Action on the Inner

innerworldYes, we like to think that it’s all happening at this physical place or that specific spot and we want to be there. Turns out, it’s all happening on the inner. That may seem boring at first glance, but can’t we see that all happiness, joy, and love based on the outer world is fleeting and beyond our control? Yet if we begin to experience those things on the inner levels and radiate them into the outer – which we can control – those qualities will never leave us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So this gets back to the dilemma, or I should say the scenario, that is prophesied for this period of time in which there has to be a switch, or a change, in terms of how things come about for the next however many thousands of years – before they get contaminated again, because everything tends to get contaminated when you have 99.9% in an outer capacity trying to play a divine play inflection, and what is real is just this little one thing only, inner into outer.

Now, this switch and this change that we are living in now, where something dramatic is prophesied to change in life, to look at that, you have to look at what action is. Now what we know as action is you look at things in the outer and you say, okay, I don’t like all those starving children in Biafra so you know we need foreign aid and we need this, that, and the other.

That’s what we would call action in the outer. But action on the inner is different. Action on the inner is a quality of being able to experience something in the stillness. Now when I’m talking about a stillness, I’m talking about a quality in which something rises up out of the stillness and it’s vibrational.

When it hits the plane of manifestation that rising up becomes something manifested and, therefore, is denser, and can then carry on in a slower capacity, appearingly slower capacity way, in terms of its dense, heavy projection.

And then I had the occasion of noticing, and I don’t know what to make out of this yet, because I went night after night after night getting a little bit of information in terms of something that would be rising up and coming out of the stillness. And I came to understand my meditation as functioning in relationship to that.

In other words, I would let go and, as I let go to some degree then, this other could move around, the soul could move around, or this other could move around, outside of the density of the senses, and then I would have an experience, an experience that still worked with the synapses of my nature, but caused inflections to come through that would be a dream that would then point to the vibration on the other side of that.

And then I had the experience, continually trying to look to the subtler and subtler subtleness of the stillness, all of a sudden I couldn’t see any stillness. I could only see a type of darkness, and it was a type of darkness that I characterized it to be maybe the dazzling darkness. In other words, now I can’t put a definition to the word “nothingness” anymore, because nothingness has a concept to it in terms of something that rises up out of the light and can then become something in a vibratory sense that can touch things, and cause change to occur as an inner into outer.

Then the reflection of that tends to get bifurcated when it slows down as an aspect of sound and becomes a quality of manifestation and then, as a quality of manifestation, the loudness of it in that format trying to reach back to the inner – it leads to confusion, leads to destruction, leads to a tearing away. It’s the wrong direction. It’s got to be the vibration. You’ve got to pull back to the inner coming into the outer.

Now one day all of a sudden I didn’t see it that way. I suddenly saw it what I liken to be a dazzling darkness. I did not know how else to describe a sense of something that I couldn’t formulate into some sort of streamline of a beingness. Like, for example, something rising up out of the light and having a purity and a quality that can touch things, and can effectuate change, that’s something that I could put my mind around. And I could use as a word to put my mind around it, I could call it a nothingness. And now I can’t call this a nothingness because a nothingness still is a somethingness as a flow, as an intertwined flow, anyway.

What do I call that? I still haven’t sorted that one out. All I could say is whatever that is goes beyond the stillness. As a consequence of what I’ve been going through, I have two ways, two things that have changed.

My idea of action has changed, you know. There is no action per se in terms of anything in the outer as far as a motion of things that goes on in the outer that you pay attention to because that’s not real action. It’s just like if you’re in front of a teacher and you have a burning question, if you can keep from asking that burning question you will be speaking through the invisible void and, the next thing you know, the fact that you’re sitting there holding that, the universe will compel the answer to come to you.

If the teacher is the listener facilitator to this unfoldment, the teacher then will have to give you the answer and you don’t have to ask the question. Now we go around in life thinking we have to do this, this, and this in order to cause that, that and that. This is the real definition of action. That example is the real definition of action.

And we do this, we catch up with this by, to begin with, noticing how something rises up from the stillness and then you take and throw even that action away and there’s something that is still there – and maybe this is what the real essence of God is – and you can’t even use the word nothingness anymore on that because nothingness has been corrupted as a term.

So there’s the action, and then there is the recognition of a change in the definition for what is personal. Personal is where you, in some way, shape, or form, or to some degree, are trying to do something from outer towards inner. Anytime you’re trying to do anything from outer towards inner you are in a personal motif: no matter how well intentioned it is, no matter how clear you think your focus and attention is, it is still a quality of personal.

Maybe it’s spiritual illusion personal, but still a quality of personal. So those are the two things, what real action is, and a better definition of the word personal – and there’s actually a third thing.

There is something that you need to hear and pay attention to that helps facilitate the sorting of everything out, and that thing that you need to pay attention and hear is that everything is intertwined. And that you do not throw anything out, and say that this is evil, or that this is bad, or this the wrong schematic – because you are all schematics and, as soon as you throw something out, you are then denying the subtleness of the vibrational truth that may be very, very veiled, but it’s still latent therein.

And if you throw that out, because the outer reflects the inner, then that means that on an inner that there is something askew because God has hidden himself in the human being and placed total trust in that human being making it, getting through.

You know, now man is meant to take on the fullness of who and what he really is, and man is the crown of creation. What’s that mean? The crown of creation means that everything flows through man, inner into outer, and you do not deny anything. You do not even deny the instinctual, or you might say the denser, or the cruder, the animal energy. You have to do it in the malaise of it all.

And you have to do that in the here and now. You have to do that on the physical plane because if you don’t do that here, you’re not going to be able to do that on the inner.

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