A Vibrational Essence

raise-your-vibrational-energy1In this dream, Jeane’s images bring up real people and names from history. But like all the images in our dreams, they are actually representing an energy. When we dream about a famous person, a family member, or a friend, on a deeper level it usually represents an aspect within us, or an energetic vibration they represent, that we are trying to make a connection to, or become more conscious of. What we see isn’t a literal truth, it is a representation of an energetic, or vibrational truth. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The dreams were really hard for me last night in terms of pulling out some of the detail of them because there would be things I was struggling to remember even in the dream.

And particularly the first dream, I know that it had a part to it that I couldn’t quite remember and I was trying to relate what was going on in a room with the people in the room. It’s kind of a circular room with something that had gone on in the Orient. At first I thought it was something that had gone on with Chairman Mao, but then I think I realized later, I was trying to remember Ho Chi Minh. I just couldn’t remember his name right away.

I’m comparing it in my mind in the room with something that also happened with Geronimo, the Native American. And I’m discussing it there in the room and it feels like at times, we’re almost lined up in a circle and someone has to come forward, and it’s like these sometimes are figures that have been seen negatively. I’m trying to get them to see something that these people did that was positive for the group that they were with, but it feels like when a certain level of the discussion takes place, I think I’m going to be able to take part in the discussion, but because I came in to the room late, I have to step back a bit.

And actually, I think Geronimo himself is present, and some other people involved were present, and they cycle around and they will be discussing, or participating and looking at what was going on. But I can’t really say anything because I wasn’t there earlier. That’s that first dream.

John: So, what you’re looking at is, similar to the aspect of Geronimo, or Mao, or Ho Chi Minh or any of those things, is that they happened in terms of—you could say another point in time. But when you’re looking at vibrations and energetics, there is no time.

There’s like a quality or a note, a vibratory innerness essence, that sets the condition of things as they occur in manifestation, and that’s not something that operates, actually, in time. It’s something that operates and functions as a type of awareness.

And so what you’re recognizing is that there is this note, a quality of what is behind all of that, the Ho Chi Minh, Mao Tse-tung, Geronimo. There’s a quality in terms of what they held onto as a focus or a conviction, or as an essence that they connected to, that they carried, that they embodied, and that essence is what is important.

And so your dream is pointing out that your understanding of this has been skewered, based upon the fact that what’s been reported, or from the denser way of looking at things, you have formed opinions or judgments, or they have been thrust upon you through a kind of a collective understanding, which defiles or veils that deeper meaningfulness that sits at the epicenter of what unfolded there.

And what’s interesting is it is almost like a dream that directly challenges your idea of judging things. In other words, you constantly say don’t compare and all of this, that, and the other to myself, which is almost like, are you kind of talking to yourself, because if you actually literally drop that, does that not put you into a type of stillness and awareness that breaks through all time and space, to where you access a latent vibration that sits as the beacon, or as the means upon which things unfold.

Geronimo was Geronimo because he heard or accessed a particular quality that existed as an energetic in life at that period of time, if you wanted to call it a period of time. But what you’re looking at is the note itself that has gotten lost or been suppressed, or annihilated, or misjudged, and therefore there was a judgment that caused the quality of this to get veiled.

There is this note that permeates all three of those scenarios, that is like the lifeblood force behind how that then unfolded as a reflection into the outer. And that you’re recognizing this quality by parting the sea of the belief systems and judgments and all of that, that create the barrier or the gap that shut off the intertwined depth connectivity that you could have to this essence.

This is kind of like a dream that takes a sequence of reflections in the outer and things in manifestation, and makes kind of a quiz out of them, a Rubik’s Cube quiz, as if it says, okay, these are all reflections. What is there about these reflections that they have in common, as a vibratory note, that led to this unfolding the way that it unfolded? As a Geronimo, or Ho Chi Minh, or Mao?

What is there about them that they carry, that they are hearing, that they are focusing upon that has led to the reflection of a way of being that has a whole storyline that occurred in manifestation? And it’s as if, by doing this, by recognizing that it’s always the inner coming into the outer, and it’s this note or inflection that you’re able to zoom in on, that has then the unfoldment that results thereafter.

In order to make a change, or to effectuate something in life that’s different, you have to go to this note that you recognize is important that comes and streams from deep within inside yourself.

And so, of course, that direct involvement starts off kind of like with an awakening, where you come to realize that nothing that has happened around you, has happened by sheer chance. That these huge events that occurred in manifestation, were the direct consequence of a particular vibrational energetic that permeated at that time. And that vibrational essence had something in common, had a common higher-pitched note or something in it, that has escaped the attention of the historian, that you are now pondering as recognizing as this being a key to each of those three things that they have in common.

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