A Quality of Faith

faith_3Since we are all the characters in our dreams, the masculine and feminine aspects of us also must communicate to get on the same page, or balance themselves. In John’s dream image it is a direct conversation, with each side stating the way it can feel most in the flow. And just like the two genders in waking life, it isn’t a matter of one being right or wrong, it’s that they each reach the same destination in different ways.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Apparently I’m having a dream inside that’s trying to help me to understand that, because I wake up and realize I have this dream. In which the way I work with that space is I let go of it all the time as if I have a right to let go of it or as if I don’t know any better. And this dream kind of indicates how that is a problem.

In this dream I told a woman that I am able to tell in my heart whether something has a fullness or not, in other words, like I’m communicating that sense. That sound, that vibration, that quality, that aspect that’s soothing is feminine. And in that is where the big picture comes in.

I comment about that to her. And now she’s asking if the sight was sufficient for that because that’s the confusion I have, is whether that then leads to a point where you’re not necessarily looking at the variables that are going on outwardly, too. Are they important?

So, to portray this, she then asks – because that’s where the misalignment comes up is I can feel that, sense that, but I won’t stay in that subjective state. I come out of that, so that’s the feminine part of me coming out of that.

So she then asks if I had run the data and made an analysis of two and eleven as she had requested. These are detail aspects, as if you need the information, because the feminine, sitting in her subjectivity, thinks that she is missing out on something. And I tell her that I wasn’t going to do that because that is not what I do.

I said, “I don’t know how to use that sort of information because I’m a person who gauges the flow by feel. I wouldn’t know how to use that data and to go there would weigh me down.”

And so, this actually causes me to look at a word that I’ve never looked at before. It’s called “faith.” In other words, within the subjective, within the quality of a wholeness, when you know it, you know it, but your mind gets in the road and distorts that and you end up bringing in all kinds of doingness and gibberish.

As a feminine nature, you bring in all kinds of things that don’t just sit with how you’re able to just sit. And so what I am trying to develop as the deeper aspect of the meaning of all of this is the quality known as faith. In other words, how do I know something by feel as opposed to bringing in all of this sundry detail that just bogs you down?

So, I describe to her about how that makes itself known to me. I am a novice at this – you know, I’m explaining to her I’m a novice at being able to follow this, you might say – and what it was in my meditation that reflected then as into this dream, what it was was a type of music or listening to the sound of the universe.

So I describe to her how that makes itself known to me, just like your first dream that was just watching the music. If you can do that, it keeps you in, there’s a cadence to that – but you violate it at the wedding – and I tell her that I’m a novice at this, so this is the best I’m able to do is what I’m saying, so to speak.

What the woman is really saying to me is, okay, that’s fine but do not forget that the following in the outer also applies – or you end up really flying blind. And that’s also true. In other words, how do you pull the feminine and the masculine energies together? What is it that they each give each other?

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