Falling Out of Touch

tree-76748These two dreams show how our inner life, our unconscious life, tries to nudge our conscious life toward better connections. It may seem like a subtle way to do things, until we look at it from creation’s perspective. If we were forced to do exactly what creation wanted from us, indeed what we have been designed to do as humans, it would mean that we are robotic slaves. And we’re clearly not, because very few of us act according to our design. Yes, we have freedom of choice, yet we are meant to use it to choose how we fulfill our design purpose, rather than just flitting from one personal whim to another.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in my next dream, I had a dream of not being able to find what it is that I ordinarily have no trouble finding. I actually knew what it was at one point, and it’s actually kind of good that I forgot what it was because I didn’t need to actually describe it in specificity, because I would have probably just confused myself in terms of the depth of the meaning.

Because what I need to recognize and realize here is the energetic of this. The energetic of feeling that you aren’t able to reach what you ordinarily have no trouble knowing.

This is such a simple thing that I forgot it when a thought came into my head. I recognized this dynamic as being an amnesia. In other words, it’s a cutting off, a shutting away. It’s a barrier to remembering something that has a presence over you.

What this all means is I am subjecting myself to an imbalanced flow and I am not making the necessary adjustment to get out of the spell or trance of that. In other words, it’s a trance, you have to deal with this stuff, it’s intertwined with you. But if you fight it and stuff like that, if you reject it, you’re subject to spells and trances, then you will lose what it takes to recognize that which is imperative to one’s being – even if it’s right in front of you.

In the final dream, which brings back the specific image for the same thing. In this dream, I am feeling inside that I need to stop paying attention to what I’m currently doing and get ready to go to the airport.

The dilemma is, is the attitude or mannerism that I have is I’ll go to the airport at the last minute, and even though I don’t have the directions to the airport, I guess it will just amnesically come to me. And even though I don’t know what transportation, what route I’m going to take, or what airline, or whatever; I don’t have any of the detail. I’ll deal with that in an hour from now, or whenever it is, because it’s going to be the same day, yet my attention is currently somewhere else.

And so until I direct my attention to this issue, I remain out of touch with where I need to go, when I need to go. You know, how much time I need to give myself. I know I need to go soon, but the details aren’t being dealt with, such as: where is the airport? What route do I take? What will get me there? What do I need to take with me, etc?

The reason for the dream is this dream is indicating that I am diffusing my energy and, as a result, I am—the key word here is “staying.” In other words, because if you didn’t do this, you would be in touch with the focus and attention that you’re meant to live or maintain, which keeps you in a natural flow.

If you hold onto that, and you hold onto that in such a way that it affects everything around you. But if you don’t hold onto it, it gets confused, too, especially if it’s already naturally off. So as a result, my energy—because I’m not doing it—is diffused because my attention and inner has gotten split off from the flow that supersedes everything else in the outer. The result is I give up my power, I lose my sense of well being, and I fall out of touch with myself. 

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