Strung Out

avalancheReading a book that has an avalanche in it, before sleep, triggers a dream with that same avalanche. Seems simple, and the symbolism of it is: something is buried or hidden that the dreamer wants to unearth, or make more conscious in themselves. What’s interesting is how often the most literal interpretation of a dream image can reveal what it is trying to show. Is what is hidden buried by a rug, or a blanket, or even a light snowfall? In this case it’s an avalanche, which points to the overwhelming feeling that is being experienced. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, my dreams last night were influenced a bit. I’m reading nonfiction book about a man from Montana that used to kayak and ski across like parts of Siberia and have encounters with the people that live there that raise reindeer. He does all this high-risk stuff and then he goes home to Montana and goes skiing and his wife is killed in an avalanche.

And so, in my dream I’m trying to find out if his wife being killed in an avalanche is an accident or if someone caused it. And so I seem to be pondering that in the first part of the dream. Just kind of looking at how the avalanche happened, or if it could have been caused by somebody. And that’s the first dream.

John: So, you’re plagued, or haunted by this situation, where this avalanche came and covered something up or killed this guy’s wife. The nature of the dreaming was to leave one in a heavy, weighted, vibed out, pressurized, sorting-out barrier, which is very groggy because one seems very overwhelmed with having to understand or bring out something that is hidden.

And there’s a meaning behind why some incident happens and it’s meant to awaken something, but it can also send you into a groggy state where you spin and you spin, as if it’s a mystery, or you’re veiled from being able to figure it out.

But when you have a condition like this, what happens is the huge stupor you go under, as a result of going around and around, it’s like a type of reverbing inside of yourself that just makes you denser and denser, or more groggy and more groggy. That’s there because you’re doing your best and not succeeding in getting something that you’re meant to catch up with to come through. A part of yourself is buried, and you feel compelled to catch up with that which is hidden or buried.

Now, this inertia inside, to understand this, to grasp it, is usually something that you are able to handle in a certain, controlled way. In other words, you’re able to keep it in check. But in this particular case it plagues you, it haunts you, to understand something that you feel you need to understand.

And this haunting that you have has to do with having awakened something on the inner, at a depth inside of yourself, and then you find that whatever it is that you’ve awakened, you may have speeded something up in terms of a kundalini energy that reverbs inside to try to understand it but, by and large, you’re not quite able to get there, to uncover what is buried, to understand the mystery of what it is that you’re meant to know—a responsibility, a mannerism that you’re meant to awaken.

And so, on the inner level, you come close enough to it, but you struggle to bring it the rest of the way through and bring it through. But in the grogged outer level, you’re left in a condition that’s awkward, and impinged, because all you’re doing is finding yourself in a great stupor, because you’re not close to making it known. And it has this heavy barrier on it.

Well, what I’ve come to realize is, whenever something is moving, whenever there’s this movement afoot, to have to realize or recognize something about the inner quality, that this, when it rises up, tends to be a bit out of the normal sequence and flow that you’re accustomed to.

And when it rises up like that, there’s an exciting energy that springs up and rises with it, that feels like almost an increased awareness in consciousness. But when the other doesn’t quite come through, you also then feel that you’ve let something down. You haven’t resolved it.

In other words, we’re on a path in which part of the awakening can even seem like you go into a deeper grog, almost as if it is a bit much. Because you can’t just spin and spin and spin, and not uncover. You have to get it to break through. If you don’t get it to break through, and you spin and spin and spin, you reverb and reverb, you kind of do a number to yourself and you fall back into a thicker, comatose state.

But as you flush a little of something of an inkling through, as you gain a sense of what it is that’s meant to be, that tends to feed on itself. But when you’re not making any headway and you’re meant to be able to figure it out, and the kundalini energy is astir to compel you to have to catch up with something and you don’t, then you experience this huge, groggy condition that plagues you. It haunts you, it sits there in the back of your nature, noodling you to get to the bottom of it.

And it works a little bit like whenever you have something that you feel you absolutely have to do and you keep procrastinating in doing it, that slowly carrying that becomes a burden because, you know, you have to do that and you can’t quite settle back until you confront and you do that.

And so, there’s the feeling of this almost disempowers you because you’re not flowing with it. And you develop this whole idea that it’s really, really difficult, and yet as soon as you start to do it, you amaze yourself at how easy it is to do.

Well, that’s what it’s like when something has gotten near enough in one’s nature so that it causes leakage to come across but, because it may be such an about face, or a change, or a shift, that we’re not readily accustomed to making because we’re used to things being at a slower, more gradual pace, and that this has more of a breakup effect into a whole other set or sequence of realizations or orders inside of one’s self. It’s not a step you readily make.

You have part of yourself that veiled that, that attempt to keep you grogged out for your own well being. But the problem is you have got the kundalini energy, you’ve got this kicking around inside. It’s a miserable condition to wake up from because all you can say about it is, you’re beating on a threshold for something to awaken and you haven’t got a hold of it yet, so it leaves you strung out.

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