Embracing It All

yin_yang-95Ann has a dream of stark contrasts: a black stillness and a pure white. And when an image heads down a staircase, or goes from higher to lower, it implies exactly that – that she is delving into the denser parts of herself. What does she find there? The fundamentals of masculine and feminine aspects in their pure form. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Ann: I had kind of an interesting dream. The first part of this dream, I think I’d been moving around. You know, you’re moving around in the dream but, all of a sudden, there’s this massive set of stairs, big marble stairs or something and I’m walking down these stairs.

And, all of a sudden, when I get to the bottom of these stairs I had a moment of complete stillness and I was almost like shocked. I mean there was no noise, there was nothing. It was like complete, absolute stillness and it was just absolutely black, and there was just nothing.

That’s the first time in my dream I’ve experienced that. And then I looked and in this blackness all of a sudden there was this pure white, and it was absolutely pure white, and it was almost like this marble slate or something; just absolutely pure white.

And so that was what I dreamt.

John: What you were doing is you were going into the denseness of yourself, going down into the denseness of yourself. And your ability to do that got to the point where you were able to catch up with… See, the black symbolizes the color and light of the feminine path, strictly a feminine path, kind of catching up with an understanding or an awareness.

And that feminine path has a charge over things created in God’s image as the lower realm. When you’re able to do that, in other words, as long as you still have your moods and whatnot you’re still going to have your attitudes, and as long as you still have your reactions you’re still going to have things that you’re not going to be able to accept. You’re not going to get to the white.

And the white is the clarity, the seed, of so much more in the wholeness. That’s the light and the color of the masculine, a masculine now that is just pure masculine without having taken on the traits of the black of the feminine.

So you catch up with the depths of your role, responsibility, and wholeness in the overall, in the outer, by taking on and embracing all of that. And when you’re able to embrace all of that, because your moods and whatnot will keep you from being able to properly embrace all of that, to embrace all of that you have to accept, you have to forgive, you have to have the light or the quality of the white of the seed of the universe.

This is a dream that is still process-oriented. However, it does have ladled into it a very scary part that was a little bit of what was going on earlier this week. That’s why it’s a good dream for what we have been talking about.

And that scary part is when you’re going down into the depths of yourself, into the blackness, you see the end of all of that. Just like this world is created in God’s image and yet, in a density, it appears to have a physical construct to it, and when you see the end of all of that you see it as a stillness, as a void.

And you could be at a point where you then turn around and let go, drop it, so to speak. And what are you dropping? I don’t know, because you hit the stillness. You let go. But when you let go, you were flooded then with seeing the light, the whiteness of things.

This is a part of something that’s going to take a while to noodle out, too, because there’s a lot in here. In other words, what you’ve done is you’ve taken what I have said, in relationship to getting to the stillness, and very subtly there’s another wrinkle here, another wrinkle into this equation. You’re adding that wrinkle and I’m not just sure what all that suggests and implies.

There’s a certain vibration in the air and how you’re able to denote it, and noodle it out, has resulted in this set of information being presented to you. And within this set of information that’s presented to you is another little aspect that I can’t quite put my finger on completely.

Whether it’s part of it in a greater way, whether it’s just all part of process exclusively, or whether it also has this revelational step. Now, there is something to this in terms of seeing. In other words, when you’re going down in the blackness and the darkness and the depths of yourself you’re going down subjectively. And when you’re suddenly bringing in the white light, you’re bringing in a seeing.

Now how do I take the seeing that you’re having that has accessed a stillness? How does that dynamic work in terms of what I am now looking at as visionary, as outside of beginning and end? In other words, premonition-al now?

Because when you hit that white light with having gone in and hit the stillness in your way of fully catching up with the revelation of things in manifestation, now you are in a state having done that where conceivably you will not be taking and having anything left out yet to have to deviate with, and now you hit the seed light of things.

Doesn’t that imply that you can now take the seed light of things and not have to twist it and turn it in some fashion for the beneficence of yourself in a darkness? Because that darkness is a stillness. There’s not some ripple there going on by which you would still be taking whatever you think to know into some other aspect.

This is another good way of saying it isn’t it? All in a dream.

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