Old Debts

pullDust and dirt always collect in the corners of our homes – in the hard to reach places. This can happen internally as well, where we cover over an issue and leave it in the darkness. Of course it will never go away if we pretend it’s not there. In these dream images, it is being pointed out to John that he has unresolved issues that have formed energetic veils, which prevent him from seeing clearly.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: This next dream I’m in a classroom, sitting around the corner from the teacher, when a person I have known for a long time says something that makes me mad. I make a statement that is very demeaning towards him.

Everyone in the classroom hears the statement, but they don’t actually know what set this off. All they know is that this statement that I made is uncalled for. So, suddenly I begin to feel real bad about what I have said and done.

And I’m sitting with my back to this guy and I can still feel the friction or animosity, or that which isn’t right, still percolating. In fact, what’s strange is it’s like he’s making a sound, but there’s no sound coming out. I mean the sound that’s coming out, it is vibration. I can’t be putting on headphones to get around it, because that wouldn’t be a permanent fix to the problem.

Well, I realize it can’t continue like this, so I tell him I’m sorry for what I said. It was uncalled for. This uneasiness – I have to get rid of it. Is there anything I need to know? I shake his hand as if to consecrate this moment as a new start.

He shows me a piece of paper with computations that have to do with an old debt that he incurred on my behalf back in 1984. Apparently there was a lawsuit that affected us both, which he paid for, and that I never compensated him for.

On this piece of paper there’s like a spot, or a section, that looks like my handwriting, that shows that I paid him $284, but I indicated at the time that this was only half of what I owed him. I’d completely forgotten about that, so I ask him again what I owe him and he refers me to the note.

The meaning of this is, when I become reactive for no good reason, this uncalled-for behavior is often an unconscious reaction to some pent up issue that has been suppressed. It’s in the body and it reacts that way. By opening up, so this is able to come out, I’m able to get to the bottom of the energetic wound to heal it. If I’m really set in the mood of the situation, the veil remains. I need to confront the indebtedness and until I do the wound will never go away.

So, in this next dream, I am pondering what it is that I need to do to clear up an imbalance and indebtedness that has me shutdown. The answer is: I need to come to grips with an energetic flow, which isn’t possible until I face the issue.

This unfolding is seen in my dream like a perspective—it’s like a camera that starts off to one side and it slowly rotates from the side until it comes all the way to the front, like making an arc. And until it is right in front of the object, so that the view is straight on, until that occurs, it isn’t until then that I am able to see with clear vision.

In other words, to unblock a barrier to a flow of creation, I need to confront the imbalance, and until I do, there is a stigma. In other words, you can’t get the camera to take on the perspective of the flow of the view. Things stay set.

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