Proper Handling

flower-All day, every day we are stimulated by everything we sense, think, and do. Our systems read all those things in a single language: energy. All that energy needs to be processed – some kept, some used immediately, some discarded as waste. If we take everything that happens to us personally we cause stress in this process because we keep what should be discarded. As we develop, we move away from that mechanism and allow the system to work more efficiently, which relieves stress and allows the higher energetic nutrients to feed us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I don’t have a lot to report from my dreaming because even though I dreamt a long time, it felt like we’d gone to see a Cirque de Soleil performance last night, so it felt like I was observing a performing group that was performing above a circular stage, kind of like in the air, and I was going around specifically evaluating several people that had been performing, and I felt like I was reporting back to you on it.

And I think my overall critique was positive, but a little kind of neutral also. And it just seemed to go on for a long time, but I can’t remember specifics from it.

John: The pattern that’s similar, that whenever you’re affected by something that’s a change in the day-to-day routine or something, or a normal day, or a typical day, is that you factor that into something that still affects your synapses. And it can be like a TV show that you watched before you went to bed, or something that touched or affected you in a unique way.

Now, what you’re going through—the phase of what you’re going through—is something that I remember looking at, or seeing, but had never wondered how that could unfold in the future. Because it’s something that has unfolded in the future for me, in terms of my perspective.

And what it is, you’re at this phase where things happen to you and they create some sort of inflection, and the inflection is like something that has a memorable effect upon your psyche. It’s as if something new comes into the equation of what you need to take into account. And in your sleep, you take and factor that in.

Now, it used to show up, and it tends to show up, when there’s something that may have even seemed insignificant in terms of what may have happened in the day. It may have just been a certain kind of new insightfulness, or just the energy flipped a little bit. And that somehow or another became fascinating to the synapses in some way, in which they had to adjust or adapt or make note of that.

And when that happens, that seems to recharacterize itself in terms of the dreams having to take that into account in a way that reconciles that which is a new inflection, or a new way of looking at things, or a new way of having to feel things, or a change that has occurred in one’s environment or outer nature.

I hope I’m describing that properly, because this is actually very neat when you get these inflections and this information reconciled in your dreams. But it’s actually just the beginning to something more, much more. This is like a precursor to something more.

What it’s a precursor to is it’s kind of like you’re in a transitional state between that of having to sustain or maintain certain things for security purposes, for purposes of well being, for purposes of how you need to yet see yourself. And the inflective changes that open up and hit you in your sleep, are ways in which you’re reconciling the inflections, so that they are taken into account, as well.

It’s kind of like a peek-a-boo kind of thing. In other words, because the inflections that trigger the dream scenarios that relate to a greater understanding or probing of what is awakening for you in some idiosyncratic way, in other words, in a way that adds to your ordinary perspective, so that you now have to take that into account.

Where this is going is it’s a part of the process of letting go of individual patterns and mannerisms that you are holding on to, that you don’t actually need. And the fact that you don’t actually need them, means that you’re not supporting them as much energetically as you had in the past as a pattern.

And so, as a consequence, there’s these little inflection points like when you go out and you see something new, it creates an inflection, but it’s not such an indulgent inflection that you stay dense, or stay swept off to one side in some sort of maintained notionality. Instead, each time something new hits you, you’re inflecting to a deeper understanding of it from within. And you’re able to have this deeper understanding from within because you’re letting go.

In other words, what I’m trying to build to is what this is about to turn into. You go through this phase, where it inflects like this, and inflects like that, and you can always sit and you could put your finger on, “well this is the scenario,” “this is the situation,” “this is what triggered it.” And then you can actually take that which is inflected and look at the meaning of how that got handled inside, and you can draw information from that that applies more than just that peculiar way, but applies in all kinds of other little synaptic nuance mannerisms in your nature.

Where that is going is that ultimately, at some particular point out of the blue, you can’t even find those synaptic relapses anymore. That is very, very strange. In other words, you’re going along, and you have these synaptic flashes, and these synaptic flashes then have a sense that still has something that’s in the way of a greater unfoldment, of a greater overallness. In other words, still in the way of seeing yourself in a context that is more alive in the whole, than the aliveness as a separate entity.

And so these inflections that you have are still coming from the tendency of where you still have a certain dependency and separateness of your nature, that is acting as a kind of prima materia, that is being transformed, but hasn’t gotten completely absolved yet. And so you’re getting tremendous insightfulness through the experiences that occur in this kind of outer context way. It’s an in-between yet.

Like I say, it’s a reflection thing yet between that which still has a personal cognition and that which is an echo boding of total letting go into being something entirely different in the overall, in terms of being a part of a wholeness, and only able to see yourself as in a wholeness, and not as a certain kind of image within a way of life.

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