Aligned to Your Being

alignedEverything communicates, as John says here in this analysis of Jeane’s dream. And so it does, if we are able to translate what is being communicated. Even so, our systems know a lot more than we do when using just our brains – though we can train ourselves to be more conscious about our greater connective abilities – and they are always trying to find balance, equilibrium, and flow. Just like the universe itself does. If we tune ourselves to that, we become part of it’s flow. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The only thing I remember about my first dream is it was like I was watching a musical that was being produced, and just following it along. And I don’t remember any details of it really, just watching that musical being produced.

In my second dream, it’s like I’m somewhere where there’s going to be a wedding and people have gathered and they almost seem Middle Eastern but they are all wearing kind of poufy dresses, the women, and the men are dressed a little formally.

John: What you’re doing when you’re watching the musical being produced is it’s through music that sometimes information can come through, or a vibration, or an energetic can come through, that soothes, or opens up, or creates the ability to kind of get yourself in balance, or back into a state of equilibrium or something.

And the reason why it works like that, there’s the quality of the music of sound itself that’s in creation, and then there’s the quality of something that comes through the music, that is within the music somehow or another, that is bringing in information.

Through the calming and the soothing, deeper within all of that is a type of information. The reason why I say it’s information is because the reason why it soothes is it retains some aspect of one’s nature that’s in a kind of awkward, or disturbed, state. And when that nature is tamed, when something is soothed, then the expression can unfold.

So, you’re watching the music, beholding it as a type of seeing. In other words, it’s like the feminine role in this is first of all, it takes in, it finds the cadence of how it wants to feel everything in its world – that’s like a music.

And once it finds the cadence of how something feels, it can tell whether something is off or not. In other words, everything communicates in this way, just like it’s music, and it can then change or shape or rearrange if the situation calls for it. It can give something at that point in time to cause something to come together.

In other words, to be able to make a change that is meaningful. When you’re just sitting and watching music, what you’re doing is you are, in some subtle way, you are getting the information, so to speak, through this cadence and balance and way of knowing. It is helping you to align to your being. And when you’re aligned then you can do things, then you can make things happen.

Music works in that kind of magical way. There’s something in the masculine in the music, and then there’s something about how the feminine gets to a point of joy and cadence in her world that then opens up her ability to create.

This actually, a little bitty subtle thing like that, leads to a bigger image, in terms of what co-creation is all about. In other words, co-creation, what’s the co? You know, if we’re all God, what’s the co?

Well, when the masculine quality has the something to become clear. The feminine nature, through how she is able to feel things, is able then to effectuate the change. The feminine nature trying to do it on her own, is caught in moods and distortions in the environment, misaligned. Once she gets it, she knows, as if it’s already naturally within – and within just something like music, that can happen.

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