One Organism

art-0We can speak of wholeness and oneness, but perhaps seeing ourselves as part of a single organism can help us understand that we have a role to play in the greater unfolding of life, just as every cell in our body contributes to what we call “us”. No cell in our body is unimportant, just as no aspect of creation is unimportant. Then consider that the human is the most important manifestation in creation. How can we then think we are a random development with no purpose? What a terrible insult to everything else that goes on around us so beautifully. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: As I continued the dreams, as if I was now doing something I had never done before, I was taking the meaning of the dream and putting it together in an overall way inside of myself, in terms of how to live accordingly.

The dream about being able to connect to an instantaneous note means that we are at the epicenter of everything that is going on. That’s the way it always is around us, we just don’t notice that. And we are able to see an aliveness that is flowing through life at all times, if we hold to that recognition.

Because we are actually merged with that. We’re not a separate organism within all of these organisms. It’s just one organism. And the result is that instead of reacting, or being bewildered by what happens around us, we are touched by the way everything has an overall meaningfulness. The meaningfulness is an aliveness, in which everything that is going on in our life makes sense from what is happening to us.

So, then I set up an example that might better portray it. Like when I tried to do a wire transfer that is actually something instantaneous. Just like when you send an e-mail, it’s instantaneous. It comes there in one or two minutes, and when it’s there, it’s there. It’s not pending or something.

But now we’re playing with the veil of pretension; that we’ve got to act like, you know, got to slow something down, and dull it out, and twist it and contort it and manipulate it, and say that it’s pending, and drag it out. Because as soon as I was told the monies were gone from the account, I checked, and it showed up instantaneous into my account, this means it’s done.

But now a world in which there’s outrageous veils and manipulation, that impose pretentious things, saying that it isn’t true yet until they want it to be true, which is a 24-hour rule now on something that is instantaneously done.

And so as I put all of this together with that being kind of like a scenario, I would have to say that when I went into my meditation dream and was able to see that when I get passionate about something, such as the obviousness even of appearances, behind that is a recognition that I’m having that is trying to jar itself through and become more conscious and obvious.

I just tend to believe that everyone should be able to get it. They can’t keep lying to themselves, or pretending, or being amnesic. I just find that hard to accept that people keep trying to do that, which is twisting things. When it’s obvious, it’s obvious. You don’t twist it, just for the sake of having to twist it.

At the Board of Equalization, the picture I had spoke a thousand words. It was actually something very strange to have to go into describing what was apparent and obvious, but that seems to be the way things are. They like to put everything into a whole other manipulative context and that then keeps an awakening from occurring. And when it’s done like that, it’s tearing down the fabric of life.

And so when I get reactive about that, I’m actually reactive about something as an awareness, as a consciousness, that’s trying to wake up inside of me, but I have not yet figured out how to do this in a way that doesn’t get all contorted.

And to get contorted and reactive about something is to spin out in kind of a kundalini imbalance. And the key is to be able to hold that, so that it can go into life, because it can’t really go into life when it goes into the reaction, instead. It just doesn’t work that way.

And I’m seeing this in terms of even explaining something to someone. If I have to twist or orient myself in order to kind of drag them closer, as if they’re hearing it, that may kind of hold their attention when I go through those antics, but that doesn’t mean that they understand it. They have to understand it in a kind of quality lilt that brings in more inclusiveness.

And if they have to try to listen to it in an exclusive sense, then they’re not going to understand it, because you have to understand the inclusive and the exclusive simultaneously. And if you can only do it one way, then you can’t understand what is going on, no matter how obvious it is in front of you.

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