Running Its Own Course

Amazon-River-Aerial-ViewIt’s a curious feature of humans that, finding themselves born on a small, distant planet in the midst of a universal process that has been ongoing for some 15 billion years, they soon believe that they can control the outcome of things, or even think that what they consider important to them is also important to God and the universe. Of course the universe doesn’t concern itself with our jobs and success, it only wants to know whether we are working for its goals or our own, personal goals. Unfortunately, when we do things for purely personal reasons, we become invisible to the universe – out of the flow. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: This is a fairly long dream, has a lot of symbolism in it, this next one.

I am at a university and I learn from a college professor that there is something important in life that is being put in jeopardy by what is unfolding. So I decide to make my term paper presentation about this issue. So I discuss my approach with the teacher.

I indicate that I do not plan on presenting this in some placid way, that is just matter of fact or something. It’s because I feel fairly passionately and intense about this, and I seem to think that intensity is important.

The issue, I tell him, needs to be more energetically dynamic in order for the idea to come across. Now this just so happens the reason why I decided to do my dissertation on this is the teacher had already told me what it was that was amiss – and I was a bit in shock. It had something to do with his profession, his work, and it jeopardized it in some way.

In the dream, I see this as having something to do with the flow, or with water, an element vital to the well being. So if this is effected by the way things are unfolding, this is going to effect the way this teacher can function.

I guess it makes sense that I kind of share this idea that has come across because it’s been even pointed out or made known through him to me, and I’ve taken it on so to speak. But now he’s advising me to change the demeanor of the talk, that I do not need to be stirring things up. This isn’t what is called for.

He says, “Can you circle the wagons?” In other words, get the message out, but do not crusade. I say to him, “Yes, I can do that.” Without the crusading intensity things feel better. I am more laid back in my nature; automatically could feel that I’m more laid back.

And so all of a sudden it’s the next day, and it’s the day of the dissertation presentation, and I arrive at this lecture hall building. In other words, there’s a foyer in the front where you come in and maybe take your jacket off, and get a cup of coffee or whatever, and then you can go in and listen.

And I arrive at the same time as the teacher. And the teacher, instead of going directly into the lecture hall, goes off to one side and helps himself to what looks like the tail end of some black bean soup. Meanwhile, this lecture has been going on for quite some time. He’s missing it and I’m missing it.

And this particular talk is actually contrary to what I’m going to be speaking to, it’s opposite. And so you’d think I should go in there and listen to it, too, because I may want to quibble with what is said because my talk is going to be different than this. It’s going to be addressing something that has to do with the natural flow of things, and this other talk is acting like what it is perceiving is the way it needs to be.

But I follow the direction and lead of the teacher, so I go over to where this big pot is at and instead I find that there’s porridge in the container. So I guess I help myself to that, as we’re missing this talk, which is being presented in a different way and maybe contrast to what is to happen in terms of the dissertation that’s coming from me.

Suddenly I realize that it doesn’t matter. And the reason is, is I’m not going in as someone contentious with the whole thing. I am just going to present what I have and let that stand on its own. I am not here to cause a clash of viewpoints. That only polarizes because I realize this important quality to be a natural demeanor way of how to be, I realize that to get all hot and bothered in a confrontational way is futile. This does more harm than good.

And so I basically I was told this the other day when the teacher said, “Can you circle the wagons and not be contentious?” For some reason I thought the confrontation was needed. The teacher should know best because it’s his profession, and he doesn’t want me carrying on in this way. So the teacher, who is representing the issue as who he is, this is what he suggests that I do. He knows no good comes from going off on a tangent, or acting as if things are black-and-white.

So the meaning of the dream is, in the awakening process that I am experiencing it is easy to think that I am able to do something. What is humorous about this is that what I feel I’m able to act out is intruding into an area where I am apt to do more danger than good. I’m actually affecting something that could possibly be naturally unfolding – and yet is going to get hit and affected – and who am I to step forward to fix that? You have to let things be.

I think that to do this is important for the well being of the situation. But the teacher doesn’t tell me to stop, the teacher just seeks to align and prune my focus so that I do not go off on a tangent in some direction or another, in other words, just circle the wagon, just lay it out.

This isn’t about the pros and cons of an issue. Pros and cons polarize. This is about reflecting a sense that, by its graciousness and heartfulness, enables the matter to sort itself out. It is important that the issue is seen, but it is also important that after addressing the issue with a sense of balance that I leave the unfoldment to run its own course. It is going to do that, anyway, so I should not pretend that I have a right to change things.

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