Out of Place

Courtesy University of Science and Philosophy
Courtesy University of Science and Philosophy

It can’t be said too often: what we see happening in the outer world is not reality, it’s the end result of energetic causes. So, if we are interested in being connected to the flow of life, or seek to be connected with higher realms, the only way to do that is to let go of our slavery to the visible, material worlds, and connect instead to the causal realms of life – the energy realms. Then we become part of what is happening, rather than what has already happened. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, I didn’t go that far. This is one of those cases where you were doing step one and I was doing two, three, and four. Now I’m doing step one and what you’re doing is you’re working with the tools, you’re doing two, three, and four in your dreaming. And so, in my step one, it doesn’t go much beyond step one, it just takes on variables of that.

I’m seeing myself playing in an overall setting – and it is singing. The setting is singing to me and it’s saying, “We are journeying to what is left of me.”

So, in the dream, I’m in the house of the woman, who is like the Maia of all of creation, or the great mother of all of creation, and in this house are masters of illusion who do their best to twist the mind and imagination of all travelers.

The madame is not here, in so many words, just her Maia. Her Maia is the illusion that pervades over everything. So, I am challenged to see if I can hold my focus through the illusion of it all. If I let my mind dictate, it will kill any natural flow and I will be cut to pieces by the illusion.

What happens is that the illusion of it all is represented by a guy who is in a very sophisticated, universal, sandbox within the house, who proceeds to try to reduce me to dust. This is the transcendent part way, way more. He has hidden knives that are part of his body and thin wires that can’t be seen, that cut my flesh into pieces. Tremendous, tremendous pain.

It’s all illusory, of course. As I am subjected to this illusion that plays within my mind, I get my hands around his neck and force myself not to look at the pain – because I know that it is some sort of trick or illusion – and just attempt to choke him to death. To have failed to have accomplished that would have ended up in me surrendering to this whole mindful image of pain and then be caught and lost in the illusion of the Maian void.

To surrender is to notice that, in spite of the incredible pain inflicted upon me by Maia, I was able to hold onto the focus of what is real until the illusion was able to fall away from my perception. I didn’t let the illusion become the entire perception and, therefore, give up. So, the test is to see if I am the essence for all there is. You have to be in that space. In other words, I haven’t broken it into its components, which are the rays.

And the meaning is, is can I let go of every image and become a being that is connective, that holds the connection between inner and outer? In the dream, this threshold is what is between inner and outer. It is where the veils collapse. So, that’s the meditation dream.

So, how I work with this, I don’t have those tools that you found – they access the green when you’re just naturally there – so the way I work this is, I am competing against another group for access to a house. The way this is occurring is an object ball is passed and bounced around until it is able to be thrown through a doorway into the house.

The group I’m part of are always on the defensive. The other group has a naturalness that enables them to be situated where the object ball is going to be next. My group is very athletic and skilled as competitors, but we do not have this other innate component.

This was really frustrating to watch. We were outplayed, not necessarily out hustled, but we were just outplayed at every aspect of the game, and it wasn’t for lack of momentum and effort on our part. We just didn’t have this innate knowingness that comes from a natural intertwined connectiveness, so that no matter what happened, you’re synchronistically located for the rebounds and deflections. You can’t train that in terms of what I saw. It is an innate knowingness.

I can’t tell you how embarrassing this was as I’m watching this in my dream, over and over again, thinking that eventually one would hit a note or something and be able to cope, to be able to stand, even if you couldn’t the whole game, but at least have some aspect of it in which you weren’t continuously out to place. But that never occurred and we were just unable to be masters of our own house because we lack the inner cadence that’s part of the knowingness flow.

We were just an excellent, responsive team. We put up a pretty good fight, but we weren’t able to bring anything through. So when you’re confronted by a force that has all of the breaks naturally going their way, you haven’t got a chance.

And so the meaning is the first dream introduced to me an energetic that comes from the great mother who has her way with Maia. The second dream is showing where I’m at in terms of a connection to the soul. My group is well trained in our athletic prowess, an ability to compete and mix it up is stellar.

However, we are against a group that knows how to naturally play as an interconnected oneness—thus accessing a knowingness flow from the inner, enabling to synchronistically always be in the right place at the right time.

Watching them continually outmaneuver and out position my team is something I had to see to believe. I kept expecting the momentum to change, at least briefly, but this was never the case. And because the issue has nothing to do with reflective outer momentum, it has to do with intertwined wholeness that comes from within.

Now, the other thing that was interesting was this house had a crevice to it, kind of like a crack or something, like where maybe you have the roof deals coming together because it goes around a corner and so you might have a crevice. And the other team would bounce the ball up into there, into this in-between zone, because they understood this zone, how to play on the in-between. And over and over, my team could never gauge how that was going to end up bouncing. I was watching it, of course, because almost as if I’m a coach or something.

And then in the last dream, this shows how I have been doing it all my life because I don’t have this intertwined connectiveness that one can have, but I have something that has been working for me.

And in this dream, because I do not have the intertwined natural connective flow that I am able to readily utilize in life, as it unfolds, with a natural rhythm of direct knowingness, I have this other way of being able to sort through properties until I find the scenario which is setup just for me, in terms of how it’s able to come through. I can recognize it when I see it, but I can’t see it ahead.

The way this has been working in the past for me is I look through until I find something that images, you see, because as soon as I find it, I even see it imaged on the map, in terms of where it’s at in life. And I know that there’s something about it that is incomplete or abandoned.

I am able to recognize it when I see it. I just don’t have the connective, intertwined knowingness to ascertain this automatically, or to flow with the synchronicity that is natural for me, that takes me to that. The reason is because I do not have the means to hear the knowingness as a natural cadence, as it comes through the heart. I am blocking that with the mental gymnastics of my outer reflective way of being.

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