A Dynamic Unfolding

Unfolding Universe, B. Ragalyi
Unfolding Universe, B. Ragalyi

The culture, our careers, and our relationships all are constantly forcing us to respond to what is happening outside of ourselves. And personal religion and spirituality can only flourish when we begin to act and live from the inside out. So it’s a problem we each must make a conscious choice about. Yes, we can still do all those same things when acting from inner into outer, but our view of it must be very different. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: How this looks, when this is perpetuated upon life is something more (see our previous post, A Change in the Flow). But the meaning is, any attempt to embrace what is currently unfolding, on any scale, and even in any kind of economic way, is important only to the way things look now.

But this is not going to have any meaning or importance in the future. In fact, it won’t matter at all. At this time, the message is clear and unambiguous at what this is about, you know, at this time. But to get it we must be free of any personal prerogative indulgences.

In other words, like the idea that we have to be a certain way. There’s a wedding or something. There’s something else triculating and you have to be able to pick it up. It’s not necessarily in the appearances of what’s going on in front of you. Which means that, because man operates with their senses and thinks that they are going to need to get by that way in terms of what makes sense, there’s no way to respond intellectually.

So when the moment arrives, we will find out, at this very last minute, that there was nothing that can be done or compel to do. The test is, can we stop and be receptive to something latent that’s meant to happen?

In other words, each little thing is moving a person towards something else. In other words, it’s never about the reflections. If you buy into the reflections, then you miss out on something that’s coming through because there’s always a flow coming from the inner.

You will lose by indulging, trying to identify to what is important, or miss out on the thread that recognizes that instead of paying attention to how things are right in the moment, as if that’s the only thing going on, that I need to know that the time now, instead, is to be receptive and adaptable to something else.

So, this isn’t about a love found or a love lost. It is about being able to be in the moment in every situation, and then enable life to unfold more dynamically in the universe. In other words, you can’t have a particular motif or quality that you buy into.

Because we are created in God’s image, this means that we are able to be more than we could ever possibly imagine. In other words, you don’t settle for some little trite mannerism. This is possible as I am able to just let things happen through me and around me.

An effect like this isn’t possible when some tone or mood predominates to keep a person from truly letting go of all identifications and stigmatizations. You just have to let it go. Just let everything go.

And so, this is very hard to do because it takes a person to have developed a certain kind of connection inside, to hearing something that is so loud that it goes beyond anything and everything else that could possibly be going on – in terms of their outer identity.

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