Turning the Leaf

leaf-6aIt is often said that personal development is not for sissies. That’s because there really is no end to it – if you embark on a path you take it on for the remainder of your life. And all along that journey inner aspects must be faced and dealt with, if only to bring them to a level of awareness so that they no longer wield their power over us. Through this process we let go of what doesn’t matter and begin to connect to the intelligence of what does matter. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had one dream that went into a dream where I was studying something and, it felt like, as I looked at this, I could make an experience somewhere in the planet.

And I wanted to make that experience and remember it, but whenever you touch this certain shape or experience, whatever it was that I was trying to do, it caused you to forget. In fact, it would do something that wasn’t that and cause you to forget.

And that was so frustrating to me, I practically wanted to blow it up. And I finally woke up and it made me forget the dream before that. I mean, I just couldn’t see how it could behave that way. It’s like whatever that shape was, when you would normally go to that shape to have a certain experience, instead it would take you to something that you would forget, or something that you couldn’t see what the experience was, or it would do the opposite.

I mean, it just was totally frustrating. And it just caused me to kind of forget the dream I had before that. And then I fell asleep and had another brief dream.

John: What you’re describing is what it’s like to be in a condition in which you don’t have a connection to spirit energy. The feminine’s in a flow and the flow, kind of organically maybe, to some degree, can be in sync and it’s not necessarily something that’s conscious, however. It’s something that’s natural.

The feminine carries that kind of quality to her nature. You might say it’s somewhat like instinctual. The masculine doesn’t carry that characteristic or that trait. The masculine tends to have to think at least that it knows what’s going on, or have an opinion about this, or an opinion about that.

But the feminine bases her world around how something feels, and how something is to her, in terms of an overall mannerism about her. And so, as a consequence, if she doesn’t have the information—the spirit energy data information, or however you would call this information that is like the way the masculine has to probe into specifics of things.

The masculine will probe into things even if the specifics of what they get is strange to them, or absurd, or is weirding them out. They will still at least probe into it. The feminine won’t do that. The feminine will screen things out in order to try to maintain a status quo of overall energetic around how it is that she is living in life.

And, as a consequence, she can have amnesia as a result of that, because she has estranged herself from this other, which could be quite disturbing and chaotic to kind of an overall scenario, you might say a family scenario, or an environmental scenario, that she is taking on as her way of being.

So, as a consequence, when you can get to a particular point where the information that is important, in kind of an ideation sense, whether it’s right or wrong or whatever, but at least it’s information that’s coming through that’s stirring the situation, so that the feminine then has to contend with that in terms of how she factors that into the overall well being.

If you’re completely estranged from that, so you don’t have any inkling of that circulating, then it’s like wherever you look, however you find yourself, is bizarre. You have to have some degree of that—it’s almost like a type of an aliveness that’s in that, some degree of that—or otherwise you become very insipid.

And this actually is a feminine characteristic, because on the one hand where you could say that the feminine nature is complete in and of itself because it carries within its chakra makeup the seeds of everything that is. It is also unconscious.

It also requires something to jar it awake, which is generally the orangutan off the ground, out-breath energy vibration that brings through information from somewhere else, that then hits the plane of manifestation that the feminine most represents, and causes something then to quicken in relationship to that, to awaken from a denser state, from the materialistic in the blood in the cellular makeup aliveness, that is housed by dense objects. It causes something to arise, or to awaken, or to quicken from that.

Well, if you don’t have that going on when you need that to be going on, then that can be a most miserable thing because you can suddenly see yourself completely out of cadence, which means that you have shut off, or find yourself as being shut off, from a vital flow that kind of stimulates and sets in motion, or causes something to be stirred, so that you’re having to contend with it in some fashion.

And what you’re describing is a state in which you don’t have any of that. And it will cause you to blurt out. It can be like a form of shock. And people get into these kinds of states and these kinds of conditions when they have traumatic effects, you know, that are too much for them to face and then they just suppress the whole thing.

And so then it works kind of behind the scenes, as an energetic weirdness, that can cause their outer to be shaped in an unconscious way around them, and yet this whole thing is suppressed. It’s suppressed as something that is too much for them to face, so they buried it, rather than let that destroy how they were able to carry themselves. It could be just too much.

And so we have these defense mechanisms, too, that come into play as well, to help to create conditions like that, where you can get right up to the threshold of something and you don’t dare look at it, because if you look at it, it’s liable to be too much for you to—as far as your psyche is concerned—it might be too much for you to handle. But as a consequence, you have to look at it, because maybe the world is orchestrated around you in such a way that now nothing makes sense unless you turn this leaf and take this on.

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