Not With the Program

HigherSelfBeing late for something, missing a connection, forgetting to do something, or even being chased by a monster – or any scary image – these are all dream elements that show different aspects of our inner life trying to make connections. And, once a connection is made, something new becomes possible because new energy is available. These moments are exploring the areas, and the ways, we still resist, and often fear, opening up to our natural self.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, I keep having this recurring dream in terms of the masculine’s quality or role of having to have an understanding or a sight about how and what something is able, or meant, to be.

And so, in this dream, I’ve gone to a college campus. I’m apparently a student. I enrolled for classes and I have a dorm room. And on the first night I was there, I think I showered up at night because it was easier to do it that way because I discover suddenly, that when Monday rolls around, and I’m to get up—and I guess that’s probably when classes begin—to shower that morning now, I will have to go down to where others are at, walk through an area where others are at, so I don’t do that. I procrastinate and I don’t do that.

And as a result of not getting into a proper flow, or timing, I suddenly get this sinking sensation while I’m asleep, because in my lucid dreaming, I realize the whole day’s gone by and I completely forgot I needed to go to classes. I got off on a bad foot to begin with, and forgot about the classes.

And so the dilemma I have is, as I wake up, I’m concerned, before I realize where I’m at when I wake up, I’m concerned that I’m going to have trouble determining where the classes are at, or what they are, plus I do not know if I can make up for the time I lost. And I don’t know anybody either, you know. I haven’t made any contacts. That’s another problem.

And the meaning of this is, I’m trying to get comfortable with a space that I am able to feel from within, but because I’m out of sync with the timing I am not with the program. This dream is kind of identifying how I’m sensing things. I know that something is afoot, or is about to be afoot, but I don’t know quite when. And I’m guessing at the timing and wigging myself out because I’m not in sync with it.

What the dream is actually saying, on an even deeper level, is this sort of mannerism is interrupting, or getting in the way of, an unfoldment. Because as long as I carry on like this—herky-jerking about reactively, or questioning the sequencing—as long as I’m out of sync, I’m out of the connection, too. I lose the connection that is important, that one is able to naturally find themselves in.

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