Truth to Power

lightbody11In the spiritual realms, power is all about connections. We, ourselves, have mostly physical power. But we can access much greater power by connecting to higher energies, through our reasons and consciousness – the one caveat is that our reasons and conscious intentions need to be selfless, or in service to something greater. Most people can’t lift a car, but might be able to for a single moment to save a life. To connect for longer than a single moment, we have to be repetitive in our selfless motives. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I’m not sure I remember the very earliest dream, but it seems to me like I’m observing someone that reminds me somewhat of Sarah Palin, as well as a man, and it’s almost like whatever they’re involved in at some point, they both go to jail.

Now, this drives her a little nuts, and then she runs into him and it’s almost like they’re both out on a pass or something, and he actually is very relaxed. It’s like he knows this is all for a certain time period, a couple of weeks or something. He knows the routine. He knows what he’s going to do. He’s actually kind of relaxing and enjoying himself, where she’s been kind of climbing a wall.

And I’m just kind of observing the differences in that, that she didn’t really know what the game was. And then it feels like I went into a different dream. It was really hard for me to pull that initial one out, other than the impression of it.

John: It’s about an inadequacy of power. That’s what the dream’s about. So how does it progress?

Jeane: In the next dream, I’ve gone to visit a friend I knew from high school. I go to where she lived, but she’s living in her mother’s house now. And the house has been pared down, suddenly, a lot of the house is gone. And there’s just a certain structure of it left, a core structure of it, so it looks almost more like a playhouse except a little bit larger, or a cabin, more like that.

I go over and I go up and I go inside on the second story of the house and I look around at the core rooms that are left. And I visit with her, and I tell her that actually she’s going to have a much stronger house now because she’s gotten something down to just the core of what’s needed.

You know, she just has the basic rooms that she’s going to need. It’s like when she’s kind of finished remodeling them inside that she actually will have everything that she needs. She didn’t need the whole bigger house.

John: This dream is showing how it is that you access power. You don’t maintain a whole mannerism or demeanor that is expressive. You don’t carry that, you don’t walk around with that – you have to let go of it.

And in the emptiness is where you find the power. And so, you understand that, and that’s what you’re telling her is that she’s much better off now, pruning it and getting it down to what is the core, in terms of simplifying her life, so that the conditions are actually much stronger.

Jeane: So the last dream I don’t remember quite as clearly. It’s like I’m out on some kind of a boat with other people. I feel like I’m a young man. I almost feel like maybe I’m maybe a fireman or something, some kind of job like that, but I’m new at it.

But I’m out on a boat and the boat is sailing—not sailing, but going towards somewhere, maybe an island, and it’s like I’m kind of excited about what we might be able to do. Like when we get there, are we going to help with something? When we get there, are we going to take over something? I just don’t remember that part of the dream. It was not as clear to me. It was hard to pull out.

But it feels like I’m male, I’m fairly young and inexperienced yet, gung-ho and kind of anxious to tackle a new profession and do well. That’s the main impression I have of that, other than the fact that it took place out on the water and then we would be going onto an island into a structure that was there.

John: An so, the one question that would remain from the first two dreams you had is, why would you need more power? And why would you need to deconstruct that which is holding you back? And why would you have forces that are trying to hold you down, which means you have to overcome them so that you get more power?

And then, to get that “more power” you have to deconstruct certain mannerisms about yourself. And then this answers kind of like why that is: you need that to be able to just naturally go about being placed into new scenarios, and to go to other places, and be viable and functional there, as opposed to some sort of neurosis or whatever that you carry, based upon inhibitions, and habituations, and mannerisms that you haven’t absolved.

First of all, the dreams will indicate that you have problems, you have issues that come up, and it’s because you have an inadequacy in terms of an access to something inside of yourself, which is actually more power.

And then the second dream indicates how you get more power. You have to work on yourself to get rid of the things that you lean on for identification purposes.

And then the third dream indicates that then you’re able to go anywhere, you know, you don’t have to carry your conceptualizations about yourself, and you’re able to be viable in other formats then, which otherwise you wouldn’t be. That’s kind of interesting.

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