A House in Creation

House in the sky
Jordan A. Goodman

We often deal with the impediments found in dreams, i.e., a hill to climb, a river to cross, roads that lead nowhere. But sometimes what we experience is actually easier than real life, i.e., we can fly, or leap a great distance, or the thing we most need appears at the critical moment. Jeane has such a dream, and it points to what the ease of life might really be like for us – if we were consistently connected to the energetic flow. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I seem to be at a—it’s almost like a reunion, in that sense, a party or a gathering—in a home that has several levels, at least two levels to it. But you can kind of see from one level to the other so that, you know, if I were with some people on one level we could look up and see what the people right above us are doing as though we’re both sitting on different platforms and ladders that you climb on around.

And within this home, there are people there from my high school and then sometimes people come in from other places. And, at one point, I’m aware that I may be engaged to somebody and that his mother is there and has shown me a place where we’re going to live.

I walk into that place, it almost feels like a house that adjoins. I walk around that house. It’s a place we’ll be renting, is my feeling, but it feels like you can walk around it in a sense that there’s an open area that circles it and then you can see into an inner area, and see how it’s being fixed up or remodeled, because it’s not quite ready for us yet.

It seems to me like I know the people that own that space, and I look at where we’re going to live and I maybe even commented on that. I don’t know if he knows that space yet.

And then it feels like I’ve gone back to the gathering and, meanwhile, a man I used to date from another country has come in with a woman that he lived with in the past. And he’s wearing blue and, when I go over to talk to them, it’s like he suddenly leans over and kisses me on the lips, which takes me back a little.

Initially, I go upstairs to where I sit with three other people including a man from Africa and a couple of people from my class and visit with them and look at what they’re doing. And then it seems like I go back down to talk to him and the woman he’s with. And she asks me if I’m going to work right away, because it’s like we’ve all graduated and now, what are you doing next?

And I say that “no, I think I’m going to be here doing other things in this area first,” because I know myself enough that once I go out, and I go more to the city, or I go to work, that I’ll be really caught up in that and it’s like I’m wanting to take some time first to kind of hang out with the space that I am right now, or, you know, will be in.

And then I go up to another group including someone from my class who’s been a policeman. It feels like if at any point I go outside, I just suddenly see water, like there’s a lake right up to the door. I never do see my fiancé, even though his mother’s there. And it seems like I’m with people, but I don’t want to be identified as being with anyone.

And I’m exploring where some of the people are going – like the people from Africa. And when I sit with—except for the couple I sat with—it feels like when I go to join a group, I make up a party of four, then. That’s about all I could say. It was really kind of hard to pull out the dream because it almost had a circular nature.

John: This would be a good dream—if I had this dream, I would sit with it and feel all of the little energetic variances that are different than the way you’re used to looking at the world. Because you’re actually describing something that, in other words, the theme of the dreaming has to do with the connectivity between the inner and the outer – and how they work together.

And so, what you’re doing is you start off—this caused me to really blink. I almost wanted to interrupt you because I’d never seen it done like this, or shown like this before—you start off seeing something at an upper level that is an aspect of creation.

In other words, your dream carefully points out, and of course before you said this other about what the outer looks like, I automatically realized that you were seeing something in creation, as being in creation, but a sight that is normally when you see something above you, in other words beyond your normal faculties, is normally a trait that’s associated with the masculine quality.

So, you were using this feminine quality nature with some sort of masculine imputation to it, that you weren’t paying any attention to, to be able to naturally see something above you. And then you switched and recognized there was something to be denoted in terms of an unfoldment, always on the inner, but on an inner that’s in creation.

It’s a like a house in creation. Because when you go outside of the house, you just see flow. In other words, that is something that is way more than you could possibly think and be able to catch up with. You know, it’s just water; it’s like unconsciousness.

Yet within the space that you find yourself, you are taking in more than what you would be able to take in if you were just approaching it with a lower-self, or limited, dense outer inflection. You somehow or another have, in creation, some aspect of sight that enhances whatever it is that’s going on in creation.

And as a consequence, everything that you do ends up with a certain, in other words, you see things of different nationalities and stuff like that, that still has to do with having to sort things out, but once something gets sorted out this way, it comes into a relatability that has to do with four, which means that you’re turning this into completenesses, which means that there’s something, in and of itself, that is whole.

This is your way of pointing out to yourself there really is something to this understanding that you have, that has to do with creation. That, as a wholeness in and of itself, that can be accessed and reached, in which you do that all within the framework of creation by having naturally brought in what would normally be construed as a sight of the masculine, but not really realizing that that is what you did. It just is part of you.

And so, what you’re doing is kind of like you’re just being okay with the fact that you’re in creation, and somehow or another, this other is there because you don’t reject it or it just awakens.

And you’re looking at this part, you’re being this way, to an extreme level of awareness. In other words, there would normally be the concepts that one has to go into something that’s more so. In other words, a type of outer that’s an inner, you know, that’s outside of the house, that’s all flow, to go into that more and that’s the answer. But what you’re finding is that through the inclusiveness of the outer and the inner, with the inner coming through in ways that are appropriate and don’t reject the outer, that something so much more is possible.

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