The Inner Net

inner netWe humans tend to think that we can solve, through science and computers, all of our problems. But those endeavors won’t solve the problem of us: human beings who would rather fight and kill others and destroy the planet than live together in harmony and prosperity. What is the cure for that? The same one it’s always been: to gain a better understanding of why we’re here to begin with, and to try to be in service to that understanding. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Then one night I had this dream in which the state that I was experiencing, which was crystal clear to me in my sleep, I settled back in the chair I’m sitting in going to take a look at, you know, now I’ve got this audacity that I’m going to take a look at what’s coming next – and I found myself staring at a stillness.

It shocked me. I was so shocked that I couldn’t, when I opened my eyes, bring back the state that was the theme earlier, that was the lesson earlier. And so that caused me to recognize the difference between state and a stillness, and I portray it something like this.

If you’re looking at pure water and it’s totally still, and then all of a sudden you have a ripple on that water, or a froth or something on that water, a motion or a movement on that water, that is like something coming into a beingness – having to live something, having to come alive. And as that comes alive, whatever that is, is like a state. And then it is a coming up out of the stillness.

So in meditation you have to have a letting go that goes back to the stillness, or otherwise you run on and on and on and on with the ripple. Because I have this tendency to look at things in the pejorative negative first, I’m sitting you know like on a blood hunt idea, like I’m trying to catch up with my doctor’s thesis on this whole thing all of a sudden – that I need to know: are we going to make it?

Is this going to be a failed experiment from the standpoint, it’s not a good track record you might say, because I don’t know how many different societies there have been that have gone kaflooey, and now all of a sudden we’re on the threshold of things again of going completely haywire, in terms of the bigger scope of things? In other words, it’s like those others all look like failed experiments.

Who’s to say that this time it’s going to work in some fashion, that there’s something that’s going to be realized? Then I started to realize that the realization is the realization the letting go of everything that holds manifestation together so one doesn’t need to go through the reflections because the approach working through reflections has a limitation to it in that you can have some little subtle bias and be out of kilter, and have the difference between Lutheran and Catholic going on forever and ever.

And so this was something that left me kind of twisted because if we are on the verge, and it’s said we’re coming to this period of a huge transition in terms of this is a change-agent period of time when there’s a big shift that’s going to happen, that’s been predicted, to all be constellating or coming together right now. Is that going to be something that’s going to be another reset?

A reset being that the manifestation then didn’t quite do it, and so we have to go at it again in some other capacity. And how is that other capacity… what is that going to look like? And I’m feeling like I need to know because to the degree to which I’m holding a faith, and a confidence, and holding up certain things in terms of life per se, outer manifestation, perhaps that’s delusional?

Perhaps the wiser way is this thing… energy’s neither created nor destroyed. Maybe I just need to let go of absolutely everything because the slightest thing that I look at is going to be continuing the accentuation of a deviation? And so it caused me then to look at the fact of the limitation that seems to exist in terms of the way things are speeding up, in terms of the way things are evolving in relationship to big data and stuff like that.

Like I sent you that one email that shows that they’re even creating programmable life, what looks like a life form, embedded in a molecule and have a certain degree of controlled programming in terms of it. And then they’re finding out that every five years or so, that the amount of data that exists in the universe of what we have to confront, that hits our awareness, is doubling.

And then it points out that the human brain’s capacity is approximately one terabyte, or zigabyte, or some humongous number, 1.8 of those, and yet we’re running out of capacity because data right now is sitting right at the threshold of one – and 1.8 is the maximum and it’s doubling every five years. How is that going to work out?

A person living now every two days has to contend with as much data in two days that a person over a whole year would have to contend with if you viewed the accumulation from the inception of time until 2003.

So this has caused me to go from, okay, we’re looking at an Internet of everything, and then you get an attitude from the various religions in the world, we’ll call them religions, that this is misbehavior, out of control. This is man building a Tower of Babel.

But if everything is created in God’s image, and if everything is really captured in this wholeness, who am I to reject any of this? Maybe what it means is that a part of myself has to catch up with the “inner net,” not Internet, but inner of everything?

And if the Internet of everything is exploding, faster and faster, that means everything is speeding up, means my innerness has to do the same thing. Well, how does this work? Well, if you adopt Einstein’s principle that you can’t approach this with the same mind that created it, I’m not sure that I need to keep expanding the brain quality in terms of trying to grasp all of this, because even in the scientific domain it is saying that we’re running out of spectrum.

So, okay, let’s take that as a given. If we’re running out of spectrum, if we’re running out of space, how can you do this? Well, the only way that I can think that you could do this is that you have to shift into including an all-knowingness, an all-knowingness that’s automatic. You can’t be taking and getting lost in some over simplification called concentration, because the degree to which you can understand, or focus upon and pull out and understand, and thereby have a sense of control or balance in relationship to that, is a very low thing. It’s very limited.

So you have to hit a place in which you let it all go. And if you can hit a place where you let it all go so that it can all be there, then that state, and that place, is going to be stillness. And if you totally hit that stillness, then what’s going to be holding manifestation together?

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