A Connective Organism

18lpIn Jeane’s second dream of the night (see A Greater Integration) she progresses to a place inside herself where much greater things become possible. It’s a beautiful example of how our relationship to the universe really works: once we stop working for ourselves and begin to work for something greater, we begin to get guidance and knowings on how to proceed. The universe can’t respond to us if we’re on a different wavelength. So that means we need to be on it’s wavelength to receive, which requires an internal alignment in us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In this other little dream it’s like I’m trying to work with someone who’s in some kind of a care home, or a nursing home. And I feel like everyone’s treating her like she’s actually older than she is, like they’re kind of concerned with just getting her out of bed and getting her in some kind of walker, or something to get around.

But I realize that she might occasionally need a walker for balance, but she just needs to realize she really doesn’t even need that. She actually can get around and go places, but they’re treating her like she’s more incapacitated than she is.

And as she lies there in bed she then gets a phone call from Pete Rose for some reason. Meanwhile I’m standing there; it’s almost like I’m looking at points on her body and how they’re lining up, trying to figure out how I convince her that they’re actually all treating her like she’s much more incapacitated than she is.

I’m not even sure she even needs a walker for balance. She just needs to realize she actually can go where she wants to go, and she’s not quite getting it yet, or people aren’t communicating that to her. So I’m trying to figure out how to line up things so that she gets it, or they get it.

John: So you have to integrate this dream into the first dream. And so in the first dream, you’re having to do the stuff that one tends to do that is somewhat kind of a personal figuring out – if you think about it. It’s in a flow, but kind of a personal figuring out.

In other words, your first idea of where you can go for exercise and whatnot – that’s something that you feel that you need – ends up shifting to where you have to work more with the scenario that you’re meant to be in. And then as you work more with the scenario that you’re in, something unfolds beyond more than just being able to walk, that you then can go up and down, you can ride bikes up a hill or you can walk up the hill with the bike, you can ride down with greater speed.

In doing that you’re developing a… well, what you’re doing is you’re building yourself up, because the whole theme of the dream did start off with the idea of exercise, building something back up into shape. And so when you get to a point where you don’t have to indulge in yourself anymore, in other words that is actually what was all going on up to the point where you found the glasses, you were actually indulging in yourself in a way of growing. It wasn’t like it was in vain. It was necessary in order to get you up to a particular point, in order to develop a certain consciousness or something.

Once you reach that consciousness, then you were ready for a different download – and that’s where you got the glasses. And then once you got the glasses, that brought in a new sight. And so I was guessing at what that sight could be when you told the initial dream; in other words, you’re fine, you know how to walk up what needs to be walked up when it’s steep, and how to ride when it needs to ride. You basically went as far as one dare need go in that sort of thing because you now can handle the obstacles, the hills, as well as the straight and narrow of the path, even.

So with these glasses, what does it mean? Well, what it meant was, in terms of now your second dream, is that you now know how, with this, to help others. Before it was kind of like getting yourself into an alignment or shape, but now all of a sudden, once that has been done, you then can extend out from an attention that had been placed upon yourself to being able to affect others, which is the deeper meaning – and really what it is all about in terms of being alive.

You’re not here to make something work for yourself. You only do that to get up to a particular point to where you then can let go and take whatever it is that you’ve established as a sense of wholeness and completeness. You are then able to kind of take that and extend that, and offer that, to others: in other words, to awaken other parts of yourself.

So what the feminine has done here, the feminine has found her wholeness and is able to then, instead of holding onto it, is then able to work in other scenarios that need help but, from her sense of overallness and wholeness, the scenarios that need help she can look beyond the appearances and bring about something, help facilitate something, that wouldn’t ordinarily be possible.

That isn’t something that’s really separate from you, but in the dream it’s indicated like it’s separate from you. In order for you to know that, and to help that, you have to let go of something about yourself. In other words, you have to take something of a knowingness in terms of yourself and pour that out over something that needs it, that looks like it is outside of yourself, but it’s really yourself outside of yourself that you wouldn’t normally be able to see as long as you were having to indulge or work upon yourself.

When you get to a point where you can carry yourself with a sense of balance, and you have that completion kind of like more or less in shape, that’s when you can then take and extend that into the environment around you.

It was interesting that when you told the first dream I suddenly realized the only way to understand it was to realize that you were doing step one, step two. Step one was more your own idea of how to make it work. Step two was realizing you belong to something that you needed to just plug into. Step three was learning that, as a consequence of plugging in and whatnot, you came to know the ups and the downs pretty well in terms of the pace and the whole thing.

And then step four you had nowhere to go with it but to suddenly naturally have caught up with the greater sight that you didn’t know that you had, but you had to kind of build yourself to a position so that you can find that greater sight. You then catch up with that greater sight and then, all of a sudden, it’s almost like you then, in step five or whatever the step is, you then hit the greater beingness of yourself, which is something that the attention then is not upon what you are trying to do or figure out.

It’s not upon that, it’s about how from that awareness you’re able to affect others around just simply because you recognize beyond appearances – and you do that because you’re connected to everything in all of life, and you found a completeness in terms of how you’re carrying yourself, and it is from that completeness that you can extend it out to other parts, and start working with all of these other parts of yourself, to which you are intertwined because it is all one great big connective organism.

And in doing that, you are able to bring about, to be the servant of the servants, so to speak, in terms of the way of saying it – although it’s all with yourself. It’s just a greater wholeness of yourself.

There’s always just the oneness. There’s always just this one thing that is going on. It’s just that we are caught in all of the appearances, and that’s why this cute little saying is so interesting: we are the servant of the servants, so to speak.

And then that’s left like that for us to figure out, that we’re only always just working with bits and pieces and parts of what we really, really are. And if we weren’t really always that, in other words these little bits and parts of everything that we see in our environment, in order to affect that, in order to touch that, in order to work with that, in order to do anything at all that can be imparted in some fashion we actually have to have the connection, we have to have the linkage.

In other words, you don’t start with something that’s brand new, and introduce something brand new to something that has no idea about it. The reason why you could help the little old lady, or knew what she needed, was because you’re connected to her. You could see inside of her that part that you had found a completeness with inside of yourself, and a way of handling and accommodating that in terms of yourself. You’re able, then, to go to that component or part that is you in that person. You can see that, you can know that. Others can’t see that if they haven’t gotten themselves into an alignment.

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