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3778_nThese two snippets point to a similar understanding: we can’t do a spiritual journey alone. Yes, it is between us and the universe – we are alone in that way – but spirituality implies a connection to the oneness of everything. In that sense, we can only get where we are trying to go by being with everything else; we need to join the journey of creation, already in progress. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: It reminds me of my last dream, in which I park the car at a parking spot that’s readily convenient. Because that’s where my attention was at, is how do I park the car and then go from there?

And when I get out of the car, I still have to walk up a hill to get to where it is that I need to be. Well, I noticed that I parked the car kind of in a spot that seems to make sense that’s available to easily and simply park the car. But then when I get out of the car and have to climb this hill, I play out, I get tired, before I’m able to make it up the hill.

The resolution for this problem is that I need to stay in the car. I don’t get out of the car and then walk up the hill as if I can do something on my own. Instead, my attention needs to be placed upon going up the hill with the car, or getting there in a way that is designed and important.

And until I do that, I’m not able to do anything, because I will always be functioning and reaching out from some conceptualized idea of participation, when there’s nothing I can do. I have to hold and stay in the car, and then through that heartfelt connection and quality that I have, that is the vehicle, that is being within the wholeness, that’s when the sight and the hearing, which leads to things unfolding and recognizing what is occurring in terms of the overall, that’s when that becomes possible and not before.

Otherwise, I’m just playing out some sort of imaginative sense of myself and that is like a spiritual illusion. When I have wee bits of experiences that take and enlighten some weight or burden up in terms of my nature, and then I take liberties with that, which is obscene, actually. The way it started was kind of this repeat theme that I have going on and on in the outer; that, from the perspective of the inner, I can see the oneness that needs to be there.

I did this a couple of nights ago. Instead of dreaming a symbolic dream, I’m instead looking at what it looks like from the perspective from within. In other words, from within an overall vibration.

When I did this before, I dreamed the literal interpretation of the dream, as seen from within. There wasn’t another symbolic dream to tell me something. There was just the direct understanding of how it really is.

Similarly, I dreamt the perspective of what I had been reacting about and, of course, the dynamic scenario is the fact that residential condos are paying for the commercial. This is so absurd that you have, instead of a naturalness and a wholeness, you have bits and pieces and parts, meaning the residential condos, that are carrying the other, and that is supposed to be considered normal in today’s outer society.

So, that is the scenario that gets responded to as an inner reply. The dream—not the dream, but what was responding inside, that I was seeing—took everything as it could only see from within that everything is a oneness that is indistinguishable. And so everything is one and the same; it’s equalized naturally.

From within, I put everything into a whole that is treated even handedly—nothing is better than anything else. Thus, everything is essentially the same, has the same weight and measure. There isn’t some unfathomable separateness, as the outer is projecting the scenario to be. And when it does that, the outer is repudiating the overall understanding that everything in life is intertwined as a single organism.

From the inner plane, this bifurcation doesn’t work because that involves making distinctions to what is a fundamental, all-pervasive reality of oneness. In other words, you can’t do that because it’s all connected.

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