The Heart of Things

health of the heartIf we were to think about how to improve the world today, it would be hard to know where to begin. And to hear many current spiritual leaders speak, we would also hear the view that the world, as it is, is unfixable. That may seem depressing, but what it really points to is the idea that nothing can significantly change if we don’t begin to change ourselves: to change what is important to us, to change what we strive for, and to change how we treat one another. Without these fundamental, internal shifts, what is external won’t be affected. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, I’m going to start kind of in the middle, in which what we were talking about was a type of access information that you’re refusing to look at or listen to anymore. And of course when you do that, because you live in a world of an aliveness, where everything is alive, this affects other things in the environment, as well.

And so, last night you caused me to ponder the weirdest of all things. I wrote it down, because it was the strangest of all thoughts. All of a sudden what you did is you flinched in your sleep. And when you flinched in my sleep, it sent a jab to my back that caused it to itch, simultaneously.

And so, I wrote this down and I said, “This is strange because it coincided perfectly. It was like an unbearable itch with that flinch.” Maybe I ought to ponder that. And since we’ve been talking about how spirit energy works, you know, it’s almost like, maybe I got a kickback, or something. Who knows what that was? It was just a weird one. And then I had this dream, which goes along with the opposite of what you were doing.

So in this dream, it’s like I’m standing, and then there’s another person that I can talk to. And then there’s 40 people, or something. And all of these people are off, to a degree, in some amount, it’s a fixed amount that they’re off.

But until this oddity is corrected, how do you work with them? No one can fix an imbalance like that, because you can’t fix it to degrees. An imbalance is an imbalance. You can’t do it one by one. You can’t piecemeal it. Even after it’s adjusted into kind of a more interim norm, then maybe it can be tweaked or dealt with in terms of equalizing or something, but until then, it makes no sense. You can’t do it.

So, I’m sitting trying to figure out how to communicate to this person, who might somehow or another be able to have an effect, or understand the fact that everything you look at is off this huge degree. What I’m doing is wanting to go to this person of authority to see if I can communicate. And I’m at a loss as to what to say.

You can’t fix it in any one aspect. To do that, it would only make the situation even stranger in an estranged way, because taking a wrong and making it a quarter wrong, still is a wrong. And so you have to cause the imbalance that is off collectively with everyone you look at, to be changed all at once back to a norm. And only when that is done, is it possible to fix the oddity, or to make the adjustment, so the situation can then be confronted, or dealt with, or tweaked or can function in a meaningful way.

It’s kind of like a role of a Sufi, is that normally they sit in life and everything just kind of free flows along. And they may tweak something a wee bit here, and tweak something a wee bit there. But now we sit in a state where there’s nothing that one could do but kind of watch in a way, because in order to contend you have to cause the whole thing to collectively change.

And then when it collectively changes, it might be in a fashion then that makes more sense, and then it’s back into little nuances in terms of dealing with it from there. But you can’t deal with it as it stands, unless you take the whole thing on and change all of it simultaneously.

So, there comes a point in the dream, and this is really strange, I wish I would have woken up here and wrote this down, because in my lucid dreaming, I was going at it. I was ranting and raving. I was real vocal about what was collectively off.

I had all kinds of opinions about it and I’m speaking up strongly against it, with the hope of getting the issue flushed out into the open and I’m even raising my voice in the dream, which is something I’ve never done before in a dream, that I can remember, getting that intense about it. Which causes me to reach a kind of a state.

You know, when it’s loud like that and it’s intense like that, and it’s almost like grounded like that, where I could hear what I was doing. I mean, if I would have woken up, I could have wrote up a whole rant and rave. But when I woke up later, even though what I said was loud and clear before and I can’t now remember the specifics, what I do remember is the passion behind this and it all seems quite familiar to me.

Understanding the scenario, I then can come to understand the message of the dream. The dream is saying that when you have a situation that is way off, it makes no sense to deal with any of this on a case-by-case basis. The whole thing needs to be shaken into shape at the same time.

The powers that be are in a position of authority and control to thwart all attempts to fix the issue conventionally. The powers that be control all of the conventional avenues. Instead, you have to go to something on the inner. It has to be something that isn’t currently controllable by outer manifestation, in an outer way. And that is what needs to, so to speak, speak up.

Well, what is that? What needs to awaken appears to come from perhaps a type of inner, higher consciousness, a flow that comes into the inner. Because the collective of manifestation no longer is able to shift according to being told this or that in an outer capacity way, so it has to hear the memo in a whole other way.

And so how does one do that? Because as if one has an opinion, one way or another, an opinion anyway, in any kind of opinion, no matter what it is, you’re not going to bring anything new under the sun that way. The heart of something comes from the inner. That is an aliveness that they all have to come around to recognizing.

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