Beyond the Collective

swimsYesterday, we had a family reunion (see Aligning the Subtle Bodies), today it’s an interaction with more distant relatives. As noted, such events go beyond any waking life symbolism of real family issues, and take the dreamer into the realms of inner unity. Is the relationship between the characters close or distant? And is the relationship moving toward unity, or away from it? The answers provide clues to what our inner states are processing. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So now I’m going into something I’m not quite handling. What’s being introduced now, into the equation, is something that is twisting and tearing my energy up a bit. And so that effect needs to be depicted. In other words, you can go along where you can see that this is what is trying to surface behind the scenes of things, but what is really still yet happening in life? I guess that’s maybe a better way of saying it.

So in this dream, I travel to where there are relatives in this particular area that I’m not familiar with, and I’m with my brother. Like I say, these are relatives I’ve never met. To begin with, I actually stop at a place that is where a very shirttail relative lives, in other words, barely related.

I don’t let on with them at all that I’m related and, somehow or another, I’m allowed to go swimming in their pool, and it’s as if by going swimming in the pool this is my way to get a reading, or a gauge, of how things are at this place.

Well my brother I have this pool to ourselves when we get in, but then I kind of forget about my brother because I’m confused over the fact that the pool feels comfortable, and the water is easy to swim in, but there’s some sense about this that bugs me.

Above I see where there’s kind of like this filmy ring that runs at a higher point along the pool. I’m deeper into the pool, in other words. It has fairly high sidewalls, yet there’s still plenty of water there to swim in. And I see this greasy ring above, so I am below this film layer, which kind of gives me a sensation that something isn’t right.

So as I look around suddenly I see other greasy spots that have accumulated on the pool walls, down in the area where I’m even swimming. And then I realize that this pool hasn’t been cleaned or something. Yet when I’m in the flow of this pool, swimming in this pool, I can confuse myself, I can think that it’s okay – but on a sensation level I know it’s just not right, and I have to stop in order to notice.

Well, even in the pool I’m realizing something isn’t quite right, so I decide to get out. And it’s almost as if as I’m getting out, the pool is suddenly full of a whole bunch of people from the area, and that’s when I kind of get the sense that, aha, this isn’t natural, here’s this pool out on this ranch out in the countryside, and it’s a focal point that’s drawing all of this attention from all of these people from this area coming to this thing. This is an unhealthy expression. You’re either a farm, a ranch, or you’re not.

My cousin seems to be providing something very popular, but it’s a huge sideline. But maybe it produces revenue for him, but it’s not in keeping with what this is all about, this being a ranch, this being a way of life. This is something of a bifurcation of that way of life that is projecting its own kind of flow and sense that keeps you from taking care of, and looking at, what is the greater importance of this ranch.

So I get up and I leave, and it’s kind of like there’s a little shift in the dream because I end up along another country road that’s in the area. I don’t remember how to get back to where I had left from, and I stop to talk to a woman who’s riding a horse. And the place where I stop I can see a sign up in front of me that mentions another relative, that’s a closer relative, has my same last name.

I can even make out the ranch in the distance, and she may even be from that ranch, but I’m not ready to introduce myself as the son of so and so, in which they would know that because they wouldn’t know me. And I don’t want to get into that yet. I, for some reason, just want directions back to where I had been. I know that there’s something unfinished there.

In other words, I actually need to meet this relative back there that I met first, that I just checked out but didn’t introduce. So, as I’m standing there talking to her, my attention is drawn to the pants she’s wearing. She has a very unusual riding outfit, very interesting pants; they flow different than other pants.

But, even though I notice that, I talk about her horse. I admire her horse, and I don’t want to get caught in any personal conversation, so I talk about the horse she has. And I ask her, where do I go to get a horse like this? I’m looking for a horse.

And she mentions the last name of this shirttail relative that I’d just come from, and says that, without a doubt, that is where I need to go. It is when I get back to the pool that I find it even fuller, and this relative is now sitting out there overseeing this flow. Unbelievable! I mean, this pool is not meant to have that many people in it. It’s practically a wading pool there’s so many people.

And of course this is what fully explains why the pool felt like it did. It is overwhelmed with so many people, that come from all over the area, that it isn’t balanced anymore. And even my relative seems to be distracted from his primary business as a result. He apparently has access, or is a ticket to an access, to an understanding that works with the horses and has better horses; horses being symbolic for power.

Meaning: I am able to tell that something isn’t right, but when indulged in the flow I am unable to sort this out. Only when I go back and forth a bit do I get hints of it, or when I sit overly indulged do I get a hint that something isn’t right.

What I need is more inner power awakening in me. That is what I really am seeking. In terms of everything that I’m doing, that’s what I’m actually seeking. And it comes from this area. It comes from the shirttail relative. It comes from this place where I don’t handle or recuse myself very well because I get caught up in this whole collective aspect that isn’t even a proper expression in this community. It’s this pool that’s out of place.

I’m just not taking it in because the flow I am looking at, that exists in the environment, distorts my focus. I have to shift away from this, that isn’t quite right, to find what is really there naturally, that I am feeling somehow, but am not pulling out.

It seems that every time I get in the zone of this, the pool, and its irregular flow, sidetrack my attention. Maybe this time I will get it by going to a more easily accessed part of myself, which is the relative that’s on the horse, that’s a closer relative, who then points me back to where I just came. Because I felt uncomfortable that something wasn’t right about the pool and left, but then as I had left I realized that I don’t know how to go back.

And from this relative I learn again where the shirttail relative lives, who is a deeper part of myself, and is where the connection to a greater inner awareness is there to be found.

The summary is, this is very exhausting. This energy vibing like this was very exhausting. And so how is it that I feel? I feel exhausted and thrown about, but I am in the area where the shift to what is more real, from within, is possible. I just have to get beyond the collective flow that is a distraction, that you can’t help but notice, but has no power, or energy, or aliveness in it.

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