Inner Reunion

earlWe are all the characters in our dreams so, when we look at the relationships at play, we can understand what our current status is. Here, Jeane is heading to a class reunion, but she isn’t ready to communicate with everyone there, and she doesn’t even want to do it face-to-face – she prefers sending notes. There’s still resistance to this coming together – we can see that there are veils in the way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My dreaming initially was influenced by the fact that I’ve been watching this Latin show that Jennifer Lopez is part of, going around South America and selecting talent to kind of try to showcase what’s special about Latin culture.

So, I was dreaming about that and mostly what I was noticing is that the core of it was the music. And it’s like I would just go and I would look at the various groups and I’d be listening to the music and I’d realize that if there’s any doubt about what was being chosen, it was always kind of decided in the end by the music.

And that was the initial dream, which seemed to go on for a long time.

John: So, why do you think it was music, because music is a vibration as opposed to the other as an action? And that you were identifying with a flow, or an energetic like that, as opposed to something that is more of—there’s something about music that’s penetrative. There’s something about acting that’s kind of more practice. It’s a skill, but sound has a more interesting penetration.

Jeane: The dreams last night didn’t seem very profound to me. It was like my second dream mostly was focused on getting together with people at a class reunion from when I was young. And I go to a classroom where other people have gathered and, beforehand, it feels like these notes have been sent out.

And part of getting together for the class reunion is I come into the classroom and I have some handwritten notes that I will pass out to various people in the class. And there’s a teacher who is sitting in the classroom even that kind of notes or watches over things and wants to see that we do communicate or pass the notes to each other.

It’s like you might not have to do it with everyone, but you have it there to do it, if you want to. That you can send out a note with a list to everyone. Because it feels like I’m not really going to all of the reunion, maybe just part of it, but I want to use the notes to communicate to a few people. Anyway, that was all I really remembered of the dreaming last night.

John: Actually, this one’s kind of interesting, because what you’re doing at this class reunion is you’re going back to meet other parts of yourself. And the way you’re able to come in contact with these parts of yourself is through these notes. A particular set vibration that kind of links or connects or intertwines it.

And what you’re doing is you’re showing where you’re at. You’re only willing to engage, or to look at, or to open up certain aspects or qualities. You have what it takes, and have the notes and whatnot that can be traded, or exchanged, or whatever that creates the intertwining with all of the others.

But, at this point in time, you’re only looking at how that relates in terms of certain ones. And then when you go as far as you want to go in that regard, that will be it. In other words, you don’t plan on attending the whole thing.

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