Finding the Zone

atomBeing in manifestation, or creation, or the physical realms is not random or a mistake. It is not something to be denied or discarded. It is the place where we are meant to, and designed to, make our journey back to what created us. Being in manifestation makes something possible that isn’t possible in the purely energetic realms. That makes it important what we experience and what we do while we’re here. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: There’s actually a whole discussion in Sufism, as if there’s a good, better, and best, as to what is the purer state, or something. Is it the Yogi who is totally realized and connected to the heightened awareness, the inner sight, that hands you back to God, so to speak. And also, then, because he’s totally linked with that, he’s just following orders, just being how he has to be. Is it that?

Or is it the student, who doesn’t have the ability to access that sight, who is caught in the parameters of something that has been changed a little bit, so that the light has been turned to sound, so to speak, so that you’re on a whole another kind of wavelength, but it is all in that wavelength but it’s dumbed down, or has a denseness to it, that comes across as something you have to transcend in terms of how most people are inclined to see it.

What role does that have to play? And because we’re in creation, we can’t be where we’re not. That’s why a teacher will say don’t try to do anything spiritual, because you don’t know what you’re doing. But if you’re sitting in creation and you access the energetics of that, a teacher will say, well, in creation, you can kind of see the coattails of God, behind the curtain, so to speak, as the curtain moves a little bit.

But in the transcendent overallness, there’s no way that you have the ability to access that. And the teacher characterizes this by saying that the masculine element, which is the spirit energy of something that comes down like an out-breath from a depth within, we’ll even say, or however you’d say it, from on high. All of that is a bit too transcendent, and so it’s off the ground.

And that the feminine sitting in creation with this whole other quality taken and thrown at her in a way so that it then is slowed down into an unconsciousness, a subjectiveness, that sits as sound, we’ll say, as opposed to the light, is whole.

So, you have the masculine light, or qualities that bring in the seed thought, with the feminine naturalness, and you put the two together, and it results in something else. Now, each are inclined to want to go off on their own little tangent, because the feminine wants the security of the space that it’s sitting in.

And the masculine wants the understanding and the power and control, and so then goes off and tries to heighten the focus and attention that works with the momentum to get what it wants. And yet, as shown in this dream, there are limitations in either direction.

This expert that has access to all of this inner acuity, to which I’m going to have trouble accessing and can warm up to it to a certain degree because it’s pent up inside. I’m always going to fall back from that acuity and degree that I can access inside, because I too am caught in the weight and the mannerism of a sound-created manifestation.

Yet, if I take and accept that, and go along with that, and work all of that into the flux, then very peculiar things can happen. That focus and attention gets lost in a baffling because it is following just a particular scientific wavelength.

And so I’m hitting the ball with my hand (see The Next Step in Consciousness), instead of with a paddle or a racket or something, the ball goes across, it has strange English, it doesn’t bounce forward or something as you would expect under a normal flow that he’s accustomed to, the opponent, and this is a very strange opponent.

To begin with, the opponent was both masculine and feminine, but then he got changed, so he was just masculine. And so when I hit the ball, and I’m hitting it with kind of a feminine mannerism to his masculine state, he doesn’t know how to respond. He steps up then, as if that’s going to help, but this time the ball bounces.

And I’m just as baffled as he is. I’m just seeing this, you know, in the same sort of amazement. The ball bounces and it bounces back! It bounces away. It bounces even more forward. It doesn’t even bounce up. It jerks backwards. And I’m so baffled by this, I suppose that’s why I’m starting to try to even evaluate what the playing surface is like. Is it folded? Is it rippled? I don’t know how to explain it.

But even though it’s doing it because I don’t understand it, all I understand is I’m warming up with him to try to access. I’m coming close to him, getting into his energetic nature, to try to then awaken and quicken that part inside of myself. To then think that I’m going to be playing with him, on his level? Well, I’m not going to be very good at it because he is afar.

That gets us back to this whole story. Which is greater, the Yogi or the student? The student who takes and accesses something inside and honors that, and follows that, that isn’t under orders, is said to be something that is more amazing than the teacher. Because that’s unexpected, unpredictable, and there’s no way to account for that. And that, as an aspect of consciousness, that creates an amazement, that is just, there’s no way it can be seen on the inner level.

And yet it is an aspect that, in the wonder of how manifestation is created, that is whole and complete in and of itself, is a way of catching up with something, that in terms of the beingness of our nature, that’s on an inner level, that it is able to cause it to take another step. It enables it to get closer. Or otherwise, it is inclined to sit in this freer zone, but it still is not the epicenter or wholeness or oneness of it all. It requires something in manifestation to catch the zone.

Within the zone of manifestation, you have lots of examples. You have Michael Jordan, for example, that can just go on this blitz and be making shot after shot falling backwards, hooking it, doing whatever he wants to do. Once he’s in the zone, the ball goes in.

And you have the zone in everything. You have the zone in pitching, you have the zone in lots of sports, you have the zone even in terms of the way the intuition works. The intuition will hit and can hit into a zone, and this zone was obvious in my dream. I mean, I’m sitting there doing my best to try to do it one way and, because I’m including the manifestation that I’m in which has me dumbed down and slowed down, I’m working with an aspect of that, that I’m bringing into the equation, too. And what occurs is completely much, much more than something that’s just sight, focus, attention, and flow and speed. I’ve added a whole other level that throws all of this into another loop.

And so this is a dream that’s pointing out the importance of manifestation. I just have this ability to note something in terms of manifestation that works for me. Although if left to my predilections, I want to play the game like he plays the game because this is what I really deeply remember in terms of the transcendent side of myself. But I’ve been forced to swallow this whole manifestation thing, and there is something to it.

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