal way.

And then that switches for me, the theme a bit, in that in the meditation dream, I find myself watching a person who seeks to reach a balance in their being as if it is possible to read that which got affected by what is new. And that’s what you’re doing—you’re looking at a balance, then you’re affected by something which is new.

In other words, I suddenly get impacted or suddenly I am this person. So initially, I’m taking and I’m standing back and I’m looking at the situation from afar, in terms of how is something going to be affected differently so that there is a flow? And then, suddenly, I become this person who is seeking to access the inner cadence that is missing, and that there’s suddenly a woman in the setting who is the epitome of poise, balance, and beauty.

She radiates it so much, that the feeling was, if one could take that as an inner flow, it seemed to slice through and create a natural cadence in terms of the energetic needed in the outer. In other words, it was more subjectively in balance in inner, and in a knowingness, and that one can get all combobulated trying to find a balance between things when there is a greater overall that one can lay back into.

Now this phase of the meditation dream is still kind of similar to what you were doing. It’s still trying to sort something out, but it’s more on an energetic way. It doesn’t necessarily have the detail of your dream.

And then what happens is this repeats where it’s done in a way in which you don’t have the nuances. In other words, the dream process goes into aspiring to an inner tranquility, but this time, you don’t need to quest about how it is to fill the perceived variances to create an emptiness or an inner need.

In other words, it’s just there. While you just simply put your attention straightaway on how the overall naturally emanates and, in doing so, you are in a balanced state or a natural state. It may not necessarily be what you would have been able to choose or found yourself choosing if you struggled. But if you’re able to somehow or another hear the echo of what is the tranquility and the flow and the naturalness, all of it just kind of falls into shape.

And then when I came to bed, I found myself having to go around and around with this in one’s sleep. And in that first dream, I was shown that maintaining an energetic parity is conducive to our overall well being. And this is true in terms of relationship with others. It is true in terms of to relating to life on a financial level, and it corresponds also to inanimate objects and how they are appreciated.

I see this as an image in which what I have is piled up in a uniform way so that I draw from it as I free flow in life. If I’m unable to do that, this is when everything around me can fall into a disharmony. I see images of hiding resources for future purposes and in that instance, the energetic pents up as a magnetism. If the energetic doesn’t flow, then the magnetism overpowers our being and we become retentive energetically.

That is when we are unable to adjust to our surroundings in a uniform spontaneousness because we are burdened by that which we are holding onto. It could be a notion. It could be a thought. It could be a sense of security. It could be possessions. It’s all of that.

So, we live in a world in which all around us there is a holding on in order to maintain an image of personal identity. This is what a materialistic culture does. Cancer on the other hand, brings us back to the root of the root. Since we are intended to take note of how it is we are able to free flow, the cancer that is gripping the world is the security, protection, and personal well being we cling to.

When this falls away, we grow up, provided this is a conscious transitioning. Said another way, when we quit defining ourself in relationship to our personal traits, mannerisms, and possessions, that is when it is possible for us to be part of the whole in a fresh and dynamic way. That is when we can let go to a natural free flow that is spontaneous.

Otherwise, we are choked by our notions, which goes back to seeing ourself as outer ideas and reflections. This being the result of contamination from personal traits and mannerisms, possessions, security issues, etc., which lead or reach to a separation correlated to seeing ourself functioning on our own. This is a poison that tears away at the fabric of life in which everything is intertwined.

On a deeper level, what the above is about is a oneness that on the inner level, is inextricably intertwined, similar to how it is when a cup of water is poured into an ocean. There is no separate cup of water anymore. This inner flow directs us to reflectively correlate in the outer as a flow that comes through us, in that we are the flow, not the manifestation of it.

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