The Inevitable

Reet Kalamees
Reet Kalamees

It’s interesting when dream scenarios could be borrowed from the latest news stories. Though not literally the case here, battles in the Middle East are the big stories these days. But what if the battle and the “war” being depicted is an internal one? What if the scene represents two different parts of yourself, where one side wants you to open up to something, and another part is resisting letting go to the unknown? And, perhaps, it has escalated into a war because your inner life has been fighting this inner battle for a long time. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in this dream, it starts off where I’m in Iraq, in a city that is defenseless. Iran can invade and it will meet no resistance. I go to where the premier, he’s in a city off to one side, he’s expended all of his forces in terms of stopping Iran and in his retreat to the inner city. And there’s nothing keeping Iran then from just rolling right in.

And, of course, because he’s expended all of his forces and was lucky to stop things as it was, he is no longer able to put up any resistance.

So, I contemplate the idea of dying as a martyr like everyone else because I’m there and I’m kind of a stranger, but I’m part of, and somehow or another involved in, a relationship in which I can relate to this kingdom. But realize that this is a foolish way to throw one’s life away.

The path to safety involves having to retreat my steps and cross back into Iran. The route that goes across to the city also extends into Iran. At some particular point, the Iranian forces are going to be coming. And so, I have to start off and initially go kind of along the trail, when I see them then I duck off into its real rough terrain on the outside and try to sweep around them. The danger is, of course, while I’m still on the Iraqi side, if I’m spotted or anything about me will be subject to question and that would not be good.

So, initially, I’m not even sure what is the right direction, but then I get it figured out. And then when I see the opposition forces I try to go around them, basically getting up into the rough terrain off to one side and of course they’re bringing bulldozers along to push and widen.

What the bulldozers do is they disturb things by pushing dirt and whatnot in kind of an unpredictable way. And this path, by widening it, they make sure that because there are drop-offs and stuff like that, by pushing and extending it out, you know you can’t really go around the area that they’re opening up.

And I learn that you do not trust even the drifts that are made by a bulldozer, because it is unstable and can leave you in an untenable position. It’s like the drifts are drifts. The bulldozer, what it’s dozing—I was pondering this—it’s kind of a bull or something. The bulldozer, just the fact that they’re using something like this is making it hard to try to shift or go back that way.

So I skirt up the inside area where there are people who have gathered in a hall, in a home or hall or something, and I reach the top and go past the person at the front and get to the back and I wake up and I’m pondering something about the return.

And the meaning is, is I am feeling that I’m fighting the inevitable. It has its way with me, the inevitable.

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