A Natural Release

the-constant-flow-of-life_s-lessonsHow often do we find ourselves stressing out, only to realize that stress always happens when we try to control the world around us? The view that we can control things is a very personalized idea about life and, as we’ve discussed, being personally involved in the outcome of things separates us from the universal flow. At some point we have to decide whether we want to go it alone, i.e., be separate from the design of the universe, or seek to become one with it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well the only dreams I remember were really frustrating. In the first dream, it’s like I’ve gone into a bathroom. It almost feels like more young guys in there than women. I can’t really tell if there are both or not, but I’m trying to find a toilet to use, and some are out in the open and some are in stalls.

But it’s like if a door opens and I think I can go in there, somebody else will get there before me. And then I’ll turn around and there are more people in line in front of me than there were before.

And then there’s one young guy that gets off a toilet that was in the open space, and I go over and it’s just full of junk, I mean like tin cans, plus there’s fresh water spilling over the edge of it. It’s almost like the rest of us are looking at him like we need to discipline him in some way. I guess we’re feeling like that’s his fault.

You definitely can’t use that toilet because it’s just full of junk. That’s that first dream.

John: The theme of the dreaming was about how to maintain a certain cadence or quality of flow that is in keeping with what is meant to be. In other words, where in my case you don’t take and get yourself all hot and bothered into the issue, and in your case you don’t go flowing in a way that carries a mood or a tone.

What in your case causes the mood, or the tone, or the mannerism to be there, is when you are pressing yourself as if you have to do this or you have to do that. When you settle back and you just go about things as they are naturally unfolding, you are able to support and enhance what is meant to be.

But when you feel compelled to have to arrange this, or direct that, or affect this – in other words, lurching out a little bit too much from how it is that you’re able to just casually unfold – that is when you are able, through a dream like this, you’re able to see what that looks like in terms of how it is that something is able to naturally transition and unfold.

So the dream is, maybe a way of putting it is, it’s like indicating that you’re driving the vehicle of yourself at a pace that is not in keeping with the rhythm of the scenario and, thus, as you stretch out this way or stretch out that way, instead of there being a natural releasing of things, you are instead finding more issues to confront, or that bug you, or that bother you.

It’s an interesting dream that one can actually put a scenario to. It’s kind of a repeat pattern dream even except it is presented a little differently this time. What it’s indicating is that that which you fidget with or fret about as if you’re trying to make things okay, or conducive, or to direct things, it’s that this is something that is creating a kind of imbalance for you – or awkwardness in terms of how you’re able to be. It makes one wonder. Maybe one just has to figure out how to let something go haywire.

The example might be, in terms of how this energetic is tweaked in you, would have been, well what if I had driven into the wrong parking area? Could one just be calm about that, even though that it is ridiculous? And that way one maintains a certain balance. I mean it would have been humorous, everybody would have laughed, but was something taken away out of the cadence of one’s own rhythm in life by having to press that? That’s the overt example.

Your dream is telling you that this is kind of what happens when you don’t just naturally go with the flow. What you jar or shake up or cause to come to life in front of you… you’re never going to be satisfied with it. You’re not going to be properly releasing that which needs to be released, or aligning in the way that you need to align.

You’re going to be continually in the process of trying to make something work, as opposed to there is actually a way of letting something tell you how it’s supposed to unfold. You can actually hear that, you can actually tell that. It’s a feel inside of one’s self, but it also reflects in terms of the environment around you.

So this is different than me. I have to deal with the details of it and, again, you seem to be coached and guided in terms of how you just naturally know how to do this.

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