Inner Condition

safe_imageWhat feelings do our dreams trigger in us? Sometimes confusion, sometimes angst, sometimes an easy flow, and sometimes a deep grogginess. In this image, John is both the seller and the buyer of a piece of property (we are all the characters in our dreams). There is a pressure between the two forces, and that pressure is to get up to speed with what is trying to awaken – before the storm, or hurricane, comes. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The second dream begins with me observing a creek that flows through a property that is in an area that I’m familiar with. I just hadn’t noticed the creek before.

The person who owns the property would accept $8,000 for it. I know the property to be worth a whole lot more. So, without hesitation, I agree to buy it. So apparently, this is all pretty well an understanding.

And then suddenly, there’s a person, a big, heavyset guy, who suddenly has heard or figured something is about to happen, and he suddenly walks over and he has a bunch of unrecorded liens. He is going to record those claims.

When he records those claims, that’s going to affect the sale, not in terms of me buying it for $8,000, not that part of myself, but the part of myself that needs the $8,000 that’s under pressure to get the $8,000, because his claims will total over $3,000—almost half of the amount.

So, to begin with, I’m disturbed by this coming into the equation, but then as I sort this out inside, I realize that the claims will be covered out of the proceeds that this guy is going to be receiving, so that will not affect the transaction with regard to me.

So, then there’s an additional explanation, that suddenly shows up out of the blue, for why this person is selling his property so cheaply. When I suddenly see a list with this guy’s name on it at the top, too—he’s named twice, right at the top, apparently Mother Nature has him singled out for a hurricane and some other havoc. Isn’t that an interesting thing? A list from Mother Nature about what’s to unfold.

The meaning is, I’m not able to settle back and enjoy that which I have. I mean, it was a pretty-looking creek. I have responsibilities and obligations that prevail over the outer appearances. I am under orders from within to take on latent conditions I harbor inside, even though I don’t know what they are, and they can’t be ignored or changed or avoided, except something is a predetermined inner condition.

Consequently, what happens to me, that may seem out of the ordinary to the average person, is part of a bigger picture design that is unfolding. Some role in this unfoldment, which explains why I am under pressure to take notice, I just have to sort out, I just have to catch up with, and there is an outer pressure that is there to help my sight shift.

So, that all seemed kind of speeded up, fast, and exciting and I almost wanted to jar you to “let’s do our dreams,” or something. And then I faded back, and I went into the deep grog—really deep, sober grog, you know—where I spun back and forth and back and forth, you know, and choked the life out of me. And then you started off with this huge grog. And my gosh, your grog added to my grog. It was like all I could do to open my mouth.

After you told the first dream, I knew what was going on, but I had to figure out how to even get my mouth to work, because it was so groggy. And then I kept thinking, how can one make sense out of something that’s so groggy?

But then I noticed as you told the second dream and the third dream, you weren’t in the grog, but I was still in the grog in the second dream. And then in the third dream, I realized that you were making breakthroughs, that you were coming out of it.

So, I came straight out of it, so to speak, and then coming out of it, was overwhelmed. So I had the reverse effect and went way back deep into a stupor, and you did it from stupor to breakthrough.

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