A Natural Naturalness

starry skyIt may seem odd that one of the most difficult things for us to be is a natural human. But it’s true. We act according to many of the prints of our early life training, and we’re not taught how to be human, or how to operate in this body we’ve been granted, or what the purpose of it all is. Because we don’t have an understanding of our higher purposes, that leaves us only our lower purposes to focus on: food, shelter, procreation. It doesn’t matter that we’ve made those things seem the most glamorous – it’s a shadow of our real potential.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The hardest thing about my dreams last night is that they’re all pretty dark colors, so they were harder to see the images clearly.

I remember the very earliest one. It feels like my trainer is somewhere in the background, but he’s in the background with some women that are actually in a salon, like a salon where you get makeup and hair done. And in this case, it seems to be more makeup.

It’s like I’ve gone in there and he’s indicated that some makeup is being given away and I seem to be with another young woman or two. And I’m going over and I’m looking at some of the cases where they have makeup pencils and it’s for eyebrows and lips and different things. I look at things and then walk away, and then I go back.

Then I make a selection of a kit or something that I’ll take with me. And I seem to be talking to somebody else and telling her that because some of this has been somewhat used, all you have to do is really just trim off, if it’s like an eyebrow pencil with a certain color, you can just trim it off and then it’s fresh again – if someone else has used it.

But, I seem to be explaining to her that I’ll show her how to use this. We can experiment with it at home. It’s not quite the same kind of makeup that you get the professional doing, but it seems to me like that’s all a bit much of a fuss. And you can use a little bit of it with just taking one of these kits they’re giving away because they’re getting in a new batch.

John: So how does that relate to the darkness that you saw?

Jeane: Everything is dark in this whole dream in the terms of like it’s never sunlight. You know, everything seems to always be night and it’s hard to see things clearly.

Because when we leave, we go outside to a bunch of buildings and it’s almost like it shifted, but it feels like in addition to the building where I live, I have other little buildings I go into – like I’m renting them. And you go in and you can look around a corner and it’s almost like a building, a little room that wasn’t even really completely furnished.

And then I have another room that’s a little bit lighter, with just some desks in it, where I can go study. And when I hear somebody talking about needing to do something out of the home in order to establish a presence with something they’re doing, I approach them and tell her that I have a room with some desks in it and I’m not using all of them so she, or others who are doing what she’s doing, can come and have that as a desk to work at for whatever it is they’re trying to do.

That has a little more light to it, that part of the dream. But then when I go to take her to the room and I open the door of the room, it’s not that room, it’s the other room. So now, I’m suddenly confused about where that room is.

So I go back with her to the house where maybe I’m staying, just even as a guest, and there’s someone that has come in that’s cooking a meal and starts to share it with us for the first time. It’s some spicy food; she’s a Mexican lady. And we’re not sitting down to the meal, we just taste something that was on the table.

And her husband and kids kind of look at us because like they’re not used to seeing us. And we taste a little bit, but as they’re talking, I’m instead preoccupied because I know upstairs in the house, I have some relatives I’m taking care of. I don’t really want to get distracted by what’s going on here because I want to go take care of those relatives. And then the dream has a complete shift.

John: So, it’s interesting how you’re picking up on the theme of the dreaming in a whole different way and you haven’t a clue as to how you’re doing it, but it’s good that you’re doing it like you’re doing it.

I was dreaming directly about how there’s the Mother Maia principle that takes and has a naturalness in life, that a person needs to connect up with, or otherwise one is continually just working in a reflective capacity in terms of the outer. You don’t have any acuity, in other words, then to do anything meaningful because you’re one step removed from what’s going on.

What you’re doing is you’re looking at the building blocks of it. You’re looking at something that’s darkish in nature and you’re trying to see through this darkish of nature. But what you have access to that I don’t have access to, is you have access to the coloring things that can be used to try to make sense out of things.

Because it’s all so dark and everything, you can’t readily see and know you have that at your disposal, but you haven’t mastered it to any degree. I don’t have any of that at my disposal, or at least I’m not shown what I have at my disposal. You’re shown that you have this as a tool, however, even though you don’t quite know how to use it.

And the reason why you have this is because you know that it’s important in terms of taking care of, or being connected to, or relating to something that’s in a higher aspect of yourself. But the degree to which you have a recognition of how this is meant to work and be in your state in life—well, what was happening is you were actually doing something downstairs on the table there that had a little bit of a naturalness to it. You did something with that that shocked me a little bit because it looked like you suddenly had a natural naturalness.

Just like you have an access to the coloring pencils. You have kind of a natural naturalness. But you didn’t live that natural naturalness because you were overly indulged in the parts of yourself that were in the higher self, up above. But it sounded like all of a sudden you were going to display that, and then came that other.

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