The True Work

RingofFireSolarEclipseHow can stillness or nothingness be the goal of a spiritual path? Perhaps the answer lives in the realms of being a perfect conduit between what comes to us from above, and what we experience in the outer and send back to the universe. That is a service that should not include our biases and likes and dislikes. We can think of ourselves as a Mars Rover, sent here by creation to send back information about the realms of matter, so that the universe can better evolve. And it’s a critical job to the purpose of the whole. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So to put it in to context, it was like a door in which the door can be described, you can come up to the door, you can know a lot about it, but you have to step through it. And when you step through it, everything kind of changes.

Now last night I finally pulled a certain anxiety together in that I am able to see and was seeing, now going beyond this negative of where, okay, the running question had been, are we going for a reset here? How is this going to work?

Because I can see where you could say that there is a reflective problem – in terms of where you could have these subtle deviations that result in all of these different tariqas, and religions, and spiritual practices, and processes, and paths and whatnot, that all have the same intent of going towards a oneness but don’t quite get there because they have some little subtle hinky in the note.

And last night I worked out… first of all what was happening is I was realizing that if I was in a stillness, I wouldn’t dream. And that at a depth of that stillness there was a way of knowing things, and because a human being has put inside of themselves everything in the universe, there’s a way of knowing what is, what’s to be, so to speak.

If you can totally, truly get out of the way and be in a total stillness, any kind of state, any kind of equivocation goes on, the biases then prevent you from actually getting it, actually seeing something.

So if you can actually be in the stillness, and at home in the nothing but nothingness, you then have, and I was shown, three prominent levels in the stillness. Now I don’t know what the stillness is, I can’t tell you anything about it, I can’t tell you where the motion is to it because there was no motion, all I was shown that there’s the 110, 130, and 150, three key aspects to it. And so I go, wow! And that’s all that I’m left with in my meditation dream. Then when I go to sleep, I’m presented with having to operate in a way that totally lets go.

And so that dream starts off in which I am sitting in a bunch of chairs, and there’s a teacher in the front, and all of a sudden everyone has to get closer. And so there’s this movement to shift to the front, and you make this in a non-thinking way. You’re just automatically drawn.

It’s just like an osmosis vacuum with the exception that, for some peculiar reason in the shifting forward, I was a little too slow and ended up in the lap of somebody already sitting in a seat. And this time, when I look to move forward, now I’m looking to move forward, I’m acting as if I’m trying to move forward, and so now it’s contaminated.

And then that image shifted to me being kind of out in an open area and there is a young girl that’s there that I’m talking to, that I’m relating to. And so I’m talking about there being a stillness I guess to everything, and that suddenly this discussion comes around to proving it. And so I say the way I can prove this is by asking a question or two.

So the first question I ask is a question that tunes or hits the vibration of the energy in such a way that it creates a reaction, so she’s spinning around doing this, that, and the other and, obviously then, because I’m connected to everything, I even lose the question that I was to pose – let alone getting this to where it proved that the stillness is everything.

So when she stabilizes and that collateral effect has kind of dissipated, I think of the next question. And so what I say to her is I say, “This next question I’m going to be presenting two things, neither of these are true. Which is the least true? Which is the least true?”

Understand now this is all along the schematic of trying to prove to her that the stillness is everything. And so I say to her, “Which is least untrue: putting yourself in the hearts of others. And when you say the hearts of others means the involvement, the attention, and the scopality that goes into everything in the outer that we do, where our perceptions go out like that.

And, ultimately, if you then reduce it an individual level, you know, you’re developing empathic abilities and sensitivities that deal with the perception of you being able to feel them, or seemingly the senses that you’re feeling them, inside of them, and you’re able to then kind of recognize something. But that’s the reaching out, that’s the putting of your heart in things.

And then the second is: “Putting everything into your heart. Which is less untrue?”

Immediately what ended up happening is, there she goes. She’s spinning away, and her eyes are flashing around, and there’s a little delirium going on because this is something that has not been sorted out, our aligned, in terms of a getting it, kind of thing, of a letting go kind of thing.

And so when she finally slows down and stabilizes and kind of is back again, then I say to her, then I change what I said a little bit, and I say, “One of them is actually true, but then again it has an untruth in it from one way of looking at it. And the other is actually untrue, but it has a truth in it from another way of looking at it.” And that’s where I left it.

And then from that I came to know that the process upon which, in terms of the shift, being able to go through the door, what that means and what that causes to happen. I’m going to use the term used for this in terms of presenting this as a subject matter. It’s called the Ring of Fire. And inside of each person they have to go through things in life until they have dropped all of even the subtle nuances, until you actually can hit a stillness. Because otherwise you’re still affecting and biasing, in some subtle way, everything in the outer around around you.

So you have to hit the stillness in order to, the way it’s put, is to be able to do the work you have to hit the stillness to be able to do the work, or otherwise you’re still going to be putting your little note to it. Just like you have the little Chisti note, you have the little Naqshband note, and on and on you could go. When you’re able to do that, you’re able to do the true work.

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