A Top-Down Process

milky_way_galaxy_top_viewJust as we have difficulty in the external world seeing what is going on from ground level – i.e., we can see better from an elevated viewing position – so it is with our lower self and higher self. Our lower self experiences the physical worlds almost exclusively. But when we connect to the guidance of our higher self we can know and understand what is at play from a much greater perspective. Said another way, what we are already knows what is going on, but we have to be able to listen to our inner guidance to utilize that information. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Doing this indulgence, that’s the next dream. This indulgence keeps you from seeing what is really going on. Yes, some part of you recognizes more of what’s necessary in terms of upholding a wholeness. But because you don’t know how to uphold the wholeness, you can only sense the problem that is caused, based upon how your mind and senses react. You thus, then, carry on an action, in some regard, that is not what is really going on, on an even higher-self level.

And that’s what this dream shows. In my sleep, I keep going over again and again, how it is that I, because I’m everything, equalize all parts of myself. Or, in other words, see myself as all part of a whole. I put an end to any inequity that exists in creation because it’s all intertwined.

As I am dwelling upon this, I notice that I own a space in a long, rectangular building that I’m not doing anything with. It is owned in a portion of the building which inhibits the place from being fully utilized in its highest and best capacity. There’s this long rectangular building and I have a space in kind of a one-third area, but in the middle of that one-third area, and then there’s the space on the end that can’t be really utilized because it’s too small.

On the other end of the building, a party who owns that, which might be half or two-thirds of the building, that is viable, has a large theater there—one big, large motion-picture screen there that—in other words it’s rectangular and it sits to the back, and then there are the seats and so you come in and it faces out.

If you’re able to extend the rectangular you could squeeze more screens in one right after another, but I don’t know that. I’m not at that level of sight yet in this dream. I just know that this large theater seems to work very well and is very successful.

And I decide, because I can’t see and recognize what is meant to be unfolding here, I decide to give up the area that I have in the building. And it’s my belief that the person that has that end, which is underutilizing, or they can’t utilize, will pick up my space and suddenly have enough area to make something viable come together.

So, by giving up this portion is like a type of letting go, that creates a distinction, so that I can better concentrate my energy upon facilitating the wholeness in life that I see as currently lacking. That is the energetic nuance that I am maintaining.

In other words, I’m taking more resource and faculties towards this idea of supporting what needs to be a normalization to a wholeness, and a oneness, and putting an end, through exposing or whatever, this idea that you take parts of what is a single organism and you use that to give support another part, thus you fail to realize that you’re one organism.

Well, it turns out that the area I release, that I’m thinking nothing about, is entirely different; something changes about that that’s entirely different than what I had been anticipating or expecting to happen. Instead of it being used by the corner person who had been also choked like me, because he didn’t have enough area to do anything viable with, the entire area instead, has been taken over by the motion-picture company.

By taking in the rest of the area, they are now able to have two large theaters and two small theaters, instead of the one theater they had before. Consequently, I have a sinking feeling that I just gave up, or let go, of something for nothing. I should have foreseen this other potentiality or possibility.

Well, that is a personal aspect that still lingers, which means this is a lower self-perspective. However, from the other side, this looks differently. I am impressed by that which was able to happen when I let go of a limitation I was sustaining. I had no idea that it could be like this.

My sadness stems from a realization of the hindrance I was inadvertently causing. I was shown, to my surprise, that right in front of me there is a possibility for a greater visibility and viability, that I was, in my ignorance, blocking.

So, the deeper meaning is awakening is a top-down process. Our higher-self faculties wake up, unbeknownst to us, as our attention is placed upon outer conditions because we’re always grasping at ideas over what life is about. In other words, we’re always functioning from the mind and senses. So, we have placed ourself in a condition, when we’re functioning with the mind senses, in which we are in an unbeknownst manner, in our lower self, that, on the higher-self level, that change is afoot.

For the most part, our role is that of being a watcher looking out over the affairs of life from the heartfelt level. When we identify with the heartfelt level, we are able to notice those inner eyes and ears. Our mind senses keep this shut off most of the time; well, all of the time when the mind senses are there, where all of these functioning from our own cognition.

This is why there are things happening from a deeper level inside of us, i.e., this heartfelt level, because change in the environment unbeknownst to our mind senses. That’s why it’s a top-down approach. If it wasn’t a top-down and we were aware of it, then we would be in some way, shape, or form, causing our own impressions about what needs to be introduced.

And in so doing, that keeps us veiled from just being something that sits in the single organism of all that there is. If it worked according to the dictates of our lower-self nature, nothing would be possible. If left to our lower-self faculties, we could never, ever really know what is going on.

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