Drawn Like a Magnet

magneticWhat humans are currently doing and what humans are meant to do are two different things. Many people might ask: if that’s true, where’s the instruction book? But we are the instruction book, and this planet and this universe are our teachers as well. Everything we need to know is coded in us, and those codings urge us to fulfill our design all the days of our lives. Perhaps we should all stop, look, and listen, because most of our stress comes from not being as we are meant to be. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: This first dream, I wasn’t sure even what I was writing up for the longest time, because it just seemed bizarre, but it was a way of seeing, you know, a way of settling back and just seeing something different.

So in my dream, as a consequence of a trade, in terms of one property for another property, I trade for a piece of property that is in an area in which there’s very little known in terms of a history of this area by others.

The thing that I seem to remember about it is that there’s a race that occurred, or that is memorable from this area. Now, it’s not a race that other people know about. It’s a race that I seem to be able to have a visual memory of, that involves only those who are connected or intertwined in this area.

What they have is a camaraderie, because they are linked together in a joyousness. Almost as if, whatever happens, the winner is all of them. In other words, when you look at it, they’re all sequenced together and you can’t break them apart, and it’s kind of like all for one and one for all. And it’s done in a type of exuberance. And yet, this is some sort of way of being.

So, I look at this in my mind’s eye over and over again, because such joyous camaraderie is unheard of. Yet there it was to behold. Nowhere else has there been such a thing. The deed to this place, in other words this property that I got by trade, comes with an easement in which that if you were to see a map of the area, there are no roads that are visible from the general information, outside ideas, or images.

But I know at a glance, from the general layout, and the fact of the way that it is comprised and held together, it’s got an allotment to it that is different than the way most land is, that even though it is a part of me, as a sight unseen, that this is something special and I’m excited to be slowly denoting. In other words, I don’t just dismiss it as incomplete or something, because I know that there’s something emerging about this.

The meaning is the dream is symbolically portraying an energetic, inner joyousness that is infectious and memorable, in and of itself. Those from this place are all intertwined in a memorable way that churns up heartfelt memories. I’m waking up to something.

The memories do not fall away because of the joyousness that is indigenous to this place. What is special is an inner depth associated with this place, that is shaping my consciousness little by little. In other words, this is something awakening inside. As this is occurring, what is to be is reverberating as an ancient echo somewhere deep inside, beckoning me to this place. The place has a special bond for me, based upon a deep, heartfelt resonance.

The deeper meaning is, that I am describing an awakening in what is a place that I am getting glimpses of from within as I come towards that reality. This is an awakening that I have been moving towards all my life. As I have been developing from within, the effect was not something I consciously knew was going on, but I am starting to understand this little by little.

In other words, it’s kind of like it happened as an emerging on another level. What I am noticing is that I have been drawn, like a magnet, to this place from the beginning. In other words, it’s like everything is culminating to this spot. I can’t explain this magnetism to the intellect, except to say there is a resonance pulling me here from deep within. It’s like a place from an inner history, which has not gotten lost.

This is a place where everyone is connected in a camaraderie, the energetic beholding to something I just can’t let go of. The intertwined linkage is a memory that when it is truly experienced, you just can’t ever let go of it again.

So it’s like emergence of a sight and then what emerges there, I take it to the point where I see the two ways in which life can unfold, and I am able to tell the one I favor, but that doesn’t mean it is going to work out that way. And then there’s kind of like a gestation period for what is meant to percolate or formulate.

And then I am waiting to see what this will be like. I’m simply hanging out in suspense. And what happens in it is the unfoldment I favor surprises me because I didn’t expect this. It melds with that which I had opposed, and the net effect is that which I favor unfolds in a way that includes and takes into account that which I oppose.

And that which I favor surprises me in that I didn’t know that it was able to do that. As a result, a problem, based upon what had been a separation, falls away because the unfoldment is now coalesced together as an intertwining.

When it comes together like that, I am not allowed to have any issues with what unfolds, because it’s a wholeness. Even if I don’t like it I can’t have any issues with it because both halves came together.

I feel that because everything there is, is included and taken into account when it’s like that. So, I can’t sit there and pretend that there’s confusion yet. I can only do that when there’s a duality and there isn’t a duality. I guess you could say I’m able to bring it up to a status quo, a balance.

I’m still working in the masculine way of trying to figure out what’s going on, so to speak. Is it this way, or that way?

So, what’s interesting is to ponder this dream in relationship to the whole, because it’s a dream about doing something in the whole. It’s a dream about an energetic way of being in relationship to one’s self, which is a self that is in the whole.

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