Closing Off the Vibrancy

sotanoWho is going to be as honest with us as our dreams are? No one, likely, because our dreams are a message from us to us. As we awaken, we want to let go and open up. But in that process we are going to run into roadblocks that we don’t want to go beyond, for whatever reason. By understanding the imagery of our dreams we can get the insight that we are closing down –  i.e., going into a cave – and then flash a light on that inner darkness in a safer way, a way that can potentially let us move beyond it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in this next dream, I actually had it this morning. It’s like you and I are out and we live in an area that reminds me a little of Red Rocks, like there’s caves and rocks everywhere. It’s hot, it’s desert-y, and we live up on the rocks, in the caves.

And I’ve gone somewhere and I’ve come back and then we’re going to go down and do something for some other people. But I kind of back off for a minute, because there’s this gap between where the shelf of our cave area ends and then where the trail begins again. You know, so you have to kind of step over, or jump over, an area that’s a long fall down, and it’s like my fear of heights suddenly hit me.

Well, that suddenly annoys you, so you pick me up from behind. You do something that causes that gap in the shelf to widen, which kind of freaks me out even more. And then, it’s like you picked me up and you’re carrying me such that maybe you’re walking backwards, and I’m facing forwards, but I can’t see where we’re going because you’re walking backwards.

And I feel like you’ve walked me out right over open space, you know, where I don’t know what’s going to happen next because that’s when I wake up.

John: So now what you’re doing is you’re putting into action a flow. A flow that depicts what it’s like when you’re looking at closing down and opening up, in terms of catching up with something that is sitting in your nature, that’s able to be awakened.

All feminine natures have this. They work with the masculine force, where the masculine force sets in motion something that causes that to sparkle out. In many ways, it’s considered that’s the beauty of the feminine, in that its light sparkles on the surface. Something strikes it or affects it in such a way that it causes something to be interesting, exciting, or quickened, then there is a motion about it.

Now, when the feminine, instead, is situated to where she is going the opposite direction and she’s intentionally trying to shut down all stimuli, and she can actually do this to herself, if she’s attempting to control things to such a degree that she doesn’t allow any input to come in that can then cause her to recognize and realize something as a flow. She can actually do it that way, too.

But the idea of going deeper into the cave means shutting down even more, in this particular case, shutting down even more of an access that can take and help you in some capacity to at least have something going on.

And so, you’re in such a dire condition, that to talk to you is a complete waste of time, because then you would have some sort of defense mechanism that you would be responding with, that would continue to keep you from catching up with any kind of truth or reality for yourself.

So you have to be backed out, meaning you have to be shown a backdoor way. If this was all presented to you directly, it would just hit your conceptualized, dense, shutdown frame of reference, and you would stifle it even further.

It’s interesting how you’re projecting this hitting you. That’s why it looks like it’s based upon some sort of trauma orientation, type of shutdown. Because what you’re doing doesn’t look like you’re consciously doing it. It looks like it’s an unconscious effect and it’s causing these other kinds of reverberations that are just kind of closing off the vibrancy of your world, because you’re not able to contend or face something there that is sitting on the horizon.

I’ve never seen it reported this way. I’ve seen it in the outer form done oppositely. In other words, where a person consciously makes a choice to shut down. You seem to be affected by something going on in an unconscious capacity. And therefore to get rescued from that, you can’t be told the A, B, and C’s, because you’re inclined to use the A, B, and C’s to solidify your separation even more.

In other words, it’s not helping you. So you have to be backed out of the situation. Where I’ve seen this happen before in the past, was where a person takes and gets a concept. This is different now. This is opposite. You’re doing this opposite in the example I’m giving, but it will have the same effect in the end.

Or I’ve seen a person take and think, okay, they’re on a particular spiritual path, so that means they have to shut down certain things that are going on in the outer. So they, then, because the inner reflects the outer and they don’t seem to know that, they just know that the outer somehow or another is something they don’t want and they’re trying to get all gunneled up to go in one direction only and that’s to the inner.

So they start to act like the outer is just a bad experience and they start trying to streamline themselves, only to meditate and to do this and that and the other, that all facilitates the inner unfoldment. And what ends up happening, they can’t do that. It doesn’t work. They’ve shut off the greater teacher, which is the outer.

The outer just reflects the inner, and then they’re denying the reflection coming in the outer. So then their idea of the inner is just all a spiritual illusion, or something, and pretty soon, they get very sickish, and weird looking in their eyes, and the whole bit and every little thing bothers them and whatnot, because they lost their inclusiveness of being.

Well, what’s happening with you is the opposite of all of that, in which any access to anything inside of you that has the potential to give you information, that can be useful and helpful, it’s as if all of the information—in the example I gave all of the information coming in is important and is necessary and you don’t shut it down. In your particular case, you somehow figured out how to take the information that’s coming in and you’re using this for defensive purposes to keep anything from catching up with whatever it is that you’re suppressing from coming to the surface.

And the problem is it’s coming to the surface, whether you like it or not, even though you’re fighting this action to keep it from coming to the surface. And apparently it’s very, very traumatic in your nature. And so, that’s why it’s creating this horrendous image of you getting to a particular point where you have no recognition of anything as an aliveness that’s going on, and if you try to go deeper into the cave, it just gets worse.

So, this, in a roundabout way, is a type of warning dream that’s dramatizing something very at an extreme, in terms of how it looks apparently to the inner. Because in the outer, you don’t experience it that intensely at all. In the outer, what you’re doing, you have a way of telling yourself all this makes sense.

So when it’s that loud on an inner level, then it’s kind of like a corrective warning dream. And of course, a dream like that would kind of scare me, because the way I would tend to hear it is I’m doing something wrong. When it’s loud like that, I would be tending to wonder, okay, the part that scares me is I know that if a person does something haywire to such a degree that they should know better, and they don’t get it, then it can have deleterious effects to their health.

It all shows you how darkness tears a person up. A person is usually very adaptable, but the darkness can tear one up. So to have a dream like that, which indicates that you’re taking all kinds of energy to keep from facing something that’s trying to come to the surface.

And as a consequence, it’s making your life confusing, where things are making less and less sense all the time, because this other that you need to face and go through and then take on the energy that is there for you, that you are not able to catch up with, because you’re keeping things traumatized in a hidden way, so that it doesn’t blow your sense of self or something. I guess I’d be concerned at what that could do from a standpoint of health.

The best that medical science can do in terms of trying to understand this sort of stuff is they look at it as extrovert and introvert. And they claim that there’s a danger of penting stuff up. Sometimes just a person that’s over-the-top and is just throwing it all out there, and taking and getting hit in the chin because they don’t have enough sense to be discreet and keep it to themselves, sometimes that’s the healthiest way in terms of the body.

And those who kind of go around and keep everything kind of in a copacetic mode and come down with ulcers and stuff like that. So there’s something to this, that even medical science has been pondering. But we’re looking at this on an energetic level now, because this is what we’re going through in terms of what the dream was talking about.

You know, this inability to catch the memo of something, because within the memo is a trauma that one doesn’t want to come to grips with. And so, as a consequence, the hiding from the trauma causes a greater and greater disorientation in terms of what is going on. And so you find yourself getting more and more bewildered.

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