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magneticWhat humans are currently doing and what humans are meant to do are two different things. Many people might ask: if that’s true, where’s the instruction book? But we are the instruction book, and this planet and this universe are our teachers as well. Everything we need to know is coded in us, and those codings urge us to fulfill our design all the days of our lives. Perhaps we should all stop, look, and listen, because most of our stress comes from not being as we are meant to be. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: This first dream, I wasn’t sure even what I was writing up for the longest time, because it just seemed bizarre, but it was a way of seeing, you know, a way of settling back and just seeing something different.

So in my dream, as a consequence of a trade, in terms of one property for another property, I trade for a piece of property that is in an area in which there’s very little known in terms of a history of this area by others.

The thing that I seem to remember about it is that there’s a race that occurred, or that is memorable from this area. Now, it’s not a race that other people know about. It’s a race that I seem to be able to have a visual memory of, that involves only those who are connected or intertwined in this area.

What they have is a camaraderie, because they are linked together in a joyousness. Almost as if, whatever happens, the winner is all of them. In other words, when you look at it, they’re all sequenced together and you can’t break them apart, and it’s kind of like all for one and one for all. And it’s done in a type of exuberance. And yet, this is some sort of way of being.

So, I look at this in my mind’s eye over and over again, because such joyous camaraderie is unheard of. Yet there it was to behold. Nowhere else has there been such a thing. The deed to this place, in other words this property that I got by trade, comes with an easement in which that if you were to see a map of the area, there are no roads that are visible from the general information, outside ideas, or images.

But I know at a glance, from the general layout, and the fact of the way that it is comprised and held together, it’s got an allotment to it that is different than the way most land is, that even though it is a part of me, as a sight unseen, that this is something special and I’m excited to be slowly denoting. In other words, I don’t just dismiss it as incomplete or something, because I know that there’s something emerging about this.

The meaning is the dream is symbolically portraying an energetic, inner joyousness that is infectious and memorable, in and of itself. Those from this place are all intertwined in a memorable way that churns up heartfelt memories. I’m waking up to something.

The memories do not fall away because of the joyousness that is indigenous to this place. What is special is an inner depth associated with this place, that is shaping my consciousness little by little. In other words, this is something awakening inside. As this is occurring, what is to be is reverberating as an ancient echo somewhere deep inside, beckoning me to this place. The place has a special bond for me, based upon a deep, heartfelt resonance.

The deeper meaning is, that I am describing an awakening in what is a place that I am getting glimpses of from within as I come towards that reality. This is an awakening that I have been moving towards all my life. As I have been developing from within, the effect was not something I consciously knew was going on, but I am starting to understand this little by little.

In other words, it’s kind of like it happened as an emerging on another level. What I am noticing is that I have been drawn, like a magnet, to this place from the beginning. In other words, it’s like everything is culminating to this spot. I can’t explain this magnetism to the intellect, except to say there is a resonance pulling me here from deep within. It’s like a place from an inner history, which has not gotten lost.

This is a place where everyone is connected in a camaraderie, the energetic beholding to something I just can’t let go of. The intertwined linkage is a memory that when it is truly experienced, you just can’t ever let go of it again.

So it’s like emergence of a sight and then what emerges there, I take it to the point where I see the two ways in which life can unfold, and I am able to tell the one I favor, but that doesn’t mean it is going to work out that way. And then there’s kind of like a gestation period for what is meant to percolate or formulate.

And then I am waiting to see what this will be like. I’m simply hanging out in suspense. And what happens in it is the unfoldment I favor surprises me because I didn’t expect this. It melds with that which I had opposed, and the net effect is that which I favor unfolds in a way that includes and takes into account that which I oppose.

And that which I favor surprises me in that I didn’t know that it was able to do that. As a result, a problem, based upon what had been a separation, falls away because the unfoldment is now coalesced together as an intertwining.

When it comes together like that, I am not allowed to have any issues with what unfolds, because it’s a wholeness. Even if I don’t like it I can’t have any issues with it because both halves came together.

I feel that because everything there is, is included and taken into account when it’s like that. So, I can’t sit there and pretend that there’s confusion yet. I can only do that when there’s a duality and there isn’t a duality. I guess you could say I’m able to bring it up to a status quo, a balance.

I’m still working in the masculine way of trying to figure out what’s going on, so to speak. Is it this way, or that way?

So, what’s interesting is to ponder this dream in relationship to the whole, because it’s a dream about doing something in the whole. It’s a dream about an energetic way of being in relationship to one’s self, which is a self that is in the whole.

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spirits-looking-over-the-universe-nikki-boruchWe often think of dreams as being reflections of our outer life and, of course, they can be. But they can also be a place to work out issues, or to try certain scenarios and see what the results are. Jeane’s dream here is a good example of that. And the best part of this process is that it can mean we don’t have to make the same mistake in our waking life – which could take months to unfold instead of minutes. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the next dream, it feels like I get up early one day before my family is up, and I travel down to a town nearby. And I’ve decided to go to a spot in the highway, which kind of has a lot of access to everything, where sometimes people gather and sell things.

And I get there early so I can get a good spot. And I put up a stand. And I have put together everything so that I can make some home-squeezed apple juice which I’m going to sell, this product of apple juice.

And then, because I’ve had a successful day selling it, I’ve kind of gone home and I’ve gathered the family around, invited them over, different family members, and I want them to sample the apple juice and maybe also sample some apple butter or something they can put on their toast, or whatever.

Because I’m thinking, because I have somewhat of an original recipe somehow, that if I can continue doing this, it could even be something that I could turn over to some of the younger relatives in the family, that they could maintain and sell, because you don’t really have to have a patent on a home recipe, or anything, especially something that’s just made out of something natural. And so they’ve all come over to sample it.

John: So you’re progressing something that’s small. You’re progressing from the rocket program, which is something that is too excessive. You come in with something that’s simpler to help hold it together and pull it together. And that appears to work.

And so, because that works, that creates something that is healthy for a bigger schematic or picture in life, it’s healthy. And that quality that has an aliveness and a health to it, or a balance, is actually able to work. In other words, you test piloted it in the face of something that was overwhelming and was able to get it to meld in.

And so, you are able to then take it further than that. You’re able to then go into production in a way that is creating something that is healthy and balanced, that can then be handed out or infused into the whole.

So you’re dreaming a quality, or an effect, about the way you’re finding yourself. The way that the teacher would describe this is, look at this is, there comes a point in time when a person may dream in terms of a bigger equation, in terms of what’s unfolding.

Actually what you’re doing is, I would say this differently. I would say that you’re dreaming in terms of how it is that you’re finding yourself in a more entwined whole. In other words, you’ve gotten to the point where, instead of the things being too much for you, you’re able to take an over-the-top situation, like a rocket ship, and you’re able to come and work with the components or the pieces of that.

You’re able to come underneath that and effectuate something, at first in an experimental way, and that it works in relationship to the general overall unfoldment. And then because it works in terms of the general overall unfoldment, you’re able to slowly create a change.

In other words, the rocket ship in and of itself, has a certain meaninglessness in terms of, where is it going and what’s that all about? But what you test piloted underneath, the smaller development things, was useful, was necessary, wasn’t an overreach, and was successful in terms of pulling something together, holding something together.

And so, it was actually more than just a holding of something together, it was the introducing of something new. And so the second dream portrays how that something new is something that is healthy and beneficial. And then can become like a business that can be handed off and infused into the society, or into whole, or amongst the other parts of yourself, which means your family business, or lineage, or whatever. The parts of yourself is everything in life.

So, this is a dream that is describing a type of process in which your way of flowing in the outer involves making a transition, or bringing in or helping to usher in something, that is an offset or sense of change, that is workable and is causing something new to be able to unfold. It’s interesting.

In other words, you’re in the unfoldment of something. You’re facilitating the unfoldment of something; you’re implementing it. What you’re doing is an implementation. You’re watching to see how it unfolds, you know, where you take it one more step further. You see the way that it’s unfolding, in other words the rocket ship thing, and realize how to tweak it. How to come underneath that, run a pilot program within that schematic, which is successful enough, so that you then are able to make that a healthy business.

Something that is healthy in terms of a way that life can unfold, in a way that has a flow that is important. That’s like an ushering in of something that, once it has been proven, that it can be done and that it can work, and that it can be accepted. And that it’s almost like a type of, unbeknownst to the obvious, kind of causing something, creating something anew, as an alternative manner in terms of what can be.

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camp-de-energieWe often hear about energy awakening within us, but it isn’t so well understood that we have to learn how to handle that energy. Just like we can’t wake up one day and run a marathon, humans have to become accustomed to higher processes, build those muscles, so to speak, by learning how to adapt, adjust, and rebalance themselves as they move forward. And that’s why there are no shortcuts to enlightenment – we’d overload our systems. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, my first dream was influenced by the fact I watched something on 60 Minutes, about one of those zillionaires who has been picking up where the U.S. space program left off. Multimillionaire who is developing space travel and is even going for a contract to start delivering supplies to the space station.

And he started from scratch and put a factory down and started building rockets. And so it took him about five tries before they found one that actually worked, but, you know, it was really interesting what he was doing, from kind of the bottom up, building rockets less expensively.

It’s like I’m watching that and, in my dream, what’s happened is that there’s a factory that has learned how to develop whatever it is, rockets or whatever, but I’ve gone to them with something that I want, something smaller, that I want them to build or produce.

There’d be some people that work there that don’t want to bother with something that’s smaller, and other people that are glad to have the business because it would be something where they would have to produce a lot of them.

So, I give it a trial run. I see how it works out. And then I go back a second time, going through the dream again, and this time I approach the bosses and I realized there were some in the factory that maybe didn’t want things to succeed and there were other people that I went to, and maybe because it was a large order, kind of had that attitude of something is too big to fail.

And what they were willing to do was to give me some breaks. And so I’m going back and proposing that, you know, we do this a second time, and this time I want to work particularly with those people. You know, they’re going to give me some special breaks or do things in ways because, you know, they want to see something work and they want to see it work by giving you breaks in ways that will help it happen faster and less expensively.

So I’m pushing for it to happen again. So, I had that dream several times.

John: So, this is similar to kind of a second dream that I had, in which there is a general overall thrust, which is the big rocket, which is a bit of an over-the-top expression in terms of something that is dominant. In other words, it has a dominant influence.

And the little rockets are the way to work in an integrated way. You did reverse this a little bit. I had two forces, of which then a secondary force came up and melded with what was going on. The second force—one was a force that you didn’t want to have to deal with, and the other was a force that you wanted to favor exclusively, but you couldn’t. You had to put the two together.

And so, you have the rocket that’s over-the-top in terms of what it’s trying to do, and then you come underneath that thrust, and you infiltrate that, or you affect that, in such a way so that you create something that has a sense of balance. And that kind of helps pull or hold something together.

What one’s doing is one is trying to hold the line, trying to hold something together. You’ve got two things going on. One is the blast-off of the rocket, of which you’re then trying to hold that together in terms of little things that come in and add some cadence that fill in the middle. In other words, the other is too much. It’s too big of a gap.

And then I experience it more as something that could breakdown and something that includes that breakdown quality into another energetic. And the result, then, is something that is embraced.

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