Getting Out of Prison

HeartResonanceIf we experience the world just through our senses and brain, we are operating only at the survival level – like any other animal life. But the human is much more than that. We have higher faculties that include intuition and a deeper feeling life (through the heart) that can then connect us to even greater experiences of the whole. If we understood the tremendous limitations we have placed on our lives – through our own choice – we’d be stunned. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in my very first dream, I’m showing some people some property. I must work for real estate. Then I finally realize that the way I’m showing them the property is I’ve taken them on this huge ocean liner to Antarctica, but we’re still sailing out there in the ocean and there’s something about sailing on this huge ship on the ocean, to show people some property, that’s so absurd that I wake up.

John: That’s what’s going on inside of you. There’s something that’s being shown to you, that’s part of a process, in which you’re functioning in life. And that is occurring on a level inside of yourself that is way far removed from appearances.

You think you’re doing something that has to do with something that can be looked at and described and portrayed, but you couldn’t be farther from the truth in terms of what is actually taking place. It’s not an apples and orange comparison, it’s an apples and Antarctica comparison. You’re that far divergent and askew from what is trying to unfold and take place inside of you.

So what it is that you’re revealing, or pointing out, or trying to catch up with, as if that is what is meant to be seen, is the dream is making kind of a mockery out of it, because you’re utilizing your senses and your faculties and your common sense to function in life. And what happens is, life isn’t meant to work that way. We are nothing more than a quality in the whole that can see and hear things – only when we orient ourselves to the whole.

Now, the only thing in our nature that is oriented to the whole is the heart. We can have heartfelt experiences about things in the environment that are going on around us because we’re intertwined with everything and it has a huge meaningfulness.

And it is from that that heartfeltness that we are actually in touch, that we are actually seeing and hearing what is meant to be seen and heard. That is going on in our higher faculties. That is going on from the level of the heart – but we’re estranged from that.

We’re mostly trying to show people property in Antarctica, anywhere askew in terms of where our attention is placed because we’re sorting things out with our mind and our senses. That is functioning outside of the heart. That is functioning in a way that is estranged from what we are all about.

We can’t show anybody anything and we can’t do anything in that regard. We are that which, in terms of how we exist in the organism of life, we are that which, through the heartfelt connection that we have that is intertwined to everything that is going on, we are that which hears and sees.

Thus, the part of us—the greater depth part of ourself—that sweeps over everything, takes into account everything, and it does it from the heartfelt level. Of course, the breath is hugely significant in all of this because this is the device that we ride as we sit, and are the watcher, or the seer, to everything that is going on in the overall, that we are part of and connected to.

And we are able to be connected in a heartfelt way when we get away from our mind and senses. But as long as we are doing something, or attempting to do something, or attempting to show something, then we are maintaining a position in life, in which, according to our mind senses, we think we know what is going on. And that isn’t how it works.

Just about everything that a human being does – that involves the mind/senses – is operating under veils, and it is only from the heartfelt connection that we get outside of that prison.

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