A Greater Integration

integIn this dream image, the process that is trying to find balance and flow is between the individual and the group dynamic. Both want a state of well being, yet both have their own timings, speeds, and capabilities. The character of Jeane finds accommodation, however, by gradually adapting to the state of the flow she seeks. This process happens internally as we develop different aspects of us, and it also needs to happen as we integrate ourselves into the universal. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well the first dream I remember it’s like I’ve gone on an outing with some other people that I must live with, and it’s like we’ve done it for exercise, and we’re down by – it’s either a lake or a broad river. It’s a little hard to tell.

Now I’ve actually walked out on a dock, and I’m looking at this really deep water with a certain current in it, and I’m thinking I can swim in that. I’ve swam in it before and I can swim in it again, but I realize that it feels like my exercise instructor is somewhere around. He doesn’t like the water that well. I realize he wouldn’t like it if I got in the water, plus I’m not sure how strong the current is that day.

Then I go back to the group I’m with and I tell them I feel like today, instead of walking back, or getting a ride back, I’d like to ride a bike back. And my sister kind of points out to me that there’s this really steep hill going up that we would have to go up that she doesn’t think she can ride up yet. And I’m not sure I can ride up that hill, either, it’s such a long, steep hill.

But I tell her we can walk our bikes up that part and then we can ride the rest of the way. I’m still kind of determined to ride and, if we’re not quite up to riding bikes all the way up the hill, we can walk them up part way.

Then someone brings me some glasses I guess I’d lost, they’re slightly tinted glasses, and they’re really thin, kind of modern looking. I hadn’t even realized I’d lost them, but they bring them to me and now I have those, and we have the bikes, and I feel like we can get back to where we’re going that way rather than walk today.

John: The way this dream starts off is you have your idea of what you need to do for your well being, or exercise, or for the flow so to speak, because you find yourself looking at this water -but something about it isn’t right to swim in. It’s something that doesn’t quite meet the flow, the deeper flow, of the group that you’re with.

In other words, you started off thinking that you could do something you needed to do for exercise, which means that you started off thinking that you could find a flow that was suitable for you, for your well being, but come to learn that that takes you a bit away from what needs to occur, or is what your group is all about. I mean, in other words, that doesn’t quite fit.

In other words, that’s kind of a step that you make. The next step that you make in the dream is that once you’ve gotten to the point where you take into account working with the group, per se, you then have to do it in a faster way. Well, you’re used to walking, but now you need to ride and take bikes, which means that you can go faster.

Now if you walk, you don’t have to take into account the terrain. Things are more complicated when you have a bike because it’s one thing to ride the bike on the flat, but when you go up a steep hill – you can’t do that yet. You have to walk the bike up.

Well at least you understand that. And so you go along with that so you’re not overdoing it, or otherwise you’d be back to walking. You’d have to take a step back. But you know that when you face an obstacle you have to slow down, and you have to walk, and otherwise you can ride the bike and go faster. So that is like step two.

And then step three, out of the blue, you come across the glasses so that you can see the situation better. So that then means that you can then integrate a greater process again. In other words you’ll be able to understand the distinction between how something goes up a hill and down a hill, or faster or slower, and all of that.

In other words, you’ll be able to integrate all of that. You’ll actually be able to go all the way back and integrate this idea of being able to go into a flow, but not doing it because it doesn’t quite feel right.

You can’t deny anything and everything. Maybe there’s something to that flow, but not for you yet because it is something that doesn’t quite fit, or go along, with the group, of which, again, as you go and get yourself back into the flow of the group you find yourself able to walk again, but something is different in that you have to go faster and that involves the bike, but you don’t know how to handle the bike under all circumstances so you have enough sense to walk the bike up the hill.

But then to integrate all of that, that you just went through, you seem to be naturally unfolding there and something has been kind of progressing but now, all of a sudden, fortuitously you run across your glasses – or greater sight – and so that means that something even more is now possible.

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Working in Cohesion

the_yinyangThe dream that followed yesterday’s dream (see A Quality of Faith) takes the interaction between the masculine and feminine aspects to a deeper level, elevating from the individual to the universal. And the truth of it is that whether we are speaking of these two aspects in us, or the two genders on the planet, or the two cosmic energies, the only way for the whole to work, in balance and in harmony, is for the two to work together as one. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: This next dream is really amazing. This is something that, I don’t know if I tell it right or pull it out right, but if told and pulled out correctly, it’s something that says so much, just in the imagery, that you could study this and study this forever.

So, in this dream, I am going into an area to do some planting. What this is, is kind of like maybe there’s a barrier or a path through it or something, because there’s like two sides to it, but it’s all the same area. It’s a big lawn area and the lawn needs to be planted and the ground is kind of hard.

When I come into this area, the area that I look at I have a pretty slapstick idea about how I’m going to do this. In other words, it’s like I’ll stir this up a little bit, put a little seed down, water it regularly, and that should do the trick.

But my wife has also been in this area, on the other side of the sidewalk or whatever, and her idea shocks me because the way I see is I have no trouble with the ground that I’m going to be planting. In other words, I have my way and I just go at it.

The area was level to begin with and I just need to apply some simple understanding about how you get the seed at least covered up in the ground, and you water it and it’s supposed to do its thing. So I don’t think that there’s a problem with dealing with it, that’s how naïve I am.

But I believe this, and then I look at the area my wife is trying to plant and what a mess. In other words, what she has done is she has disturbed this level area, it was all level at one point, and she’s dug down, she’s dug irregularly, and she’s dug out all of this dirt and she’s gotten down to the point where she’s hauled all of that out, so it’s all slopey this way and that way because she’s done this chaotically – in terms of digging this out.

Then she’s hauled in a whole bunch of fresh dirt to spread out over the area. So, you’ve got different depths going on, and then you see this pile of top soil there and it’s not evenly spread or anything, it’s just dumped there, because after doing all of that she got exhausted and quit. She gave up, it was too much work, she got tired.

Well, she started out with overkill. There was no need to dig out so much of what was there. In other words, this is what happens in this misaligned doingness of things that goes on – and this is a feminine aspect we’re talking about – and we’re also talking about the masculine aspect.

The masculine aspect is fairly shallow in this whole approach, and the feminine aspect is just really trying to get something back into a state of familiarity or something, but it can’t quite get there. And what she is doing, she doesn’t have the proper sight to begin with.

And I know that, first of all, there was no need to dig out so much because when you dig below a certain point you just get into dirt that’s no good anyway, and the roots don’t go down into that anyway, so it’s overkill. So, as I look at this, I hesitate knowing this is going to be so much work.

In other words, what I did seemed pretty simple, what she did was overwhelming. I pause; for a split second, I don’t want to take this on. But then I get into it because I know it has to be done sometime.

And then it’s as if my wife shows up and she has this special device. And this special device now is this example of how the feminine then is able to, when things are pulled together, is able to support the unfoldment of something that’s whole.

Just like if you wouldn’t have been acting up so much like you were at the wedding, you would have been supporting and facilitating that which leads to something new, that is getting kicked off with the idea of this wedding.

Well, the feminine has this wholeness about her, and if she had the proper memo to begin with, the proper alignment at the beginning, she was close, but because she also has something that I don’t have, she has this device for watering the area that also acted as a planter of the seed so if she would have gotten this all streamlined like it needed to be, she would have planted the seed uniformly and would have watered the seed uniformly.

And she tells me she’s not concerned about the watering part because this uniform way that she has she can water this really deep with the machine, as opposed to what I would have been doing trying to water it regularly, because I would have planted it shallow and would not have stirred the ground up to any great depth, and would have counted on the seed to figure itself out, and come up somehow and be okay. Well, that wouldn’t have worked either.

So as I’m looking at this I agree that, wow, it is all going to be fine now, both areas. By taking and addressing how things are misaligned and chaotic, somehow or another that helps fix my area. Well, in any event, with this device it’s going to simplify the unfoldment from hereon for the whole area.

So I’m pleased knowing that this is going to be wonderful when the new grass comes in. In other words, it’s going to facilitate the new grass come in, that can then come in naturally because the proper space for that has been created.

The meaning of this dream is it’s portraying where things are at, at this time, in terms of a work in process. Of course, what we are talking about is the whole and how everything is astir, and how do you take and get things back into a balance or in a cadence?

And even Mother Earth is confused about that – and there’s all kinds of doingness of things. And then there are all kinds of ideas of the masculine that are very shallow approaches that anyone that settles back inside of themselves knows is not going to make it.

The feminine perspective in creation needs balance and guidance. She has everything to do the job, but is not able to do it because she is too carried away. As a result, she is exhausting herself and leaving behind, in her wake, a mess.

And my approach is too simplistic, in other words, too shallow. I’m approaching the area as if a quick fix is possible. I’m going to scatter some seed, stir it in a bit, and regularly water it. That’s my idea.

Her approach was to dig a deeper footing than needed, spread new soil, more than needed, over this overly dug up area. From there, her plan was exceptional. In other words, this part was overdone because she exhausted herself, but going from there her plan was exceptional. She had the right idea and how to plant and water, meaning how to put the seed down and put water on it – in other words, causing something anew to happen.

All in all my approach – that I thought was okay – was way too superficial. By picking up where she left off, and taking on her intent and natural knowing for making it happen, that somehow awoke me, that helped me align my sight, which was too superficial, too off the ground.

It is in the spade work she needed help with. After that, her approach was magical. Mother Nature is able to spread her grace to the depth needed, and in a uniform overall way, to the entire area. I am able to complete that which is astir and, in doing so, reach the naturalness that goes from there very simply without further effort or concern.

What my wife did that needed straightening out, in the end, turned out to be an essential part of the overall process. If I had not taken this on, I would not have gotten grounded enough. What I was doing was, as I said earlier, too shallow. What she was doing was too busy. By seeing that, and facing the overwhelm, the means exist then to reach an intended and naturally unfolding result.

You might say that the seeing, so to speak, was my part because what she was doing wasn’t seeing it correctly, although she knew where it was supposed to go properly. Facing the overwhelm was my barrier. I had to face where it was overwhelmed what she had done, because I was being too superficial with my idea of how to do it.

In doing so, I was able to recognize that it’s all there ready to happen. Somehow, in that whole process, one could go from A to Z, as opposed to haphazard. Because when you get to the point where the heartfelt feminine nature knows how to work with creation, when it is aligned, it just takes over with this natural support and knowingness. And, of course, knowingness incorporates the idea of the sight, which is masculine, and the whole bringing something through, which is feminine.

What I’m describing in this lawn/garden scenario is how the masculine and feminine qualities work together, and give to each other, so co-creation exists. Or, to say this in another way, the definition of a co-creator is when the masculine principle, endowed with sight, works with the feminine knowingness, imbedded in creation, so that the sight goes somewhere and reaches a depth that is needed, because the sight in and of itself is off, too. It needs this other. The result then is the ability for something anew to be ushered in.

The thing this dream had in it, too, was it corrected a few concepts. I always had the concept that the masculine is like bringing down a spirit energy from above and touching something in creation. And in creation, as the feminine wakes up, and that becomes like the in-breath going back as something that’s enlivened. But that is too stagnant of an image.

The whole process of the intertwining has a whole lot more dynamic going in and out, ebbing and flowing, which this was able to portray. You get to a point, in looking at this, where it gets more difficult if you were trying to say what part is just straight feminine, and what part is just straight masculine, because they start to come together, they merge, and ultimately there is no difference, at least on a world-soul level.

But in terms of feeling in a state of bewilderment, trying to sort that out, you come up with the idea of how the out-breath is masculine, and the in-breath is feminine, and how the spirit energy comes down and it touches something in a wholeness. You can end up with this whole definition like that and that won’t do the trick, that won’t get anywhere because it is too ordered.

The actual process really involves a lot of twining back and forth. There’s a giving that the masculine is doing to the feminine, and there’s a giving back that the feminine is doing in terms of something anew – and they have to work in cohesion. They have to, somehow or another, come together.

And when they do, who’s to say what is masculine and who’s to say what is feminine? The principles of each, in and of itself, you could say in a black-and-white – but so what? That isn’t able to go anywhere.

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A Quality of Faith

faith_3Since we are all the characters in our dreams, the masculine and feminine aspects of us also must communicate to get on the same page, or balance themselves. In John’s dream image it is a direct conversation, with each side stating the way it can feel most in the flow. And just like the two genders in waking life, it isn’t a matter of one being right or wrong, it’s that they each reach the same destination in different ways.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Apparently I’m having a dream inside that’s trying to help me to understand that, because I wake up and realize I have this dream. In which the way I work with that space is I let go of it all the time as if I have a right to let go of it or as if I don’t know any better. And this dream kind of indicates how that is a problem.

In this dream I told a woman that I am able to tell in my heart whether something has a fullness or not, in other words, like I’m communicating that sense. That sound, that vibration, that quality, that aspect that’s soothing is feminine. And in that is where the big picture comes in.

I comment about that to her. And now she’s asking if the sight was sufficient for that because that’s the confusion I have, is whether that then leads to a point where you’re not necessarily looking at the variables that are going on outwardly, too. Are they important?

So, to portray this, she then asks – because that’s where the misalignment comes up is I can feel that, sense that, but I won’t stay in that subjective state. I come out of that, so that’s the feminine part of me coming out of that.

So she then asks if I had run the data and made an analysis of two and eleven as she had requested. These are detail aspects, as if you need the information, because the feminine, sitting in her subjectivity, thinks that she is missing out on something. And I tell her that I wasn’t going to do that because that is not what I do.

I said, “I don’t know how to use that sort of information because I’m a person who gauges the flow by feel. I wouldn’t know how to use that data and to go there would weigh me down.”

And so, this actually causes me to look at a word that I’ve never looked at before. It’s called “faith.” In other words, within the subjective, within the quality of a wholeness, when you know it, you know it, but your mind gets in the road and distorts that and you end up bringing in all kinds of doingness and gibberish.

As a feminine nature, you bring in all kinds of things that don’t just sit with how you’re able to just sit. And so what I am trying to develop as the deeper aspect of the meaning of all of this is the quality known as faith. In other words, how do I know something by feel as opposed to bringing in all of this sundry detail that just bogs you down?

So, I describe to her about how that makes itself known to me. I am a novice at this – you know, I’m explaining to her I’m a novice at being able to follow this, you might say – and what it was in my meditation that reflected then as into this dream, what it was was a type of music or listening to the sound of the universe.

So I describe to her how that makes itself known to me, just like your first dream that was just watching the music. If you can do that, it keeps you in, there’s a cadence to that – but you violate it at the wedding – and I tell her that I’m a novice at this, so this is the best I’m able to do is what I’m saying, so to speak.

What the woman is really saying to me is, okay, that’s fine but do not forget that the following in the outer also applies – or you end up really flying blind. And that’s also true. In other words, how do you pull the feminine and the masculine energies together? What is it that they each give each other?

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