Climbing the Lineage

Karma_kagyu_lineagetreeWe don’t often consider that in virtually everything we do we follow in the footsteps of others. It’s particularly true of a spiritual path, because humans have always sought to reconnect with their creator. That history leaves an energetic legacy that anyone on a particular path can connect into – and the initial connection usually happens through a teacher of that path. Once the connection is made, the journey is up to the individual. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then I had kind of a middle dream, where it feels like a couple of martial arts teachers in the area; they’re second generation, like they have a teacher that taught them. And the people that they’re teaching, they’re kind of being very rough on, being overly brutal.

And I recognize when they approach me, that they can thrash me, too, but it’s like I’m trying my best to do something that gets the attention, either makes them refer back to their teacher, or makes their teacher actually notice what they’re doing with what he taught.

Because I can pretty much communicate to them. I mean, it would be no problem at all for them to trash me as well, but it’s like that’s not really what or how their teacher taught. There’s a difference between sometimes being strict and being brutal, and that what they’re doing is not really in alignment with what he wanted passed down.

I’m trying to do something to make them either become aware of this or make him aware of it, so that he’ll correct his students. That’s the essence of the second dream.

John: You have to put the two dreams together. In the first dream, you come to identify through sequences of time—through time or, in other words, outside of time—a vibration, or a depth of a note that affects all of that that unfolded.

And the same thing then becomes true as you have a teacher. And when you have an outer teacher, you tend to make outer impressions about that teacher. You tend to stigmatize the situation a little bit with the fact that the teacher has to maintain, as a type of way station, has to maintain a certain mannerism and a certain air.

And the teacher stands as a person that’s in-between that and something so much more. But to begin with, a teacher in manifestation has to take on certain dense characteristics and work with certain ego patterns and mannerisms. And the fact that the teacher is in creation, has some of that as well. Because that’s just how it is if you’re in manifestation.

And so the degree to which that gets in the way, or creates a certain degree of confusion and harshness, is, well, it’s kind of how that process works in terms of climbing back to the power station. The teacher is a light bulb, but the teacher is also then connected to something that’s subtler and subtler, that goes all the way back to the power station of it all, to the dam of it all.

And that is a process that you could not connect to or reach directly, to begin with. You have no chance of catching up with something like that. And so you have to start with the teacher.

So what this dream is really saying is, as you advance, you go up the lineage. You access that which is more and more hidden, and more and more subtle. So when you’re taking and you’re realizing that there’s something that you still quest, that goes beyond certain mannerisms and projections, that you associate with the teacher—rightly or wrongly associate with the teacher— often times it’s rightly because like I say the teacher is in a physical body. Outside of the physical body is something that doesn’t have that and that’s the teacher’s teacher – so that’s climbing the lineage.

So, as you’re climbing the lineage, you are doing the very same thing in the first dream, in that you’re no longer taking appearances to be mere appearances, and you’re going behind the appearances in that you’re finding that there’s a vibratory note behind the appearances. And that is what you are coming to know as the meaningfulness of certain historical sequences in time. That’s where the sameness exists.

Well, in that way you have made the outer the greater teacher. You made creation the greater teacher, which means, then, that the teacher to be the greater teacher, that being the reflection, too, means that when you’re able to access and do this in terms of recognizing how appearances really are, you’re also able to recognize then what comes through the lineage, that is so much more than the teacher’s outer expressions and mannerisms.

It’s all tied and linked together. It’s just that when you’re working with manifestation, you have to work with transistors and light bulbs and power stations. It’s an awakening process.

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