Behind the Game

Piercing-the-Veil-1If everything we see is merely the reflection, or representation, of something happening in the energy realms, wouldn’t we be a lot closer to knowing what is going on by understanding what is happening behind the physical scenarios? For example, if we hear an idea, what if, instead on examining the idea, we examine where the idea came from? Or if we think, not who wrote that book or made that movie, but what wrote that book and what made that movie? If we begin to explore these unseen realms, we may begin to see more clearly. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: What I am noticing and dreaming about lately, and I’m having to sort it out because it’s not a high-energized kind of thing, because what’s happening is I’m having to notice that my actions and activities in the outer I’m having to look at them all in terms of what’s going on behind that.

And so I’m finding myself watching myself tell whatever stories, or explain whatever I’m explaining in terms of however it is that I’m dealing with something. I find myself listening as if I’m asking the question: what’s behind that? What’s the subtle thing that’s in motion behind all of that, that’s trying to make itself known? And that however it is that I’m conducting myself in the outer is the best that I’m able to do by some sort of reflective recognition – and, of course, I don’t make the identification.

I don’t notice that, I mean you don’t notice that right away. I mean little by little I guess you kind of start to notice it because you realize that, when you’re relating to someone, you’re always trying to touch something other than the subject matter, you’re always trying to get in a little note or quality in edgewise. But I hadn’t taken and stopped and looked at everything about myself and realized that behind that is something noodling around.

In other words, I hadn’t sat and dwelled with that. And then after having some dreams that showed that it was like that, then I was presented with dreaming about trying to do something that I was familiar with 20 years ago, or 10 years ago or whatever, and finding out that it doesn’t work that way anymore.

In other words I don’t get the kind of benefit that I’m accustomed to getting out of something like that in the past. Let’s say it was a game of ping-pong, table tennis, or could it be a game of chess in which it’s really, really competitive. One person’s going to get defeated, going to get crushed in some fashion.

And so I go back in a dream to play the game according to some memory that I have about it, you know, in terms of how it was that I did this in the past. And I don’t find it to be that way anymore. There’s something entirely different about it, and my interest needs to be in terms of what is different about it because that is what is considered of importance, that is real now, in terms of the energetic.

And so if it’s a competitive game, that whole dueling competitiveness is shifted out of it. Instead there is a greater dynamic in play. And so I can’t help but notice, as much as I would like to stay perhaps in this mode of heavy focus concentration competitiveness, people walk away from me because it’s not done that way anymore.

And so then if I quit trying to do that, and allow myself to be quiet, then they’ll explain to me the new setup. And so what I’m seeing from this is this quality in which something is coming into life, and it comes into life when you let go of kind of a perspective or mannerism that you’re used to holding out on in kind of a loud capacity way; you know that you’re familiar with, in terms of patterns, and memories, and upbringing, whatever it might be.

If you can just let go of that, then something in a greater overall is presented and it always has to do with intertwining, working in correlation to a greater whole, and it has to do with presenting something from behind the game itself.

In other words, there’s the activity, but then there’s something else that you’re hearing. In other words, you may act and express something in the outer, but that acting and expressing something in the outer is tied, really directly tied, to hearing something else as the main dictate.

It’s loaded with hints. What I mean by hints is the subject matter is not what was going on. The subject matter that I’m portraying is something that I went through, but vibrationally behind that is something keener, that’s more in tune with what’s important in an overall consequence of life.

And everything’s done in relationship to a bigger picture. In other words, like in my dream I couldn’t play ping-pong like I’m used to playing ping-pong because there was a different overallness about it that was now present in terms of how the game unfolded. It didn’t have that other intensity to it anymore.

And when that other intensity was there, then the recognition of something subtler, and quieter, would otherwise be lost – if the intensity was there.

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