Within the Within

Richard Wilkinson
Richard Wilkinson

In this imagery Jeane is involved with members of a church who, at certain points, turn into animals. What does that indicate? On a spiritual journey, we need all aspects of our inner lives in alignment and in harmony, which means that we need to agree to the journey in our brain, our heart, our stomach, and our masculine and feminine elements as well. Until they all agree, our dreams will show us which parts still need convincing. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in this last dream, it’s like I’m a member of a church that is secondary to a larger church that it’s part of. And someone from the larger church that has come over to our church acts as a minister although he’s more like a lay minister. He’s more like an assistant minister. He was like the treasurer that he’s a minister of our smaller church, and he’s come over from the larger church we’re part of.

And I’m aware of this, but most people aren’t, let’s put it that way. Well, there is something that has happened within the congregation, which is that he’s been at some point, like, bit by something that turns him into an animal at a certain point, that then bites other people.

So, I’m looking at this whole situation, which many people are unaware of. And I know he’s bit at least one other person, this woman that also helps out, who also turns into an animal at certain times. So, I’m kind of trying to do something about this whole situation before it spreads much more.

And I do figure out that what’s occurred, which can be seen as destructive or, like in the old days, you would figure out who the werewolves were and you did away with them. Well, I figured out, in this case, that there’s something that can be prayed for and used and that they can actually be useful, but they have to understand their nature or something and we have to expose it. At the same time, know how to utilize it and that that can be somewhat done through prayer by the whole congregation.

First, I look around the room and I identify a couple of people—the woman was the first one he bit, I think—and two other people. What happens is that at a certain time they turn into animals. Well, she turns into a frog at those times, and I forget what animals the other two turn into.

And I kind of explain to people, we just have to identify everyone, I think there’s only four of them, and have them go up to like the front area of the church. And then when he comes back, because he’s been gone, we also have to get him to change and then you can do some prayer or something with this book, and the situation can be changed.

Now the woman was terrified to do this because they’re not really sure what is going to result; but she does and pretty soon we have—I forget what the other two animals were. Well, it’s a little trickier with him because the main animal that he turns into is a rattlesnake, but we do have to get him to turn into that and to go up to the front of the church while the prayers take place.

And there’s a book involved, and it feels like then once all of that happens, then it’s almost like whatever they turn into can be almost be used for good, or it will not have whatever negative influence it was having. Anyway, that’s as much as I could tell you about that.

John: So, all of the animals and stuff that they turn into are characteristics and traits that exist as kind of reflections, the depths of which is sometimes hard to understand when you’re trying to adhere to a central note.

So, what your dream was doing is it’s taking the first two dreams that you had, in which you took and you in the one dream came to realize that you could go back and catch up with the essence of something and then have an understanding as to a deeper meaning, as to why and what was going on with a Geronimo story, or Ho Chi Minh, or Mao.

And that way of going to the within-of-the-within was also associated with, and part of a process of, being able to go to the higher, inner teachers inside of yourself, after having something been awakened in terms of the initial teacher that always points to the deeper inner. Keeps passing it along, so to speak, to more and more.

So then this dream tends to take and show how it is, but okay let’s be realistic here. How is it that you’re actually kind of working with that? You have these bits and parts of yourself that create spells over the condition of this quality that can plague or affect that. That aren’t what they necessarily appear. Even though there may be an intent, there’s still this bifurcation mannerism.

Now, you come to realize that you heal that by pulling it back into some sort of whole. Because all of the various traits—all of the various animal traits outside on their own—reflect deviations. But, at a higher aspect, they all are part of the whole—don’t have to be the deviated aspect. In other words, each animal trait, you know, if you were to take and look at it bluntly, in kind of a judgment sense, in relationship to the whole kind of judgment sense, you could say that each animal trait reflects a deviation.

But, however, that deviation is not a real deviation. It’s just a reflective deviation where it is out of twang with the note. And that when you pull it back to its deeper essence, what it’s really all about, then it adds something.

I found as you were describing this I couldn’t help but wonder what the idea that this is in Shamanism, where you’re going and finding animal traits that have power and stuff like that that actually have a quality that can have maybe always a negative consequence to it, but has, at its essence, a more powerful meaning. There’s a similitude here.

It works that way, in a way of working with manifestation of something that is imbedded within manifestation, like all of the animals and traits, and such like that, that at their deeper essence as a wholeness, have a note that they tend to answer to if you can open yourself up to that depth. And that’s where the real power is at, that gets communicated across as an aspect of the essence in Shamanism.

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