The Next Step in Consciousness

Of course, being in the flow has many nuances to it. Here, John is trying to capture the sense of being connected on an inner level while also embracing the full connectivity of what the outer, physical world represents, or shows us as a reflection. It teases the enormity of what being connected truly means. That may seem quite difficult, yet we must always remember that such a journey is known and understood by us at core – it’s in our design. We just have to keep choosing it – as is our right. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, I’m not sure that one can make much sense out of my meditation dream in that, all that this does is point out to me that I’m aware of something that is going on, and that this is what’s going to come about. And I’m able to notice this by being able to correspond the energy of the inner to the physical condition and its appearances. In other words, I’m able to see from the inner.

Because existence involves the physical world, what I see on the outer, in terms of how it affects life, I see it in a physical way – which is kind of a reflective way. As a consequence, there aren’t many options when you factor in the physical state.

That’s how one is inclined to see it, especially when you’re still caught in the woundology of reflective energetics. You haven’t gotten to the point where you can take the inner into the outer and see it through a zone all of a sudden.

And somehow I have to pull the reflection aspect out to catch the zone. And it’s in the zone that I’m able to actually see something play out that there’s no way I could take into account with any kind of focus or attention and it’s just part of the map of the way things are continuously unfolding around you.

So, then I come to sleep and in my dream, and the dream has like two parts to it. And in the first part, I find myself trying to awaken the sense of acuity and speed I need to contend with life. The first part of the dream was that of looking and looking for what it took to know how to see what I needed to see. I knew if I didn’t reach that which was pent up and hidden within, that I would not be able to keep up and relate to the flow around me. Everything has to do with the flow.

And then, as a scenario, I relate to what I am realizing that you can almost turn this into a system. But of course, you have to jump the system, which is what I do with this next dream, and the system is that science is figuring out how to trigger something that’s similar to the dream state. Or in other words, what the dream state triggers is a greater acuity in terms of focus and attention.

I think the way it works is it must affect the wavelength acuity or something, just like when drumming does that to try to put you in an altered state to be able to kind of do divination and things like that almost in another domain or zone. I think it does something like that, that activates the person to be able to do what normally they would do at a dumbed-down pace, to be able to suddenly catch up with it with a greater acuity, as if it’s a type of simulated consciousness.

If it’s possible that they can take and inject something upon the brain, the faculties of the mind, so that it goes into this zone, then what is there left? Is science actually figuring out how to do this? But what the science can’t do is what this dream points out.

The dream progressed it to me having to access – within this pent-up acuity that I knew was there. In other words, I’m having to access this, and I know it’s there. But I haven’t caught up with this for a long, long time. I know I have it, however. It’s just rusty. And the way this portrays itself is I’m watching a person defeat everyone at a game that is a cross between table tennis, racket ball, and regular tennis.

And on the winning point, I actually stop the ball, which is more like a table tennis ball, and I hand it back to the winner. Because the challenger has walked away, he’s now the grand champion, and I challenge him to play me, you know, out of the blue. There’s no reason for him to play me. He’s won the tournament. Why would he accept a challenge from just a nobody that was not even part of the tournament?

I’m just sitting there feeling in my bones that I have this acuity inside, but can I bring it out? But, he, in the dream, accepts this out-of-place request. So he’s ready to start the game, but I say, “No, no, no I can’t do that.” I ask if he will just indulge me through the warmup for about five minutes, because I’m really rusty and haven’t played for a long time and I need to awaken the game in me.

So, I start out hitting the ball with my hand, much like a racket ball. I’m not able to hit it with any power because it’s with my hand instead of with the racket. But to my amazement, I can hit the ball with my hand and I try as hard as I can, but the ball does all kinds of strange things. It goes over on the other side. He’s standing back waiting to catch a hard blow. It’s a soft blow. It bounces, has English and it jumps this way and that way. He can’t hit it.

You know, I’m just trying to warm up. I’m just trying to figure out how to hit the ball, and this is what it’s automatically doing. He’s never seen anything like this so if this were a game I’d be getting point after point because he has never seen anything like this. He’s used to playing with a certain speed and a certain focus and attention. You know, and to play him on that level, which is an inner awakened level – I’m in creation slowed down – that’s going to be hard to do.

So I keep trying to adjust the playing field to go along with what we’re doing and even the playing field is baffling to me. The surface is no longer necessarily a hard surface. It’s almost like a blanket, or a wrinkle, or something that has to be pulled or stretched out so that, you know, the ball will bounce on it as opposed to get caught in some sort of irregularity or fold.

So, just before waking up, I start thinking that, okay, now’s the time that I bring in the racket. I’m doing it with my hand, but I’ve got to play this guy. This is a game that has to be played with a lot of focus and attention and speed and dexterity. And so I bring in the racket, thinking, okay, now I’m going to have to confront him head-on in terms of how the game is played. I’ve already bootstrapped myself to a degree by playing it almost as handball.

Well, I wake up and I don’t see how this works out, but my sense is that I’m now going to be playing into this guy’s strength, when before I was playing to his feminine side, not to his masculine side.

And my sense is that it will also take me longer to awaken this aspect of that which is within. I will never be able to properly awaken it because I am kind of dense in the physical sense of things, but I’m going to try to play it in this whole masculine way, because that’s how these games tend to be played.

Well this has a lot of profound meaning in it. So you start off in the meditation dream, I am shown that when you are able to see life for how it truly is, the denseness of things that are correlated with outer reflections cannot hold a candle to the inner vibratory state.

So, that was the main thing of the meditation dream. The options were very, very limited. And that on the inner, where I could see all of this, you know, I had ten-to-one in terms of things going for me. So by comparison, it’s easy to scope out the way something is going to unfold in the outer in the long run, because with reflections, there is a predictability and the possibilities are much more limited.

So, I started off with kind of a dream that points out the importance of the inner, but does not put it quite into perspective. It just points out that there’s so much more to access what is really going on in terms of the inner.

And from there, I realize that in manifestation I am having trouble accessing my higher inner faculties, which are the key to an inner flow into the reflective outer. To my surprise, science is realizing that a human being has pent-up within more going on inside of them and is able to access this when that is not possible under ordinary outer conditions. And has come up with a way to simulate this more heightened awareness, acuity, and perhaps even a type of consciousness.

From there, I progressed into picking up a game that I knew I was good at, but I am able to find that connection again. What I come to learn is that the effect of manifestation upon this more awakened aspect of my being enables me to have another kind of dexterity. It’s more of a zone-type dexterity. I’m actually baffled by it when I see it. The normal inner—in and of itself—of masculine energy has more dexterity and speed and, of course, there’s a focus and attention that accesses the inner flow.

But to my surprise, the qualities of manifestation and all its dense, slow way when brought into the equation, adds a whole new wrinkle to what can be that is mind boggling. To play on the terms of a more speeded-up consciousness may be where my higher-self memories reside, because I must include creation which is on a wavelength that is able to access a dexterity-like simplicity that is easy to overlook.

I am able to break the trance of that which is just focus and attention. I am being shown that mankind may be able to access the synapses so as to heighten the awareness and ability, going back to what I read, the awareness and ability to assimilate more consciously by speeding up the brainwave faculties. But this will not be able to access a flow that is greater than all that which is possible from the earth’s magic of manifestation. In other words, include that into the equation, even though it’s slower, it’s denser, it’s dumber, it’s easy to slap with the back of your hand and try to ignore.

The greater speed and synaptic spirit energy access is masculine. The earth energy that is able to catch a natural flow that lies beyond the reflective limitations is in a zone that adds a whole other meaning to it all. It’s more feminine. The focus and attention speeded up to an acuity that is amazing on this level of being, is unable to adjust to this manner of access. So there’s a certain fear of that, or there’s a certain quality of that that it can’t control.

Because I do not really understand how this works, and am baffled myself by how it works, my tendency is to try and develop this inner speed that seems to have more possibilities to it because it pushes through, pushes out, and with that comes a focus and attention that holds the linkage to the inner.

But now I can tell and I know without having to play this game out, that I do not have a chance, you know, to try to play it with the focus and attention and flow and the speed, because I’m in creation and there’s no way in creation that I’m going to be able to fully access this more transcendent part of myself. I have to include where I’m at.

And when I do that, to be able to intertwine with the naturalness of creation adds something that goes beyond the comprehension of the more masculine focus and attention. Bringing in the qualities of creation, which is where I reside, while aspecting to the inner to intertwine with that is the next step in consciousness. Either, by itself, only goes so far.

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