Full Disclosure

t_1280As we have described, we are all the characters in our dreams. That concept can give us a great perspective on how many different parts and aspects we have going on inside us. And we can also see that they don’t always agree. So there is always an internal struggle to gain alignment within. That’s why to truly make progress on a spiritual journey we have to be so consistent in our focus and desire that the various parts of us have no choice but to get on board. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: What happened with me is I had the breakthrough and it grogged me out, when I had to finally gulp at what all that apparently entailed, because there were energetics in my nature from the past that hadn’t conducted themselves well. And some of that is also now included into the tool chest of expression, apparently.

Not just sure how all of that is, because after shaking through an epiphany of something that’s meant to be, that’s destined, that’s preordained, after coming close to that, even though I don’t necessarily know what it is, after having come close to that, that has stirred up something inside that has turned around and caused me to go into this heavy, deep, stupor, almost as if to cover all of this up, or as a reaction to what this entails, which is going to be so much more than what one is accustomed to recognizing, ordinarily speaking, in terms of what is taking place.

And it’s hard for me to apparently accept what is to take place. I want to purposely disbelieve it, because there is no cognition that I’m familiar with. And as long as I hold onto what I’m familiar with, I’m able then to have the appearance of being able to get by. But the dream is showing me that I can’t get by anymore like that, either. I can’t even appreciate or enjoy anything, because this other is meant to be heard.

The dreams—three dreams—and the first one is I see myself as an arrogant person who is watching my car from across the street. And my car is hooked up as if it’s about to be towed by another car. In other words, it’s strung out with this other car by mistake.

I’m not going to do anything about it because it’s an outrage. It needs to be corrected. This shouldn’t have happened. So, I’m looking out through a window from across the street of a building that I’m in. And, of course, my car is being commandeered, hooked up to another. That’s what’s going on and it is about to be towed away. That’s what’s going on outside on the street.

And something is happening where maybe there’s a realization that a mistake was made, so the car is being uncoupled now, and I don’t go out and deal with the situation or confront the situation. I somehow remotely start my vehicle and I’m able to bring the vehicle to where I’m at, because I’m not going to get involved with that other silliness out there, that’s a state of confusion for having acted like they were going to haul something off.

At no time do I reduce myself, or lower myself, to give any kind of satisfaction or recognition to the person who inadvertently hooked onto my car to impound it. He shouldn’t have done that. So I am not going to even acknowledge him. I will get my car and act as if this never happened, and as if he doesn’t exist.

The scenario is that this is a follow-up dream to the righteous attitude of being rudely inconvenienced when my property was wrongfully taxed by over thirty-seven-fold. I’ve gotten so hung up over the issue that I’ve taken on a rude and haughty air against the unconscious violators who are carrying out the above for their boss who is a person who never makes the presence known to me.

The meaning: there is no real difference between the person who perpetrates the injustice in the scene in which I am wrongly taxed, and the person, being me, who refuses to make contact with the person who, by mistake, was impounding my car.

In both instances, I treat the situation, and those in the dream and scenario, with disdain. I am too haughty, righteous, and arrogant to face the matter up front. I’m so aloof that I am letting other handlers bare the brunt of the issue.

Also, as a meaning, to correct an injustice, I am told that it is important to let everyone know what is going on, up front. In other words, now this is a deeper awareness that broke through. To correct the injustice, I am told that it is important to let everyone know what is going on up front and, in this way, bring closure with all of the intrinsically connected parts of myself. I’m that ignorant part that’s doing this other peculiar dance, too.

So, in the scenario-like dream, I guess I’m contemplating the idea of making a YouTube and I’m shown or told that if I make the YouTube, it has to be made available to the appeal file, and it has to be made available to each board member, and each petitioner. That way, there’s full disclosure and closure with all concerned, and there is a seeking to heal the rift I have with those parts of myself.

I must not let myself get too carried away over how I see myself righteously, or aloofly, or how they are. Because if I do, then I just treat them as violators and don’t realize that the wholeness and greater consciousness is what needs to be sought out.

In other words, what is real is to be interested in reaching an intertwined wholeness as one organism in creation. And to do that, one needs to bring together all the myriad parts of myself. We’re meant to be able to work with one composite wholeness and aliveness that is intertwined.

And it’s not us against them, or things like that, which people who have been able to bicycle, and sort things out, and create a certain control that works for them, are inclined to think and believe. And they only work with other people that are similarly situated with that kind of understanding, you know, because it’s a type of ego.

But what I must do to keep everyone in the loop is just part and parcel to what is going on. They are me, in some sense or mannerism, beyond my limited mind/senses. So I cannot reject those parts, as if they aren’t worthy of the time of day. This is how I resolved the dilemma, which ends the karmic abuse I see that is being perpetuated, and that I am even perpetuating it, because of creating these distinctions like this. So, that was the first dream.

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