The Pursuit

H01It’s interesting to realize that most of the time that we feel we are being chased in a dream, we are actually running away: running away from an inner connection that is trying to awaken in us. There are many reasons we resist: the unknown of it, long-established fears, the need to surrender. The greater our resistance, the more the pursuer grows in ferocity. As we see in this dream, Jeane is willing to connect with this inner power, so a new, higher, path is found, the pursuers and the robber fall away, and the horse awaits at the top of the hill. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then I have a dream in which I seem to have left an area on a motorcycle. I have a black motorcycle, wearing black leather. And I do have a sense that I’m possibly being pursued, so I’m trying to stay away from the police and everyone else.

When I get to a little town there’s a man that joins me, but when he joins me he takes us in a store to rob it. And when we leave the store I can’t see that he really robbed the store of anything that we needed, or that I didn’t already have. To me that’s just going to bring us more to the attention of the police, so I’m annoyed and I’m trying to do a few things to disguise it.

For one thing, the police are looking for me, so now there’s two of us on the motorcycle. So that’s a little bit of a help. But also I get a leather cap and cover my hair and maybe I put a little American flag on the motorcycle, so it doesn’t look like it did before. I think that will be a little bit of a disguise, but I’m kind of annoyed at him, too, that he robbed something, because now other people are looking for us.

Then he seems to leave and I take the motorcycle to a little station where there are some guys that are trying to help a bit, and maybe gassing it up or whatever, and I find something to wipe it down and clean it off.

And then I decide to ride it through kind of an odd path or routine, going up a hill and stuff, and I’m going to leave the motorcycle on this fenced area, up on the hill, where I have a horse that someone is keeping for me. So that now, I have an alternative, I have the horse up there, as well as the motorcycle. You know, that’s about all I remember from that dream.

John: We spend most of our time steering ourself around, thinking that we’re going somewhere, getting something accomplished, making headway in terms of understanding what is important in terms of how it is that we’re meant to live life.

And, as long as we are conducting ourself like that, then we are always going to be haunted by something as if it’s pursuing us, or trying to catch up with us, or in some way is important that we have to overcome in order to get somewhere.

The thing that is wrong with all of that is that’s all sense- and mind-oriented. And that in order to catch up with our overallness, we have to do that through the heart. We have to access the power that comes through the heart, works with the breath, in order for this to occur.

So, we don’t just drive the motorcycle around. We have to try to take the motorcycle to a point where it can access that connection that leads to power. The horse represents power.

And so, as long as you’re driving around the motorcycle, feeling that there are things that you have to contend with, that are pursuing you or whatever, then you’re functioning according to your own precognition of what it is about – and that is always wrong, because it’s always mind- and sense-oriented.

But when you find that connection inside, that you’re meant to find and hold onto, and the motorcycle just then becomes the vehicle upon which you’re able to get closer to the source of the power that is within and heartfelt, that is when, and how, your higher faculties are being utilized.

Unfortunately, it seems that our attention is placed upon all of the nuances of this coming after us, or that having to be sorted out, or having to get this way or go that way, or being pursued, that we spend all of our time in the lower-self veils of things that contend with that, when in the higher-self level our heart faculties, that are slowly shifting and becoming part of an awakening process that we have agreed to, there, on that level, something is occurring, a catching up with the power from within.

And we are effectuating changes that are on that level, unbeknownst to us, because our attention is primarily, is still refined—or confined, rather—that’s still confined, to a mind-sense orientation.

So, when it’s like that, we can never ever really know what’s going on. But your dream is indicating that some part of yourself is going up to the top of the hill, is scaling, in other words, this limitation, and therein you’re finding a horse – or the power.

And so, something is unfolding. But by and large, it’s unbeknownst to yourself because as you started the dream, your attention was all placed upon having to sift and sort your way around, in terms of your approach that is still outwardly oriented.

You’re always outwardly oriented, in terms of the human nature condition, because the mind-sense orientation that is all around us, that we pay attention and utilize in order to do this, that, or the other during the day, is askew from the heartfulness and the breath awareness that holds us on a higher-self level, as a component, as a being, that is part of the whole. There is no separateness to it.

And our function as part of the whole, is as seeing and hearing that is done through that heartfelt quality that makes up what is creation, or the whole. And that is what we have to catch up with.

A person who does meditation is not going to catch up with it if he doesn’t orient this to that heartfelt connection that is like a prayer. And that you reach a point, eventually, where you’re always in prayer, you’re always in that heartfelt connection. When you haven’t reached that point, then you never, never can know and be part of what is going on. You’re always estranged in some fashion, getting thrown around.

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