Holding the Line

camp-de-energieWe often hear about energy awakening within us, but it isn’t so well understood that we have to learn how to handle that energy. Just like we can’t wake up one day and run a marathon, humans have to become accustomed to higher processes, build those muscles, so to speak, by learning how to adapt, adjust, and rebalance themselves as they move forward. And that’s why there are no shortcuts to enlightenment – we’d overload our systems. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, my first dream was influenced by the fact I watched something on 60 Minutes, about one of those zillionaires who has been picking up where the U.S. space program left off. Multimillionaire who is developing space travel and is even going for a contract to start delivering supplies to the space station.

And he started from scratch and put a factory down and started building rockets. And so it took him about five tries before they found one that actually worked, but, you know, it was really interesting what he was doing, from kind of the bottom up, building rockets less expensively.

It’s like I’m watching that and, in my dream, what’s happened is that there’s a factory that has learned how to develop whatever it is, rockets or whatever, but I’ve gone to them with something that I want, something smaller, that I want them to build or produce.

There’d be some people that work there that don’t want to bother with something that’s smaller, and other people that are glad to have the business because it would be something where they would have to produce a lot of them.

So, I give it a trial run. I see how it works out. And then I go back a second time, going through the dream again, and this time I approach the bosses and I realized there were some in the factory that maybe didn’t want things to succeed and there were other people that I went to, and maybe because it was a large order, kind of had that attitude of something is too big to fail.

And what they were willing to do was to give me some breaks. And so I’m going back and proposing that, you know, we do this a second time, and this time I want to work particularly with those people. You know, they’re going to give me some special breaks or do things in ways because, you know, they want to see something work and they want to see it work by giving you breaks in ways that will help it happen faster and less expensively.

So I’m pushing for it to happen again. So, I had that dream several times.

John: So, this is similar to kind of a second dream that I had, in which there is a general overall thrust, which is the big rocket, which is a bit of an over-the-top expression in terms of something that is dominant. In other words, it has a dominant influence.

And the little rockets are the way to work in an integrated way. You did reverse this a little bit. I had two forces, of which then a secondary force came up and melded with what was going on. The second force—one was a force that you didn’t want to have to deal with, and the other was a force that you wanted to favor exclusively, but you couldn’t. You had to put the two together.

And so, you have the rocket that’s over-the-top in terms of what it’s trying to do, and then you come underneath that thrust, and you infiltrate that, or you affect that, in such a way so that you create something that has a sense of balance. And that kind of helps pull or hold something together.

What one’s doing is one is trying to hold the line, trying to hold something together. You’ve got two things going on. One is the blast-off of the rocket, of which you’re then trying to hold that together in terms of little things that come in and add some cadence that fill in the middle. In other words, the other is too much. It’s too big of a gap.

And then I experience it more as something that could breakdown and something that includes that breakdown quality into another energetic. And the result, then, is something that is embraced.

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