An Awakening Giant

Lost Gardens of Heligan, CornwallYesterday we saw that it took an avalanche to bury what was trying to surface – internally (see Strung Out). Here, in dreams from the same night, what is trying to awaken has morphed into a sleeping giant. Jeane’s initial feeling is to run away and warn people, yet at the same time her escape route leads her to a field of horses, symbolic of a connection to inner power that she will need to handle what is awakening in her. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in my middle dream, which I don’t remember quite as much of, I seem to be more masculine. And I’m staying at someone’s house and I’m looking at whether I can continue to live there or not, because they seem to have all of these little rules, like even when you can drink a glass of water before you go to bed, all of that.

And I’ve gone from the house to some kind of a social event, and then I’ve gone back to the house. I’m just assessing whether it’s really going to be comfortable there, given all of the little rules that one has to follow to be in that house. That’s all I remember of the middle dream.

John: That’s again, more along the theme that there’s something about your condition that you jarred something through in terms of how you’re meant to be, or meant to awaken, the next level of your nature or shifted quality of your being.

And with that comes a whole new set of dynamics, a whole new set of responsibilities. And that’s a bit overwhelming, at first gulp, because usually the transitioning is a sense of a slow, simple evolution. But what is going on is, is we’re meant to catch up with something that’s uniquely coming through us, each of us, in terms of how it is that we are meant to be.

It’s like inner orders. And as you converge closer to it, it’s almost like you have to take on the right adab and the right understanding. It’s kind of like, basically, the introduction, the tour, and what is entailed, before it all pops through.

Jeane: Now, in this third dream, it’s like in the beginning, again I can’t tell in this one whether I’m masculine or feminine, but I’ve gone far, far out somewhere into a huge cave, and I see floating in the cave, this giant-like person that could even be a soldier, oriental soldier, all in red, who’s asleep right now. But I realize that when he wakes up and starts marching on wherever it is we live, this could be a problem.

So, I’ve seem to have gone back from there, to where I had originated, and I’ve brought somebody with me, you know, a younger person. I want them to see this so that it’s like I have a witness, to go back with me and warn people, so they know what to prepare for.

Well, when we go back and we find our way to the cave and see the giant there, I feel like the giant is starting to awake and may even be chasing us now. So we have to make our way back.

At first, we kind of go across the landscape, and we’re going down some alleyways by some shops, and I notice they’re oriental shops, and I can even cut through one of them with her. We have to find our way along among all of these statues and across a little bridge in there.

Then we seem to come out through somebody’s backyard and we have to scooch through some archways. But when we come out then, and I’m kind of glad I have a witness now because then people will listen that there’s something that’s coming they need to wake up to.

But when we scooch out through these archways in the backyard that were at the other end of the shop, we come out into a huge backyard where there’s a couple of wranglers with horses, almost like a small herd of horses, and riding one or two of them. And I’m thinking that this could be good, because rather than continuing to flee on foot, that maybe I could saddle a horse, or we could borrow a horse, and we could get there a little bit faster.

That’s when I woke up.

John: So, that’s taking the pressure off, you know, where you’re at least finding a means to be able to move about. And so that’s then freeing you up.

We did these dreams in reverse. What you dreamt was from a groggier state that went into a kind of breakthrough.

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