A Reach for Meaning

Gregory Colbert
Gregory Colbert

It may seem disconcerting, but if we believe in a spiritual life, then the man-made external world, by definition, will cease to have meaning. That’s because the external world has not been built according to, and in support of, higher-self principles. Our dreams, in the meantime, try to connect us to this fact. Only we, as an individual life, can spiritualize our earthly experience. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well, the theme of the dreaming of last night was about power. About how to identify it. I didn’t realize that that was the theme until my dreams, when I was asleep, because I was so overwhelmed by the meditation dreams that I didn’t realize it had this deeper meaning to it.

Like to start off in my meditation dream, I’m noticing that there is no difference energetically with what Obama says or what the Republicans say. In other words, it’s kind of like something like that. I mean, I create that as a shell because what I’m seeing inside is an expression of energy that can be really, really loud. And I see the opposing energy and it’s not near as strong or complete. But it’s also making just a commotion.

And what I notice then is if you subject it to a filter, you take out the hogwash. That takes out the noise and there’s no difference. Neither of it goes anywhere. Neither of it means anything. And so, noticing that you can subject this stuff to a filter to take out the mishmash, instead of having to sit there and be thrown around one way or another as to which makes more sense or whatever, was a surprise that you do it that way.

You know, I was impressed with how Obama was able to present himself. Of course, I’m always impressed with the way he’s able to conduct himself, but then when I saw the Republicans and then the energetic filter applied, I was shocked to find that the end-result is indistinguishable. It’s just style. There’s no substance in either of them.

So, no matter what scenario I choose, if I was to choose one of those, when I take a closer look and notice there is no energetic difference, that’s when I realize that everything in the outer points to a oneness. In other words, it doesn’t point to anything like that, because that just keeps you going around in tangents and that we just need to allow our senses to let go and the difference comes across as the same.

And the reason for the dream is the dream points out that there is no reason for getting carried away about any subject matter or way of communication in the outer, because in the end, this makes no difference. What we are is about something else.

So I haven’t yet pulled this to the bigger sense of how you know, and you don’t even let any of that stuff get your attention. You don’t gossip or talk about it, and there’s no reason to even pay any attention to it, when you access a certain presence or inner power where you just know that it’s idiotic.

And I’ve gotten to that point in this dream, of course, so I’m sitting here just surprised to notice that it goes nowhere, which means that prior to being surprised that none of it goes anywhere, I would still be wishing and washing about one way or another, about things.

In the next image, I see a tape. It’s like a DVD or something that’s made. And it’s a recording of three different talks that I’d made. And although my ego can pretend that I’m saying something important, when I tune out the rhetoric to get down to what is real, this tape loses all meaning.

It’s just another example of how we make a big deal out of appearances and mannerisms and expressions in the outer reflective that has no significance until the ego is removed. Then it has a significance, otherwise it has no significance; in other words, if you look at it from that standpoint.

And most people who will take and come to understand it, have to understand that first of all in terms of allowing what they hear to inflect, to touch their ego and challenging it a little bit, and then the benefit and value they get out of it is in the deconstruction that occurs, where they let go from what they learn or ascertain from something like this.

And then that leads to something that is meaningful – but the thing in and of itself isn’t meaningful. Just like the noise that’s made between what’s going on in the outer right now isn’t at all meaningful. It can lead to a point where you can recognize that it’s all gobbly-goop.

But then once you get to the point where you realize it’s all gobbly-goop, then that means that you have to be listening to another aspect, or center, inside of yourself to know that that’s all gobbly-goop and shouldn’t be grabbing or taking or holding onto your attention. And then, you know, that’s how you tend to see that this is a reach for deeper meaning, which is more like an inner power.

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