Another Zone

From Tomorrow, The Oscillation
From Tomorrow, The Oscillation

Our dreams can give us insight into our waking life, and our waking life can give outplay to our dreams. There is always tension and a seeking of balance between these two realms that we experience. As John describes, neither can be fully understood on their own. Perhaps it is when the language of the inner and the language of the outer are in sync that we are most at home in ourselves. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I have the hardest time sometimes pulling out things in my meditation because it’s almost as if they come from this other zone, and yet I’m kind of restricted to how I find myself in this state, which is groggier, and, you know, it has a hard time holding on to this other whole way of being that’s real clear as I pick up on it inside.

But when I try to sit down and write it up, I tend to lose it. And so I have to struggle and fumble to somehow or another work the two states together, the state that wakes up and then has it speeded up to the degree that it can access this transcendent innerness.

And it is actually the pulling of these two states together that enables some kind of a knowingness or a wisdom to work. If I just work one direction or the other, it has its limitations. If I just access that which flows from the inner, it’s a little bit too hard to grasp and there’s a certain focus and attention that enables me to catch up with it. And there’s a speed involved there, and there’s a flow involved there. And that will sweep over the outer that tends to snuff it out.

However, if I hold the outer quality of my nature at the same time as the inner, something more is revealable by the combination of those two. In other words, something more inflects. Because there’s something about the outer that, even though it may be for most intents and purposes for most people they only relate to the reflective aspect, in that regard they can’t go anywhere and they stay really dumbed down.

But there’s something about that that slips beyond just the reflective, to where it connects or intertwines with the inner. And that adds a whole another level that isn’t possible, in terms of just seeing in the transcendent, or the inner. And of course, there’s a real dumbness, if you’re just trying to function through your outward orientation.

But the two coming together make for something that is entirely different. This is something, in terms of what I was looking at and dreaming about, that, as I’m only able to get the introduction, so to speak, in my meditation dreams, to something that’s more transcendent. And then, as I try to wake and write it down, I don’t do that good a job. I get the impression and the inflection, and the note.

And then during my sleep time, that somehow or another works itself out. And during those dreams I’m actually finding that there are times when I pull out the combination between this inner and outer, into a whole other level that isn’t possible if it’s just the inner connection only.

In other words, the outer is playing a role in this. In other words, the outer that is reflective somehow you pull out the word reflective in some sense and find a zone, an acuity where you just get in the zone. And the outer has something to do with it.

How it does that, I don’t quite know. Whether it’s a type of magnetism, or whether it’s a type of input. My dreams attempted to show me that it’s a type of earth magic that slows down and a focus and attention can’t hold up to that. Because a focus and attention and a flow has its own system to it.

Did you see the e-mail I sent you in terms of how science is able to use a 9volt battery, for example, to heighten a consciousness and awareness, so that a person learns faster?

Jeane: No, I didn’t.

John: There’s all kinds of rules you have to be careful with because if you disconnect this acuity, this system that they have that changes the beta waves in the flow of your brain or something, so that you are quicker and faster and able to do everything better and grasp things much better.

You have to be careful with it because if you don’t do it properly you can cause blindness and science still doesn’t know whether or not there’s any after-effects to something like this. But they’re finding that there is a way of taking and working with the acuity of an individual to heighten a whole sense about things in the world that they normally don’t have because of the nature of being caught in such a reflective zone, so that this part lies dormant.

All of this has caused me to take a look a little bit more at the whole quality of shamanism. A certain heightened focus and attention, which I’m now starting to see has a lot to do with the masculine, transcendent nature, that is applied at something like a rock, or whatever, for divination, or trying to go into a depth inside of yourself to grasp something. And this grasping something, this recognizing of something that inflects through from a zone, is a manifestation quality. There’s something to that. There really is something interesting to that, that works.

And so, after reading this article, it was like this article is like the scenario from my dreaming and it points out that, perhaps in the future, people are going to be able to hit this kind of acuity zone that we hit through dreaming and such, they’re going to be able to do this by way of scientific devices.

But what they will lack is the importance of the earth element, and the magic of that, that brings in another zone, that the focus and attention can’t catch up with, it can’t compete with, of which I describe in my dreams as I go to bed.

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