A False Premise


We tend to not appreciate how things that seem opposite or different are really complementary – they complete each other. We have Yin and Yang, electricity and magnetism, and masculine and feminine to name a few. These represent energies that, because of their differences, offer a set of checks and balances that enhance the whole. One without the other cannot remain stable for long. And in the human race, the long-term subjugation of women has created just such an imbalance. The only way for us to move forward as a species is to reestablish the equal, but different, relationship between men and women – in the universal meaning, not just the “workplace.” (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the meditation dream, this dream starts off in which there’s a performance between a man and a woman that I am watching. It’s kind of like a brainwashing type of performance in that it’s designed to show that the man has a greater, natural, superior skills, than the woman.

In other words, this event is happening before a bunch of other people, who, on the basis of what they see, draw a stigmatized opinion accordingly. By accordingly means they’re drawing the opinion because what’s being proven is that this is a man’s world and women always take and subordinate their reality in relationship to what is brought through from the masculine.

So, in the demonstration, the guy makes an expressive gesture. And when he makes this expressive gesture, it enables a device to be turned, as if it’s in a chamber that effects the way things open and close in life. And then there’s the sliding and it clicks into place.

And this portrays the inclusiveness and dexterity of the man. In other words, proving that this is what he can do. So then the woman copies this gesture, but is only able to slide the device up to a particular point before it locks into place. And this portrays the extent of her beingness according to this particular reflective trial or approach, she having to do this in a man’s world, according to a man’s dictates.

And obviously, she doesn’t have a chance, because she’s not functioning according to her faculties, she’s functioning according to this being the hurdle that’s supposed to prove something.

So the people who are watching this draw the conclusion along the lines of the scenario. And in keeping with what the scenario’s attempting to convey, which is that women are inferior to men. Well, this creates a problem in the waking up, because it is a manipulated portrayal, in which the demonstration is staged in such a way so as to create an appearance which puts the woman into a setting that is not in keeping with who she is.

The result, consequently, because it’s being done from the diverted masculine approach, the result cannot turn out any other way, given the guidelines of the action in terms of what the woman is being exposed to being, or having to be, in a man’s world, having, you know, essentially set aside her intertwined naturalness, as a relatability that is held within. That is even being further cloaked from her, or choking off of it, of this innerness.

The result is a patriarchal perspective that perseveres over the outer environment, and the result supports the idea that the patriarchy dominates over creation. And as everyone is inclined to believe, the woman is likewise conditioned to have to accept life according to this infusion.

Odd, interesting dream because you might say the Catholic church would say, “yeah, that’s how it is.” You know, that’s why they deny women from reaching certain points. But we’ve come to realize that this is all a huge fabrication, and this fabrication gets fed into the collective. And in order to change something, you have to shift the whole darn works, or it stays on a tangent.

And a further meaning of this is the dream is showing how the collective actually sees a woman in this world. And the nuances may be subtle, but in the end she is seen, and she sees herself, as being insecure. This joke is portrayed in some subtle way and, in some instances, not so subtle ways, but all in all, she sees herself as incomplete. See, the woman buys into this, see. This is what this is revealing.

So the opinion reached is false. The reason is because the data is staged. The result is thus incomplete. Each time this sort of data is used, the woman is seen to be inferior and she is inclined, as she sees this, to believe it. 

The reason for dreaming like this is to point out to me the veil which is projected, which maintains a masculine status quo. I’ve come to know that this is a barrier in terms of both coming together in terms of both—in other words, the masculine/feminine—coming together into a wholeness.

The woman cannot help her man when she is conditioned to see herself like this, and a man cannot get out of his off-the-ground spirit energy if this is how he sees things. This is all he’s able to know.

The woman needs to be herself and reflect her inner being so that a meaningfulness that is held in abeyance can come forth. This quality is communicated into life in her man, then enabling a shift in the outer to occur, because then the man can communicate.

See, our dream is dealing with extremes. In other words, we’re thrown into this huge gap, right? And you’re even describing your stuff as this huge gap. Where we’re accentuating this gap in order to draw an understanding of it that way. Sometimes pressure like that does that.

Until this happens as a natural way of being, nothing is able to unfold. The projective blasphemy of the masculine continues and the feminine trait remains in a helpless man-made culture with herself.

The scenario that triggered this dream is the lack of trust as the issue. This is being projected by the feminine so she is seen unconsciously shut off in a balance that is whole. Because she’s not realizing a completeness in and of herself in creation, this sight is held back from the masculine. If this quality is allowed to exist, an inner/outer energetic that needs to more genuinely reflect, can’t. And all of creation loses out as a result. This is another way of portraying that the connective intertwining that is needed is askew.

In yesterday’s dream, the lack of trust and insecurity was projected to show how the feminine is inclined to not be able to let go and trust. And in this dream, the effect is portrayed as having this resulting image, as a consequence.

The theme is the same. There is a lack of trust by the feminine of the magic she has over creation, but she has to be part of that. She’s somehow not part of it. She’s not allowing herself to be part of it. She’s trying to direct things and deal with them, and then she’s creating a greater amnesia for herself. Very strange.

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