An Awakened State

1779_nA shift from being completely focused on the outer to manifesting from the inner is a shift in polarity for the human perspective. Yet it is the difference between being separate and alone to being a part of everything that exists. That’s a pretty good trade-off. To achieve that we must hold a location inside ourselves that honors the wholeness and lets go of the selfish aspects of our viewpoints. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So every little thing keeps pointing to greater ways and degrees of awakening. And if you’re careful you can be intwined in a way so that the essence behind that can come through.

Now the problem I have is knowing how to be there so that I don’t burn through the light, because we’re so used to thinking from the standpoint of what is dense, and what is illusion, and what is keeping us veiled from a lower-self way of looking at things.

We’re not used to looking at this working in the other one-tenth of 1% aspect of our greater higher-self beingness in which there is a burning sensation that causes a step back, and a loss, and a disconnection.

That’s what I find comes into account, in terms of the physical, when you set aside the personal and are able to try to relate to the intertwined, to the one thing – and the one thing only that is going on – and when you relate to that one thing, and that one thing that is going on that is in all things, you do not throw anything out.

I do not say that that billionaire is a son of a gun, or this guy over here is someone that I need to treat with repugnance. As soon as I do that I am repugnant towards something inside of myself because there is a quality inside of him that is very endearing if I can see it, if I can touch it, and if I can hold it. And if I can hold it, then I intertwine and I connect with something there as an essence that would normally be lost or missed.

How do you let go so that you can have a greater sense of an intertwined wholeness? How can you trust that there is that there?

Of course this is all talking about that third element, that in order to keep something from getting shut down, or get lost, you have to maintain the recognition of the intertwinement. You have to keep fighting with that stuff that causes you to have images in which it isn’t intertwined, where something else comes first, or where the multiplicity of things factors in, in an outer-manifested way, to be something that is more real than an inner unfoldment process

And how do you recognize the inner unfoldment process? Sometimes you even have to wait for the inner unfoldment process because you can feel it inside of you, but you’re not able to catch up with it quite, and so sometimes you have to stop and you have to wait because the tendency is to go out and skewer about, and the next thing you know you have completely cluttered yourself again. You veiled yourself.

So isn’t it interesting? We covered three things and what’s really, really interesting is these three things came from a “dreaming into knowing” way of coming to grips with things where, you know, the outer was reflective, how that outer reflective got digested, it needed to somehow absolve itself into an inner sincerity quality and, when it did that, then came the natural inflection that could come through.

And then the dreams could come through as part of that letting go. And then as there was a letting go, then there’s a greater letting go, and then there’s the greater stillness or something, and then there’s the greater understanding of what action really is. And then there is the principle of how everything is in a oneness that’s intertwined, that becomes so all-compelling that you can hardly shake yourself away from it.

And when you can hardly shake yourself away from it you can put up with an awful lot, then, because you know that when you don’t see it it’s there, as opposed to slamming the door shut and walking in another direction which is only spiting yourself, stabbing yourself.

And that is part of the process, too. To begin with it’s easier, and then all of a sudden you have to deal with certain ways that you kind of still like about yourself, in other words, you like about yourself because you don’t necessarily know any better.

And, as a consequence, that is a type of mindfulness that then takes and skewers the dream image. It’s a louder quality than the subtleness of a dream essence from deep, deep within.

When I went through that all I knew how to do was try to write up the vibration, and then I would read what I wrote up as a vibration a couple days later. And I would just shake my head because I didn’t have any parable dream that carried and embodied the aliveness from the other side. It was like ornaments on a tree. I didn’t have the ornaments. You know, I didn’t have the tree or something in order for there to be the ornaments.

And a vibration, in and of itself, the context of that quickly as a state quickly became… well, impossible for me to reconstruct. But if there’d have been the dream there it would’ve all been encoded better. Through this process coming to grips with the vibrational qualities, that behind that is a subtleness, the energetic vibration but without the dream, the parable, the Aesop tale to go along with it, it’s harder to own it as a quality of a soul coming into an aliveness in the here and now, to come through that.

So when it’s just like in an energetic mannerism that is like that, it can tend to fade on you and you can tend then to become abstracted more easily by outer conditions. When you grasp the essence of a vibration and you bring it into an awakened state inside of you, you become who you are actually as opposed to just being something that’s faking it in a reflective way.

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