The Most Natural Thing


As we shift from viewing life as a series of personal events, to being in a more connected flow as part of the universal wholeness, we have to find ourselves a new balance and stability. As we let go, things that used to form our “comfort zone” either no longer serve us or no longer apply. That means we are in an unknown territory, one that changes constantly. To find settlement within that “new normal” is a huge step in development. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, this is different because normally in my meditation dream, I’m having to report some little nuance or mannerism in myself that is still in the way. And so now all of a sudden, I’m finding myself struggling to try to put some nuance or mannerism into an equation that I know doesn’t make any sense.

That’s awkward and hard to do, because it’s more natural to be over in the overall. That’s the way one’s meant to be. When before having a dream like this, I would be struggling trying to find the overallness or the naturalness. Now, I’m struggling to see if it’s even possible to take and put anything into it that’s separate.

So, anyway, in the meditation dream, I am seeking to establish a semblance and balance that is supported from the overall way of life—trying to find something separate that the overall way of life is going to support—and everyone around me is in an overall connectiveness.

That’s how I see everything around me. I don’t see them separate anymore. And yet, I’m trying to find something that I can go off on a tangent with. And to get to an end result, away from where everything is interconnected and relatable, I need to take a step backwards.

In other words, trying to figure out if I can do this. I’m finding out that that’s what I would have to do if I were to get outside of this more familiar overallness. And I am finding that the most natural thing in the world is this overall connectability or intertwined oneness.

I’m finding this while at the same time, you know, I’m trying to take a step backwards and I’m seeking to realize some aspect of myself that is separate, looking for it. I am, well I’m basically finding that there are all kinds of things that I had, that are still very faint flickers that I no longer believe in, so they’re falling away.

And so, what is going on is the approach of this dream is one of trying to reach a way of being that is separate from a flow that is natural. And I am not able to do this, because I have evolved to know that this isn’t possible. In other words, it’s an illusion that something is separate. It’s all part of one whole.

There was a time when I believed differently. At that time, I would have embraced the notion of a separate reality. You know, if it was thrown in my face, I would have noticed it and taken and accepted it in some way. Now, I can’t even find it. Now I am realizing that this is not possible, because I now know that this doesn’t actually exist.

Only when I am swayed by my personal images, do I go off on a tangent that is veiled like that. And when I’m looking at everything in terms of how it really is, I do not see such things as being alive, or as existing, or as even being actually possible.

So, that was the meditation dream and now I have to progress the meditation dream.

As the dream progresses, things in life that I held onto as a separation or security, are being eliminated or changed. And I cite four examples. One, I move and throw out all kinds of things I had in storage thinking I would need them someday. Even if it was a wayward thought, even if I didn’t know how I might need them, just for the remotest of possibilities, I held on to them.

I can’t support those unlikely scenarios anymore. Such things were discarded because they drained my energy in some subtle way and are no longer a separateness or a separate notion I can justify in my wayward imagination. So, that’s the first thing.

The second thing is I was also accustomed to having certain things provided to me by life. I’d come to expect this as a prerogative or price of admission in terms of how I am, you know, that these things work like this for me and—however you want to call that. Well, I’m finding that less and less of my energy is going into supporting such semantics. My sense of security has become less personal and is more overall.

As a result, what had been a predictable regularity in terms of outer patterns, is no longer something I am able to rely upon, or to lean upon, or to expect. Sometimes, it is somewhat there. Other times, it is no longer there. And on other occasions, I have to wait, as if it might or might not show up again. So, that’s the second way that I’m finding myself changed or altered.

The third way is even the roof over my head is now subject to change, as being an aspect I might need to take more into account. This is a new attention for me. Things are okay. In terms of the roof and whatnot, things are okay. In other words, this part of myself, most people don’t consider this, but now I have to look at things are okay, except when I now have to consider rain and wind as a condition that is being brought into my life now.

The reason it is like that now, is because I am finding myself as having to be more adaptable to change. Before, I held on in such areas for security reasons, and this inhibited my fluidity in a greater overallness that has emerged. So those are the three ways.

And then as a general statement, in terms of what has happened, by becoming more in tune with the oneness of life, I am no longer able to justify the nuances and dependencies I had been sustaining. The reason for this falling away is because as my focus and attention awakens more and more towards a greater overall well being, I stop looking at and supporting side issues that do not further a greater overall way of being.

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